Saturday, February 19, 2011

Closets, Movies, Running and Such.......

Well...I am pleased to say that I am on my way to achieving my February adventures. Melissa suggested that I run in the Wichita River Run which is the first weekend in June. Anyone who knows me....knows that I am no where ready to run even the 2 mi. right now, but after some training and some tender loving knee care.....I may just be ready come June. Yesterday was my first day back in the gym....but it was a start and I plan to continue the motivation....namely because I have a workout buddy. I am giving her strict instructions to kick my rear end if she hears one ounce of whining come from my lips. And so we are off.

Adventure two was suggested by Angie. Now Angie thought I should choose a closet in my house and tackle it. She even suggested my bedroom closet. I was amazed as this woman has never seen my bedroom closet....and yet it was like she just knew!!!! Well here is the before:

Notice the mish mash of shoes and just plain clutter. Now I do have a shoe box in my closet, but the clothes cover it so it makes it difficult to get to. And I cleaned out my drawers and found I really had no space for my socks, so they have been in a make shift basket. To say the least....this does not make for easy access of anything while trying to get ready in the morning.

The top of my closet you can see holds boxes of stuff that I have no idea what is in them, purses, and the funniest iron. There is also an ironing board stuck in the back of this closet. Why???? I have no idea. I DON'T iron. Anyone who has seen me in my clothes can attest to this fact. So again.....why the iron? Perhaps I was thinking that if I had easy access....I might iron?! Whatever! The iron and ironing board must go!!!!!

And here hangs the wardrobe. Pretty? NOT! It is even less pretty because it is jammed together without any organization at all. It also is being squished because of the ironing board being in there...which we have already established has no working purpose in my house. I doubt moving the ironing board will make my clothes look any prettier...but perhaps they won't be as wrinkled...thus proving that I don't need that stupid ironing board anyway!

So after taking these pictures....I realized that I needed organization or else I would just be shoving everything back into the closet (minus the ironing board and iron.) So as if on a mission from God (and apparently I was as another life issue was resolved on this venture)...I headed to Dollar General. There I found some cute baskets to help organize and declutter everything. You like????

On returning home....I immediately started pulling everything out of my closet. This was when I was almost halfway done. As you can see....the original 1962 wallpaper still stands. Attractive? No! But I have no desire today to peel wallpaper and paint, so the 1962 paper stays. Perhaps that will be another job for another day....and much easier to achieve once the closet is uncluttered.

As you can see....I got rid of that rotten iron and I no longer have a ton of purses that will fall on me every time I open the closet. The boxes that were up there are no longer a mystery. They were full of some of Zachary and David's baby stuff that I wanted to keep. They have been transferred to a better place...thus leaving me with a clean closet shelf.

Ooooo....look! I actually have a floor in that closet. Who knew? I took out the shoe box and cleaned the 6" layer of dust off the floor. It actually cleans up pretty good. It is not a huge closet but hopefully I have afforded myself a bit more space with this cleaning venture. By the way Angie.....I know I am going to be appreciative of this suggestion in the long run....but boy am I getting tired. Oops...was that me whining? Umm...moving on....

So after much going through stuff, throwing out stuff, and organizing is starting to come together. Just as I suspected though....the clothes didn't magically become cuter, more stylish, or a size 6, but at least they have room to breath, aren't as wrinkled and don't have to share their space with that pesky ironing board.

The shoes and jewelry have found a nice new home outside the closet. At first I wasn't sure about this, but after seeing it for a bit.....I really kind of love it. The shoes will be much more accessible and the cute little baskets will keep my jewelry from ending up all over the place, and in some cases...lost. It really is quite perfect.....the more I look at it.

So all in looks pretty good and the fact that with everything back in there...nothing will fall on my head when I open the doors is such a huge bonus. Seeing the floor is also pretty awesome.

The finished product is amazing. Again Angie....thank you so much for the suggestion. It was a lot of work but worth every second of it. I like it so may even motivate me to clean the rest of my room, then possibly other rooms.....and THEN....who knows.....the ENTIRE HOUSE! But I digress.....I must steps.

As for J.'s suggestion to watch a movie from the 1950's that I had never seen before....well....believe it or not, I am on that too. I actually watched Winchester '73 with Shelly Winters and Jimmy Stewart this afternoon. Now I love western's but I hate to say....I was not a fan of this movie. It was all about.....wait for it......wait for it......a Winchester '73 rifle. I just did not care for it. I do however have two movies cira 1950's set to record tonight. I have higher hopes for these two and will report back on them tomorrow.

I guess you can say....I am pretty happy. It was a short month and I have already almost accomplished all of my adventures for February. Of course the training for the River Run will be on going....but the effort to achieve it has begun. So my dear friends and readers....I am already starting to look ahead to March. I am ready for feel free to fire away. For now though...I am fairly maybe a nap is in order....or maybe I will just sit here, and stare at my beautiful closet accomplishment!

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