Friday, January 14, 2011

A Woman's Body

Looking in the mirror this morning and realizing that youth was no longer a factor in my life....I began to think about some things. In this "stay young forever" society....we tend to overlook the beauty in age. All the things that we are told make us look less desirable to the world are really quite the opposite if you look at the big picture....and lets face the end.....they are unavoidable for all of us. So here folks is what I have learned about a woman's body!

A woman's hair is going to gray. And each gray hair is earned from some kind of struggle, worry, or loss that we have overcome. Eventually...if we live long enough...gray becomes our natural color showing the world that ours has been a life of won battles and strength. Our reward will eventually be the beautiful soft white hair that comes with age, wisdom and a life well spent.

A woman is going to get lines around her eyes and her lips. These are the signs of laughter and smiles. The more lines..... the more you know that this woman has faced adversity with humor and lifted hearts and lives with her smiles.

A woman's breasts are eventually going to drift south. Youth was not meant to last forever and when those breasts have given both a lifetime of nourishment and pleasure....even they deserve the right to relax and evolve from perky to passive.

A woman's body will soften. What was once taught becomes rounder, curvier and in some cases a bit more to love. After a life of child bearing, putting others needs before her own, and the realization that life is short so why not enjoy some ice cream...the youthful body ages. But with that age comes experience and that body knows how to kiss with passion, touch with gentleness and rock a red hat and purple dress like nobody's business.

Finally....a woman's heart will forever change. What was once a heart filled with thoughts of self,  changes forever with that first kiss, the love of a spouse, watching her children be born and grow, watching those she loves leave this world and finally growing old with the one who still makes her heart skip a beat.

So as I write this....and read my own words....I know the journey I have taken to get here. The gray, the lines and the curves....yeah I have them all and I proudly own each and every one of them. After all.....there is no shame in having....a woman's body!

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roy said...

Very well said Lisa. Awesome