Saturday, February 12, 2011

Let the February Adventures Begin

Very interesting. The other day I posted that I want to change things up in my life and I want those that read my blog to help me decide from month to month what to do. This kind of gives me an idea if my blogs are even read and also gives me fodder for later blogs as I plan to document my "adventures." Low and behold....I got ideas from readers right and left. I got messages on the blog site, fb site, fb messages and even emails. It was really kind of cool.

The feedback I got was great and most who participated stayed within my criteria of no maiming me, killing me or getting me arrested. I will have to say that I did get a couple of high dollar suggestions which I am not opposed to, but unfortunately if you want me to spend the weekend at the Crown Center in KC and then write about my big city adventures....then you are either going to have to take me.....or give me your credit card so I can afford it on my own. In other words....the things I can do either have to be free or at the very least minimal cost....because I am VERY poor.

Something else that was really kind of cool was that a couple of people sent me their Bucket Lists, so that I could get an idea of the adventures they longed for. Honestly....until I received the first list....I hadn't thought of this as being a bucket list kind of thing.  I guess though it is. After all....I am no longer a spring chicken and there are many things that I am behind on in accomplishing in my life. Truth is though....until recently I hadn't even really given myself time to think about what I wanted. When you are a mom and a single mom at that.....your time is spent worrying about what every body else wants. So it was actually interesting when people sent me ideas for me to look at them and ask the something I would really like to do? I know me well enough though....that after I really get this thing started....and my adventurous soul takes hold....along with life's inevitable ability to change.....I will probably come back and revisit some of the ideas I don't go with now.

Since February is a short month anyway and I decided to do this half way through the month...I figured I had better go ahead and decide on my February adventure.  I was honestly torn between several as I got some really good ideas from people. But I narrowed it down to three and then decided to do all three.

The first adventure that I am about to begin involves running shoes and about a thousand people come the first Sat. in June. I have decided to train and run in the Wichita River Festival run. I have my choice of either a 2 mi. or 6 mi. run. Right now the 2 mi. is looking scary enough. Any training suggestions or even trainers willing to train me for free would be welcome. I promise to work hard and then write about you. lol This suggestion was made by Melissa and I think it is a great one....not to mention a challenging one. Not only will it be something for me for Februrary, but also March, April and May. This should definitely bring about some interesting blogs.

The other two that I have chosen are much less time consuming and probably less exciting, but still moving me forward into new experiences. Number 2 was suggested to me by (J.) J. suggested that I rent/buy/watch a movie from the 1950's that I have never seen. Now I don't know why J. chose the 1950's but on thinking about it.....I don't know that I have really seen a lot of movies from the 1950's. I did a little research and found this list of the top 100 movies from the '50's.
I plan on looking it over and consulting my channel guide to see what if any are available on AMC or TCM. If anyone has any suggestions from the list let me know.

Finally.....suggestion number three. Angie thought with February being in the dead of winter....I needed to get a new perspective on my life by....." taking just one closet, most likely your bedroom clothes closet and give it a thorough cleaning. Discard or give to charity your old stuff, display your newer stuff and maybe even give your closet a new coat of paint."  Wow....for someone who has never even seen my was like she could see into my soul. Since I don't really have much closet to work with and a good cleaning is very much in order.....I think this is a  great idea. Who knows.....maybe this will bring on more cleaning and spiffing up.....or not! But at least I will have ONE clean closet in my house.

To all who voiced their opinions and suggestions for the month of February I say a most heart felt thank you....and a special thanks to Melissa, J. and Angie. Don't take those thinking caps off yet though because I will be hitting you up in a week or two for ideas for March.

So get ready for my February movie critique, closet make-over and River run training blogs. They should be interesting or at the very least entertaining. So let the February adventures begin!!!!

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Melissa said...

YAY! I am super excited!! I will see you there! We can "train" together on FB. My running partner and I plan on taking advantage of this great weather coming up and geting out tomorrow and as much as possible this week to run. Just get out and move. Start with a mile or two and walk if you need to. Give yourself a week or two and you will easily be up to a 4 miler.