Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Fly in Your Soup

Yesterday I had one of those migraines where I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I ended up having to go to bed at 3 p.m. but rest was not in the cards for me as they were siding my house and they were working right outside my bedroom window. Every time I would blessedly begin to dose off....the hammer pounding would bring me back to consciousness. Grrrrrrr
Today I woke up pretty much headache free....but feeling as hung over as if I had been on a tequila bender last night (and yes....I do know what that feels like). I felt too crappy to even go work out today which really put me in a Grrrrr mood. I guess the hang over though is making me introspective or some such crazy here are my post migraine thoughts for today.

A friend of mine whom I have known internetally (yes...I make up my own words! Don't judge me!) for years wrote in her blog today about her son having surgery tomorrow and the way she was treated by her boss and co-workers about having to take off for the surgery. First of friend J. has a disease called Chiari Malformation. Here is the easiest although not the most concise explanation of the disease: Suffice it to say it is nasty business, with lots of pain, and surgery involved. Sadly, J has passed this dreaded disease on to her children and they too suffer from Chiari.
Her son has been in terrible pain and they are planning on doing some kind of decompression brain surgery on him tomorrow to relieve some of the pain. Needless to say.....child, brain surgery, and worried mom don't equal a day as usual at work. Oh....and did I forget that mom is a a hospital....where they take care of people just as her son.....and are SUPPOSE to show some compassion????????
When J. asked for time off....they would not give her paid vacation she earned (cause the state is out of money). Instead they have made her take sick leave which she will get written up for. To top it one showed the least bit of care or concern for her (their co-worker) or her son. Now my question......WHAT THE HECK HAS HAPPENED TO COMPASSION????
I find this whole thing particularly in bad form coming from people who should practice compassion on a daily basis. Is this where we are as a world? Instead of helping a fellow co-worker, friend, human....anyway we can....we just treat them like dirt? Again I must say....Grrrr.
J. I am hoping and praying with all my heart for you and your family....and may your co-workers.....find a fly in their soup!

I had to laugh today when I read this article:
First of all....who would think of food in such a manner???? I think Nic Cage is a great actor, but aside from that....everything I have read about him leads me to believe he is a few cards short. That being said....we all have our little quirks....but worrying about how animals mate and making that a deciding factor in whether I am going to eat their meat or not one of them. If I am that in tune with the animal....then I am probably a little too closely involved with their personal life to eat them anyway.
Now I just have to wonder which is weirder. Nic Cage for being that preoccupied with his dinners sex life....or the Telegraph for thinking Nic Cages eating habits were actually news worthy? What a world!

And finally this little tidbit:
CBS has announced it's cancellations for the fall and Ghost Whisperer is one of them. REALLY??? How am I going to get through Friday's this fall without seeing Melinda Gordon tear up as she reunites ghosts with their friends and loved ones? Now I do not believe in ghosts per say (although I have been witness to a strange event or two in my life) but somehow thinking that those we lose are close at hand and all we need is our own Melinda to interpret for us is kind of reassuring.
I have been a fan since the beginning and have followed Melinda through her friendships, the loss of her husband, the reincarnation of her husband into another body, her friendship with Eli James (played by Jami Kennedy who was her real life boyfriend ...something I never really got), and then the birth of her child Aiden. I must admit though....this season seemed to be getting darker and I wasn't a fan of the direction the show was going.
All in all beat the heck out of some of the brainless reality tv the different networks seem to constantly want to throw at us in the guise of entertainment. Since it was still a highly viewed show, perhaps one of the cable networks will use their brains and pick it up so that life in Grandview can continue on another season and we can find out just how strong Aiden's powers really are.
So to Jennifer Love Hewitt and the Ghost Whisperer cast....I wish you luck and maybe a new life on cable. To the CBS execs who canceled you.....may you ALL...find a fly in your soup!

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