Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eeeek! It's Almost March....and I Need HELP!!!!!

 I know!!!! I know!!!! Two blogs in one day on the same blog! I know you are thinking.... REALLY? Don't judge me...'s that time of the month again. NO! Not that time! I am talking about the time of the month where I need my readers to help me out. I need ideas for March. What kind of ideas you might ask (if this is your first time reading my blog)? Well....I am dedicating this year to better choices and new and different experiences. I started this last month and asked readers to give me ideas for the month of February. I got lots of good ideas (who knew that many people read my blog?) and I chose three. Two I have accomplished (cleaning my closet and watching a 1950's movie) and the other is a work in progress (training to run a 2 mi. run in June). Those were actually a lot of fun and gave me more to blog about. Now I need MORE!!!!

The only rules to this little game are:   please make your suggestions things that won't maim me, kill me, or get me arrested. Also....please remember that I am poor with a negative bank balance most of the time. So it would be helpful if the suggestions were free or of minimal cost. You can make expensive suggestions....but just remember...if your suggestion is chosen....I'll be coming to YOU for the money!

So come on everyone....get creative and help me to step out of my box. I promise if chosen there will be pictures, a blog and my helpful suggester will get  recognition in said blog. Make it fun....make it productive....or just make it crazy. Believe me....I have no fear of the ridiculous, nor much I am pretty game to go for something new and different. (Oh better say right here......keep it clean!!!)

Okay guys....put on your thinking caps and comment here or fb me, fb message me, or email me. I look forward to your suggestions and am even more excited about what adventures just might be in my future! Thanks in advance for your help....and I will be waiting!!!!!

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