Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rainy Day Thoughts we are stuck in doors on a rainy Sunday. It is not quite time to start Sunday what better time to catch up on my thoughts. So here is me being randomly random on a rainy Sunday in May!

Pray for Nicky
Still praying for little Nicky Pena. He is a distant cousin whom I have never met...and yet I feel tremendous passion for and closeness to his family's situation. I have been there.... and needed every prayer possible for my son to live. They need this now....for no parent should ever have to watch a child die and no child should have to suffer what Nicky has had to suffer. Maybe the world needs to see a miracle....or maybe Nicky's cure would be the miracle that would profoundly touch and change the heart of one person. Whatever the case.....if it be God's will....let little Nicky receive a miracle!

A Mosque at Ground Zero
A mosque on Ground Zero???? Really??? Who thought this would be a good idea? I almost have no words or understanding for the thinking behind this. How is this a good thing? We lost lives because of radical Muslims and their complete hatred for America and Americans. Now I don't believe that the radicals represent the entire faith....but to put a mosque in the place of the most horrific slaughter of Americans this country has ever in my opinion unconscionable. This is a slap in the face to both the victims and their survivors....not to mention the rest of America. This also will cause more unrest and more of a division between true peaceful Muslims and Americans and cause a greater divide amongst American's in general. Why cause more problems when they simply aren't necessary. Could it be that a divided America is what is being sought after?

School is almost out for the year...which means many will be graduating and starting their way in the world. You know....the funny thing is....with the economy the way it is, and the job market in such peril, those heading out of high school/college into the big world....have no idea what they are up against. No one has yet convinced them that because the world says they can't.....then why even try?! No one has yet ruined their confidence and because of their naivety.....they just might make it!!!! Oh to be young and fearless again!

Because I Said So!
I think I lost my mind yesterday.....yet again. My 14 year old wanted to do something that I, as his mother felt he shouldn't do. I didn't feel it was safe, and my mother's intuition literally screamed..."NO!" So my answer to his request was ...."No!" He then came back with the dreaded question....."but why?"

Okay...I was busy, tired, and preoccupied all at the same the parents stock answer...."because I said so," came out of my mouth. And you all know what his counter was......"but why? Because I said so isn't a reason."

Suddenly I snapped. WHY do they always do that? WHY can't "because I said so..." be enough????

So I backed my little teenage offspring up against the wall (I am sure my eyes were ablaze with crazy)....and here is what I said:

"Because I said so," is not good enough for you???? Well how about because I am your mother?! I am older than you, lived through more than you, been hurt by more than I hope you ever will, and made the mistakes I am trying to help you now, avoid. Because what you are wanting to do is potentially dangerous and I do not relish spending what is left of my weekend in the ER, the hospital, or worse planning your funeral. Because I pay the bills, give you a place to live, a bed to sleep in and all the video games your heart desires. Because in this house it is a dictatorship....not a democracy.....and because believe it or not, I love you beyond all measure....and don't want you to do something to yourself that could potentially negatively effect the rest of your life." (At this point...I saw a slight lip tremble).

I continued: "So now let's be clear on something....the next time I say "Because I said so...." know that there are many, many good reasons behind what I say and why I say it....but because I am your mother....."because I said so"...should be more than enough reason for you."

When I finished....there was a tear in his eye. Not sure whether it was because he was moved by my emotional yet slightly crazed response, or just afraid of the of the glimmer of insanity in my eye. Whatever the reason though....the original request was dropped.....and I haven't had to say "because I said so," in over 24 hours!

Well....I have rambled long enough. Now it is time to get the dinner going. So I will leave you with this little diddy I remember from kindergarten!

Rain, rain
go away
Come again
another day
Little Lisa
wants to play
So.....rain, rain
go away!

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