Monday, May 17, 2010

Ravings from the Bitten Tongue

Recently I have been holding back and biting my tongue. Why? Maybe because I really haven't felt like a big debate where a bunch of adults who should know better....resort to playground tactics and think that calling names and being bitchy somehow make their points more appealing. Well...I've been saving here is what I have to say on several subjects.

Yesterday on facebook on a thread about the Catholic church a lady stated that she was a "recovering Catholic" who felt that the Catholic church forced people into complying with their rules. For ease of understanding we will call this woman Recovering Catholic or RC for short
Dear RC,
I was not aware that you were forced into religion in this country. The Catholic church as in all churches and religions has beliefs and there is a certain expectation in those churches and religions that those beliefs are followed by those attending. However....if you join a certain church or religion and those beliefs don't mesh with your personal ones....then it is probably not a good fit and maybe it is best to move on. Simple as that. Sitting back and blaming that church or religion because "it" does not agree with "you" is ludicrous....especially since no one forced you to be there in the first place. So RC....instead of you recovering from the Catholic church....perhaps it is the Catholic church that is having to recover from you! Just a thought!
Quit Whining and Move On

This is my little bone to pick with Al Gore:
Dear Al:
Where the hell is my global warming that I was promised? This last winter I about froze to death with record cold temps. spring is being mocked by cold, cloudy days and enough rain to contemplate ark building. And further more....since you swore global warming would be attacking soon I stocked up on Gatorade and sunscreen. What the heck good are either of those things when the Mercury can't stretch beyond 60 degrees. Oh dear Al....I am afraid you have pocketed the millions from your global warming scam and tripped happily off to some "actually" warm spot like the Bahama's while the rest of us poor saps freeze. That's okay though....what goes around....comes around, and perhaps your bad karma will lead you to learn the true meaning of global the after life! Sincerely, Sick of Being Cold

And finally.....AZ vs. the federal government. All I can say is REALLY???? I am so sick of hearing people say they want to boycott AZ and I am even more sick of people being hateful to AZ governor Jan Brewer. Come on people. Gov. Brewer did her job and did it well. In fact....I might even say that she did her job far better than the federal government is doing theirs. For years AZ has been dealing with illegal immigration and it's negative effects on the state. Gov. Brewer simply stepped in and did what the fg refused to do. I think it would do us all a lot of good to remember that these people that we are so afraid of racially profiling are breaking the law by being in this country. If this was any other country and they were here illegally....I think being stopped because of the color of their skin and ultimately deported....would be the least of their worries. Somehow these illegals have gotten it into their heads that they are entitled to be here without going through the proper channels...and to live free off our government....while actual citizens of this country foot the bill. Because of their illegal status they are prime targets to be drawn into gangs, drugs, and other further illegal activities.....which ends up endangering our own citizens. Gov. Brewer has taken a stand and not everyone agrees with this, but she has evoked states rights and other states I believe will soon follow suit. So maybe the fg needs to do it's job and stop forcing the states to do it for them! much for my rants and ravings today! Agree or disagree....I welcome your RESPECTFUL comments! Oh and....Happy Monday!