Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 3 and It is Cold and I LOVE Glee!

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday at this time it was in the 60's and felt like spring. is in the 20's and it has thrown me back into the desire to hibernate. Have I mentioned that I am not fond of winter and would really just like full-fledged spring to hurry up and get here?! It really could be worse though and I guess I should not complain. We don't have snow or ice and today I get to play hooky! not so much hooky. My boss knows about it and my reward for taking the day off????? I get to go have a bunch of irregular looking moles removed. Sounds like a day at the beach.....right? That is if your beach has no sun, warmth, water and comes with a scalpel and needles. Yee haw!

For a Monday....there is much going on in my head. I tell you...I mentally blog all the time now and I swear I woke up dreaming about blogging today. Is there a twelve step program for this issue I am having? I used to try to blog about different things....things I thought others might find perhaps, a little interesting. Not anymore. Apparently I now feel that the world is riveted by my every thought and move  and waits on the edge of their seat until my next blog is published. WHAT???? This isn't the case???

I was talking to a long time blogger friend of mine about my new found obsession and he told me....1) I am in a prolific phase and this too shall pass. Even the greatest writers have dry-spells and since my writing is nowhere close to being in the great spell is likely just around the corner and then you all will get a (I'm sure) welcome reprieve. 2) Blogs were originally designed as cyber/electronic journals......and at some point....most bloggers revert back to a journal format from time to time. So basically my friend feels that even though I am aware of my blogging issues and have openly admitted them.....a twelve step program is probably not necessary. Besides, he asked me....."how many people do you actually think read your blog." With an indignant hmph I tossed my head and said....."in my Lisaland delusions.....hundreds. In reality...on a good day...10." He just smiled and walked away. Hmph!

So back to me....I am so pleased with my weekend accomplishments and along with blogging in my head....I have also been cleaning in my head. While not quite as productive as the real does give me an idea of what I am needing to do and what tools I need to do it. Now if I could just work out in my head....I would be set. Hmmmm......But again I digress. I have already decided my next project and depending on how I feel after my little proceedure today...I may try and tackle it. I am learning that a bunch of short term accomplishments are much better than starting one huge job and getting bored, frustrated, or tired and not finishing it. So hopefully today I will get another small job done.

Well the weather said last night that this cold spell is only temporary and that the mercury should be on the rise the rest of the week. I sure hope the weatherman knows what he is talking about. It wouldn't do for him and I to be on the outs this early in the year!

Okay.....onto day three of the 30 Day Challenge. Today's challenge:

Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

I have to say that my current favorite show is Glee. I am not sure what their target audience intentions were originally, but I am fairly sure I wasn't in it. However....I know women and men of all ages who like this show. It is just one of those shows that struck an amazing chord (literally and figuratively). I have to say that this show had me hook, line and sinker when this talented cast of 20 somethings belted out their first Journey song....and they have held me ever since.

The talent alone in this show is beyond belief. From their taking little known or played songs and making them sore to astronomic heights... to taking old hits and breathing new life into them, this show rarely hits a sour note(like my play on words???)

Some of my favorite episodes are the ones where they do mash-ups. (For the non-Gleek speaking public) a mash-up is two different songs put together to make one amazing song such as Bon Jovi's It's My Life and Ushers Confessions.

Aside from a weekly dose of awesome music, the show actually has a great story line. The glee kids are seen as the schools outsiders....misfits....geeks, even though the class is actually graced with the likes of a couple of football players and a hand full of cheerleaders. Sadly....even their social rankings tank when they are connected more with glee than they are with the more socially acceptable football and cheer leading.

The message that this show and these kids are trying to get across is that it IS okay to be different. It is okay to not be the cookie cutter, stereo typical high school student. It is okay to be an individual. And if as an individual you love to sing and can belt out a Barbara Streisand classic like nobody's business....then all the better.

While occasionally the show may cross some lines that may make some feel a bit squeamish....all in all...the show sends a message that deep down inside we are all different and sometimes we have to fight to stay true to ourselves, but at the end of the really is okay to be who we really are.

So to all my fellow Gleeks out there.....I give you a great big "L" sign across the forehead....and for anyone who hasn't tuned in....I encourage you to give it a chance.

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