Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Poetic Soul

More of my older stuff I thought I would bring over. While poetry is not particularly me definitely can be both cathartic and soul cleansing.


He was there
and I was here
and we talked.
We laughed,
we shared
and most of all...
I remembered.
A long time ago
when I was young,
and he was young
we were together.
He got me and I got him
until it was gone.
I don't know why
can't even really remember when
But he did.
He hurt and I didn't.
Not sure why or even how
it just was no more.
Now he is here
and we talked,
but only for a moment
Then he was gone....
and I hurt and he didn't.
Not sure why or even how
it just was no more.
Was it me? Or maybe him?
Was it time or circumstance?
Could we have been together again?
We will never know.
I just know.....
I lost a friend.

© 2009



You think you know me

and who I am

but I am very sure

you don't

You think my smile

is happiness

when it really

just masks my pain

You think I am strong

but I am not

and the days

they crush me

one by one

You think my words

are clever

but they are

just words

slipping from my mouth

with no particular


You think my tears

are but a myth

and never touch my face

but deep inside

they drown my heart

and flood my very soul

You think that I am

who I show the world

my life an open book

but you don't know

the inner me

the one who hides

so well

You think you know me

and who I am

but I am very sure....

you don't!



Much Better Than Me

I look at his little legs
so small
with the swollen knees
which cross with every
assisted step he takes
I see the smile
always the smile
that ignores life's pains
and welcomes
each new experience
They say his brain
doesn't understand
can't learn like us
and will never be
like yours and mine
But I watch him
laugh at Spongebob
See him
gently pet the dog
Feel his
little arms
hug my neck
And feel his
childish lips
kiss my cheek
I would say
he understands
and he has learned
far more than most
for he grasps
the important things
in life
He knows
how to
laugh and love
and show gentleness
to all living things
So I really think
that makes him
much better than....

©2009 LisaMarie

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