Saturday, February 26, 2011

How Sick am I ...Oh and It Is Day 8....Lookout Thiry!

It is a cold and dreary Saturday....not to mention it is only 8 a.m. I could be sleeping but instead....I am blogging. Does this blogging sickness know no boundaries???? Apparently not. David is tucked in bed watching the infamous Spongebob, Zachary is sleeping and even the dogs are sleeping....and yet here I sit.

Oh well....I have a big day ahead with at least one fairly large cleaning project. It is one I have been dreading (my office/spare bedroom/sitting room/junk room). It is the latter description that has caused me to feel the need to clean it all out. I am sure there will be pictures and a blog about this in the future. Who knows....maybe even today! I know that just excites you guys to your toes thinking about a two blog day from me. By the way.....since you know I am not big on taking responsibility for my own actions....I blame all this cleaning stuff on Melissa whose is a new blogger but who is helping to keep me motivated in the cleaning dept. and the Flylady at Between the two I have been inspired to clean my house inside and out. How sick am I?

I am feeling the results of my 4 days of working out this past week. Yesterdays circuit training left a mark on my muscles. As I sit here I feel the slightest twinge of ache. There was a time that I would have used that as an excuse not to move from the couch (you know....needing to ice and heat those babies and be ready for next week's workouts) but not this time. I must not give in! I must continue! I accomplished the mega ton of laundry I had in the basement yesterday....and today I must continue on with the cleaning! Will this need to clean just never go away?????

On to the challenge. Today is day 8 of the 30 Day Challenge and I like this one.

Day 08 - A picture that makes you laugh.

 This picture was taken in August of 2009 during an Old Settler's Barbecue at my friend Chris' house. (Old Settler's is an annual event that is held the 3rd weekend of August in Mulvane). In the picture is my friend Thiry. (At least she was my friend....that may change after she see's this We have been friends for well into 30 years and in all that time....I don't believe there has ever been a picture like this of her. I am laughing right now as I post this. I guess you just have to know Thiry.

I have no idea what exactly she was doing or what was going through her mind when I snapped this picture. (Probably..... get that stinkin' camera out of my face). I do know there was food involved.....and I am thinking alcohol too. So go figure! When I saw this picture I just cracked up. I couldn't help but post it to fb. What was funnier though was the next day when I was looking at the comments to the of her sisters obviously thought it rather funny too as she  commented.."are you on drugs?" It was one of had to be there moments....but to me it was hysterical. To this day....when I am having a bad day....I can go find this picture and that comment.....and still laugh till I cry.

I am sure you guys will look at this picture and go "Really?"  and I am sure Thiry will look at this picture and say something much more colorful like "#$%@", but I stand with my choice. This picture just makes me laugh.

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