Thursday, May 27, 2010

In His Mother's Arms

Kind of stuck in the poetry loop. Still bringing over the old stuff.

My words
cause reaction
I say “I love you…
and always will”
His face glows
with a tinge of pink
and his eyes
can only see  the floor
I step close
to touch his chin
He winces
steps back
As if…..
some unseen force
pushes his body….
He nervously
taps his foot
as I force his eyes
upon me.
I gently
pull him close
and feel
his stubbled chin
the smoothness
of my face
a tear falls
upon my cheek
and his head rests….
 on the firmness
of my shoulder
For a moment……
he is….
but a little boy again
Resting safely…..
in his mothers arms.


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