Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christina, Green Olives and Jersey Shore.....ICK!

It is cold! Now I am not talking about just cold....I am talking about the kind of cold that makes you feel it clear to your bones. The kind of cold that is hard to warm up from. The kind of cold that makes me want to go home, go to bed and not get up until spring. While the snow that is falling in huge flakes has a certain kind of beauty....I am  just truly over snow for this year. I am ready to move on.

I guess you could say I am in a bit of a gritchy mood today. I still know nothing on my mammogram, I am tired, and did I mention that it is cold and snowing?! So I thought today would be a good day to write about all (okay some) of the things that irritate me.

In no particular order here are some of my biggest pet peeves:
Teenagers who disrespect adults and act like their teachers, grandparents, parents, or just adults in general owe them something.

People who do not discipline their children and then either deny their childrens bad behavior or feel the world should just simply accept it.

Singers who are given one of the biggest honors in our country....to sing The National Anthem at the Super Bowl and who either make a mockery of it, don't sing it properly or can't remember the words. Now I know we all get nervous when we are out of our element, but people.....come on. Most who are chosen to sing The National Anthem are seasoned performers. They are used to singing to sold out venues. They don't sell out their concerts by coming on stage unprepared....so why should they be cut slack for giving a shoddy performance at the Super Bowl? If you are going to get such an honor....then for goodness sakes....act like you appreciate it and come prepared!

Guys who sag their pants and force us to look at their underwear.

Girls who don't wear underwear and have no problem flashing the world.

Green olives.....they are just nasty.

People who text when they drive.

People without children who think they should be able to tell those of us with children how to raise kids.

Anyone who refuses to pull over for emergency vehicles.

Those that abuse animals.

Politicians. No particular party....they all pretty much lie.

And finally......Jersey Shore! Now I could literally write volumes about this (and yes I have watched this show). In fact I can tell you who all the cast of guido loving, tan abusing, alcohol guzzling, non-panty wearing little delinquents are. But the fact that these young adults who really should know better are setting the standard for how early 20 somethings are "suppose" to act is really frightening to me.

Sadly....we have just skimmed the top of my pet peeves. I guess I am a very disgruntled person. And damn...it is still snowing.

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