Saturday, November 10, 2007

Poetry Anyone???

I have the heart of a lion but the soul of a poet. Words mean a great deal to me and making them mean something to others one of the best parts of my life.


I knew I was lost…
when I was forty, sitting in my high school algebra class.
I knew I was lost…
when I was at an important meeting,wearing only my underwear under my coat.
I knew I was lost…
when I was twelve again and my mother was alive and brushing away my tears.
I knew I was lost…
when I reached across my pillow
And touched my husbands beautiful, sleeping face.
I knew I was lost…
when I woke up…
And it had all been but a dream.

Cmom©2006 all rights reserved.


I let the dog out,
I let the dog in
I dropped off the laundry
By the way,
here’s your pin.
I went to the store
They were out of your brand
I went to the school
Your son’s failing band
I sent in our taxes
I hope they were right
Oh…and I’m having an affair
Don’t expect me tonight.

Cmom©2006 all rights reserved.


Shows promise and ability to excel...
Said the faded piece of paper
A report card dated 1978.
Good worker, gets along well with others, goes above and beyond.
Yet another faded piece of paper proclaimed.
Job evaluation dated 1995.
Cause of death…heroin.
Final piece of paper stated.
Coroners report dated 2004.
The paper trail of my sister’s life.

Cmom©2006 all rights reserved.


He asked for my lipstick
straight faced as a judge,
while applying my own
his words made me smudge.
“Any special color”, I asked,
cautiously hiding a smile.
“Cherry red’, he countered
Or possibly ‘Berry be guile’
It goes with my heels,
And won’t clash with my skirt.
Nothing too bold,
I won’t be labeled a flirt.”
“Your heels, your skirt?
Are you joking”, I asked.
“Oh no not at all,
I’m just becoming unmasked.
I’m a man in a cage
With two kids and a wife.
I’m living in hell
Yes this is my life.
I have to break out
Be who I am.
Your lipstick will help
Make it ‘Very Cherry von Dam”.
“You are crazy”, I muttered,
And gave him the gloss.
What could I say…
I mean he is my boss?

Cmom©2006 all rights reserved.


The rose gardens’ smell
intoxicates and fills the senses
And the beauty is beyond words.
He talks to me and I to him.
We share our thoughts our feelings
For a moment we are family,
Just Dad and I.
I fall under the spell and let my guard down.
The shoes come off,
And I take the first steps into the garden.
I become entranced by the beauty of the moment.
I breathe deeply and sigh gently.
It is a world like no other.
Suddenly though, reality takes over.
Step…“You are worthless.”
“Ouch,” the blood begins to ooze.
Step…”You will never accomplish anything.”
“Ouch,” the pain begins to grow.
Step…”I don’t know why you were ever born.”
“Ouch,” the wounds go deeper with each step.
The sad reality…..
The moment of beauty is not worth the depth of pain.

Cmom©2006 all rights reserved.


The straight and narrow
A path well worn
But I chose the other
And faced much scorn
The signs said “Stop”
I moved ahead
The signs said “Slow”
And away I sped.
Everyone said,
“Life is not that hard.
Just follow the rules
And stay on your guard.”
I always laughed
Threw caution away
Rules were just one thing
From which I would stray.
Now looking back
I can certainly see,
The roads I have taken
Often came with a fee.
If given the chance
Would I change the before?
Oh no, not at all,
I wouldn’t be me anymore.

Cmom©2006 all rights reserved.

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