Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day....Every Day

I didn't post this on Veteran's Day for a specific reason. I don't believe that just one day a year should be the only time we think about these brave men and women...and honor them. I think that every time we see "our" nations flag flying....we need to remember that without them...this flag...which represents our freedom may not be flying. Every time we verbaly chastise someone in office, speak our mind about a law, or protest for a cause....we need to remember that without them....these things might not be our right to do. Everytime we step outside our homes, drive to work, and come home to our families....we need to remember that without them....these things which have become a way of life without a second thought could all be gone. So I say to you who have done so much, for so many without asking for or receiving much in return....thank you. Thank you for putting your lives on the line so that my life and the lives of my children are safe. Thank you for realizing that freedom isn't free and that some things are not only worth fighting for....but in some cases....also worth dying for. Thank you for doing an unacceptable job, in unacceptable conditions....knowing that some will use the very freedom you are fighting for to disparage both you and this country....and never miss a beat. Most of all...thank you for helping to give my children and I a place to call home that is free from fear and terror.....while you suffered both to give us that. So no....yesterday alone should not be the only day we honor these brave individuals who put our lives before their own. In my humble opinion....each and every day should be Veteran's Day.
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