Thursday, March 31, 2011

Choices, Guns and Chairs

Wednesday was survived, so I say....bring on Thursday (gently though).  I was up at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m. so I am sure by noon I am going to be oh so much fun to be around. Today is my early day at work, so I won't be working out, a fact which I am sure my knees will appreciate, although I don't think they are really hurting today. Of course I am not fully we can't be sure of this fact just yet.

The rest of my week is pretty much planned and on auto-pilot. Today is work and then making cheesecakes tonight. Tomorrow is delivering cheesecakes, work again and then coming home to a house full of teenage boys for the night. Just what I was thinking when I okayed this is beyond me. Then Saturday, after I clear the house out of boys.....I will be teaching my creative writing/blogging classes at BCCC's free university day, then the grocery store.....and then it will be time to start preparing for next week. There will be no weekend this weekend.....just several busy days run together. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

The one bright spot....if you can call it that the weather is suppose to be in the upper 60's and 70's between now and Sunday. However, Sunday it is suppose to be in the upper 80's with storms. Sounds like spring may just possibly be kicking in here in KS. Maybe Sunday I will be able to enjoy a little thunder and lightening.....and who knows....maybe even a little relaxation?!

I have to say that although Z can drive me to distraction sometimes....many times....okay often.....there are those times when he just flat out makes me proud! Last night was one of those nights. Already he is learning the tough lessons about having to make choices and sacrificing for his craft (his craft being acting!) For those of you who might have forgotten, or for those of you just tuning in......Z started high school this year....and with high school came high school plays. Since Z's world is all about acting and singing.....the theater and music depts at MHS have been a perfect fit for him. In Z's high school career, there will be 8 major plays (4 of which are musicals) that he is eligible to be in along with 4 dinner theaters. So far he has been in the fall musical, the dinner theater and he has now been cast in a minor roll in the spring play. His be in all the plays he is eligible for through out his high school years. He is on his way to doing just that. Anyway....several weeks ago, Z found out that several of his favorite bands (Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace and Bullet for My Valentine) were coming to Wichita. After finding someone I trusted him to go with and him having to use his own money to purchase the ticket ($42.50) Z was looking forward to attending his first concert. Then it happened. The play schedules were given out and Z realized that his concert fell directly on one of the nights of the play. Z and several other cast members who also had tickets for the concert went to the director and were basically told to choose....either the play or the concert, but you can't do both. Z was crushed as he was so looking forward to this concert.....his first concert, but he also knew that if he chose the concert over the play....then not only would he be letting the cast down....but he would also be ruining chances for future plays. So he chose! The play won. He chose his craft over all else. I was really pretty proud of him and his ability to realize that he had committed to the play so his loyalty should be and ultimately was to the play. That showed me that he has matured in some big ways. Funny how our kids do that....grow up and mature when we aren't looking.

I assured Z that there would be other concerts and now.....because of his decision....there will also be other musicals and plays that he will get to be a part of. It was a tough decision for Z.....but I think it is a decision that in the end, he can live with and he knows is right. So....anyone out there looking for a ticket to Avenged Sevenfold? 

Ahhh....choices and life lessons! You gotta love getting older and having to pick between that which you really want to do and that which you really should do. Not always do we choose wisely, but to see Z making such a decision at 15 and seeing that he has learned that it is not always about what we want in life.....kind of makes me proud and lets me know that maybe along the way, I have taught him some fairly lasting and important life lessons! You go Z.....Mama is proud today.

Oh.....and if your looking around your house thinking to yourself.....I just really don't have enough pistols or shotguns and I would really like to have Dish Network TV, then perhaps you might consider a move to Hamilton, Montana! That's right, cause if you are in the market for satellite viewing AND adding to your arsenal, then the Hamilton Radio Shack has just what you are looking for. With every Dish Network Package signed up get yourself either a spanking new pistol or a dandy new shotgun FREE! What could be better than dish tv and target the same time? And  for those of you who prefer DIRECT TV.....fear not. So as not to be left out.....soon DIRECT TV in the Hamilton area will be offering the same sweet deal. Not wanting to discriminate against anyone.....if on the outside chance you are a Hamilton resident who is not packing.....then you can have a $50 Pizza Hut gift certificate instead! Bet Pizza Hut doesn't lose a dime on this one!

Your Photo Here............(Day 10)

The blogging chair!

This where the magic happens. Okay...maybe not so much magic and more so....incessant daily blogging. You say tomato....I say tomato! At any rate, this chair is where I spend the first hour of my day.....everyday.....blogging.

The history of this chair is that I found it at a garage sale for $20. In it's day it was rather fancy with the massaging back and cup/tv remote holder in the arm. By the time I purchased it, the massage mechanism was long gone and the arm holder while still intact.....likes to fall randomly open due to years of tv remote extraction. Still though....I love this chair.

It is one of the few pieces of furniture in my house that has not been taken over by the kids or claimed by the dogs. It is mine all mine! Funny though.....I have had this chair well over a year and not until I started blogging daily.....did I start using it. Until then it had pretty much just sat case I might someday need it. That day finally came. And since I have started using has also become nice to occasionally watch tv in and David (in rare moments) likes to come in  and let me rock him in it.

So before the sun rises....if you want to know what I am doing and where I am doing it at (and who are you know you do) can be assured that I am my blogging chair!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Wednesday, It's Late, I'm Voyueristic and There is a Cautionary Tale Here!

Today is late start! For those of you who don't speak Mulvane School District, or maybe it is KS BOE, or maybe it is just national school speak.....late start means that school starts an hour late. It gives the kids reduced class time as the teachers have the extra hour to meet and prepare their weekly curriculum and catch up on what needs caught up. I guess this is good for the teachers, and the kids love the extra hour of sleep, but for throws out of already whacky schedule.  First of all....I can never decide whether to use that extra hour to sleep or be productive. I usually cut it in half and give myself 1/2 hour of extra sleep and 1/2 hour of productivity. As you can see....I consider blogging productivity! The rest of my morning is still thrown off the bus comes late, meaning I have less time in the gym, which leaves me rushed and makes me feel behind when I get to work and have to get ready...thus I feel behind the rest of the day.

After re-reading the above paragraph.....I have come to the conclusion that I will....and in fact do....whine about everything. This includes...but is not limited to..... something stupid like the opportunity to get extra sleep. That's right guys.....I am available and willing to whine for you on a moments notice. What a catch I am! Don't you all blow up my phone at once!

So I have come to the realization that I may have a TV issue. My issue is more like an addiction. is true....I am finding myself more and more addicted to..........REALITY TV!!!!! I have tried to deny it. Tried to avoid it. And even tried changing the channel. I have not however tried turning the TV off yet....which I am pretty sure would stop the problem dead in it's tracks. Will save that measure as a last resort! The fact is.....I have been sucked into the voyeurism that is reality TV. I will turn on HGTV and watch people struggle over which house to buy and then I will turn to The Food Network and find out where someone is eating. I will watch people sing and lose their dreams of stardom because I called in and voted for someone else (yes folks....I wield that kind of power) and when I get bored with that.....I can change the channel and do the same thing for dancing stars too! I love to watch Donald Trump fire celebrities and even more...I love to watch Gordon Ramsey tell up and coming chefs to "Piss off!" The worst and probably most embarrassing part of this addiction though is.....Teen Mom 2 and wait for it.....Jersey Shore! It is true. I have no excuses....I just do. What is wrong with me? Am I living vicariously through others? Probably! Except for Snookie! No one wants to live vicariously through Snookie. That is just icky! maybe it is time to turn off the TV and pick up a book. Do you think any of the Jersey Shore peeps have a book out yet?

It is Wednesday and by days end.....I will have made it over half way through this week! As this week has been a bit bumpy...I am thinking this will certainly be an accomplishment! Oh and to be just a bit is a cautionary tale for you. I personally don't think food belongs in a bathroom.....nor would I want my bathroom (or anyone elses for that matter) turned into an eatery. Apparently though, people in the Boston, CA area don't have the same squeamishness that I do about mixing the two. The powers that be in this CA town have decided here that tearing down the restroom built in the 1920's is so passe'.....instead....the really cool thing to do would be to turn it into a sandwich shop?! The Florida-based Earl of Sandwich Shop to be precise. Hmmmm! So if vacationing anywhere near Boston, CA  and you happen to see an Earl of Sandwich shop in the Boston Common....just remember that sandwich shop used to be a real toilet! was a toilet! And so ends the public service portion of this blog.

Your Photo Here......(Day 9)

Wishing for Spring

This picture is of a tree that is on my route when I go walk. I have watched it form buds and then gradually turn into this beautiful creation. I believe this tree is called a Tulip Tree because of it's tulip-like flowers. The pinkish-lavendar blooms show brilliantly in the sun....which we haven't seen in a few days.

I finally drove by on Saturday and snapped a picture of this beauty in the pouring rain as I was afraid if I waited for the next sunny day, wind and rain would have all but stripped it's beautiful flowery showing.

This picture fits my current mood perfectly. It stands trying to show it's lovely spring wardrobe....all the while the weather is trying to discourage it back into it's winter nakedness. I too am trying to feel, breathe and live spring....but this weather just won't cooperate.

If the weatherman isn't lying (and I have my doubts about him) the end of the week and weekend are suppose to be maybe....just maybe I can get one more picture of this tulip tree clad in spring beauty all aglow in  sunshine....before mother nature takes her toll.

And after all of this....I will leave you with this most profound thought.......It's Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tired...But Never Too Tired for Pigs

I am tired! I am so tired in fact that I almost shut my alarm off and went back to sleep. My night was full of dream after dream. I have no idea what I dreamed....I just know I dreamed.... and dreamed a  lot. Nights like that are simply NOT restful.

Yesterday....getting back into the swing of work after being off for 5 days was tough. That and having new surroundings to work in was different too. Not that I am complaining....I love the new work just will take some getting used to. I did get my workout in, but I am noticing that I have been working out to the point of feeling muscle and joint pain. Morning's have started to be a real treat when I try to get out of bed. My legs are pretty stiff and they ache like crazy. Either that is a sign that I am starting to get somewhere with my workout....or I am just old. It is probably the latter.

Today is suppose to be cold and rainy. WHY? Why can't the sun shine? Perhaps if the sun were all then would I be. Instead...I want to climb back in bed and sleep for another 7 hours. All I can say is.....spring feeling weather better get here soon....before  I mentally deteriorate.

I make no big plans today. All I have on the schedule is trying to fit a work out in and work and then the other things that  normally make my Tuesday so grand. If I can make it through those things....then I am going to treat myself to an early night. This should be easy as Glee is only in reruns until no real reason to stay up past 7 p.m. if my body is so inclined to call it a day. And since my body is already so looks as if there could be a 7 p.m. bedtime in my future. Yay!

Your Photo Here......(Day 8)

Pig Calendar

Today is a picture which is close to my heart. I have mentioned once or twice or maybe a thousand times or so.....that I love all things swine. Well one of my favoritist (again....a word if I say it is) things at work is my pig calendar. I love going in and seeing a pig mark my month and day. And if ever during the day I start to feel a little pc invariably makes me smile. What? You tellin' me a cute piggie doesn't bring a smile to your face?

I have actually had a pig calendar of some variety (baby pigs, big pigs, dressed up pigs...) for years and the funny thing is....never have I had two alike. Some have been gifts and some I have had the pleasure to pick out myself...but never have any of them been a copy of the year before. I just love it.

So if ever you just have a hankering to give me a gift...just remember...I love all things pig, but most especially....I love me some piggie calendar!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lions, Lambs, Nails, Blogs, Nausea and Castles! Yep...It's a Monday!

Was trying to remember as I woke up this morning....whether March came in like a lion or a lamb. If the forecast for Thursday is accurate, then apparently it came in like a Thursday (March 31st) is to be warm and calm with the highs in the high 70's (very lamb-like indeed). I must say I look forward to this upcoming warmth and hope that once again....the weatherman is not just merely yanking my chain. He and I are barely on speaking terms as it is!

So I got acrylic nails over spring break. was a much needed move for my self-esteem and a big leg up on the "pretty-o-meter" but they are proving to be a little impractical at their current length. Previously I was working with sawed off stubs which allowed me to type with ease, but now these beauty extensions are causing me to mistype every now and then and are causing a little bit of frustration. While they are not long by most standards and aren't even a quarter as long as I once wore them.....still now....they are a bit of a typing nuisance and I am wondering if I will be able to maintain the patience in order to maintain the nails??? I suppose cutting them back is an option, I just hope I get it done before I yank them off.....which could also be an option if I get frustrated. Can you tell it is a Monday already?

Just a couple of days left before March is all played out. As months go, March hasn't been too bad life wise. I still have a lot to do to finish it off, but it is still all doable....I think! One rather unusual aspect of March is.....if I continue writing everyday (through the 31st), it will be the first time since  at least high school and maybe even ever (hard to remember that far back) that I have written daily for an entire month. Even in that month, going back and reading some of my stuff....I see changes in my writing and definitely I see changes since the beginning of the year. My blog has taken on a life of it's own this year and I kind of like it. I just hope I don't lose momentum and go back to writing just a couple of times a month. But I am pleased and what a way to go into April especially since April 2nd  is when I get to teach my creative writing/blogging class. Yay me!

I am feeling better today....thank goodness. For some reason, last night was once again a toss and turn kind of night, but at least I didn't wake up in pain or feeling nauseous. I really think I was just pushing pretty hard both mentally and physically for the last couple of weeks and my body just screamed...."Enough!"  Today though, feels like I can jump back into things and run with them...which is good considering the kind of day that is ahead of me. I have work to go to, working out (that is a must after two days down), cheesecakes to make for tomorrow, paperwork to catch up on.....and a chair to finish....and all of this before bedtime tonight. Come to think of it....maybe I am feeling a little nauseous after all!

Your Photo Here......(Day 7)

The Castle!

Today's picture is one that I am not sure how I feel about. This picture is of the wall at David's neurologists office. Now granted....he is a pediatric neurologist, so the wall is fitting for his patient clientele and it has been on his wall the better part of a decade. Every time I walk in I see this huge castle/mural thing. There is also a border that goes around the room with I believe, smaller castles and child-like mid-evil scenes (princesses, dragons, etc). But for some always gives me the feeling of ambivalence (yes....I know big words!)

I am not sure why the strange feelings this wall art brings on. Maybe it is because I already have strange feelings walking into the office and this just enhances those feelings. I have never been a huge fan of the neurology office, simply because of why we have to go. That is not to say I am not a fan of the neurologists, I just don't like going to his office. And it seems like rather than soothe the kids (David especially) it just makes them loud and a little stressed....and each time....I have to look at that huge castle on the wall!

Who knows....maybe it has nothing to do with the wall at all. Maybe it is just me looking for a place to push off my anxiety and the poor wall with it's starting to peel castle just gets to be my target.  I'm really not sure at this point. All I know is every couple of months for the last 10 years.....I get to spend at least a half hour looking at this castle. If you weren't jealous of my life are now....RIGHT?!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Whiny, Complainy and HGTV

It finally happened. I pushed myself too far and last night was a horrible night. I just felt awful and I kept waking up over and over again. My head, my stomach, everything hurt. Finally I knew about 3 a.m. that church today was out of the question, so I turned the alarm off. It was futile as David started waking me up at 6 a.m. anyway. I love that boy to pieces but his internal alarm has much to be desired.

I have done nothing and accomplished nothing all morning. I have just laid with my entire body wrapped in my comforter and watched HGTV. Even that hurts my head! Eeesh! On the upside, I have seen some lovely yard makeovers and I felt the slightest twinge of jealousy as a couple in TN picked out their dream home (which coincidentally was also mine) on House Hunters. Unfortunately the almost $400,000.00 price tag that went with it was a little lot too steep for me. After renovations (the basement wasn't finished and they added on a front porch, back deck and made cosmetic changes to their liking) the price was probably closer to $500,000.00! Really? I just can't even imagine, which is probably why I am going to be in my almost 50 year old house with the bad plumbing, scary electrical and shoebox bathrooms.....for the rest of my life.  Sigh!

Honestly....I am not complaining, I just really don't feel well and it makes me really whiny, complainy (def: to not really complain...only to act like it), a bit jealous of others dream houses and all in all.....not much fun to be around. Ask my kids....they have all hidden from me. YES....even David! I can't say I blame them. I don't even like being around me right now! And you know it is bad when the dogs prefer the company of their crate over you! Again....sigh!

So this is my day. Hopefully after some rest and maybe a little more HGTV or  a Lifetime movie or two....I will start feeling better. I really have no choice since tomorrow is Monday and all the weekly fun starts all over again. Honestly though, spring break has been fun. I in no way accomplished all I hoped to accomplish, but the list did get smaller and the kids and I did have some fun. There was shopping and visiting, cheesecakes and the zoo, and even some unexpected guests thrown in the mix to keep it lively. So when all is said and done, I guess I can't really complain at all. But as bad as I am feeling today....humor me, because there might be a whine or two left before I am through.

               Your Photo Here............(Day 6)

               Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is March 27th and it is my mom's birthday so it is only fitting that today's photo be about her.

Maybe because I am not feeling well today....but the words to describe my mom are just not there or maybe it is simply because mere words just do not do her or her memory justice.

The picture(s) (just one picture doesn't do her justice either), all depict the thing I remember most about her....her laugh. She laughed a lot and her laugh was contagious causing those around her to also succumb to laughter. Her laughter sometimes came at inappropriate times...such as the time we were in church and she realized she had her shirt on inside out. She laughed to the point of tears and snorting causing all those around her to do the same. Father loved us that day!

Mom had many trials in her life, much pain both physical and emotional, and great amounts of sadness, but through it all.....she always found the ability to laugh and she passed that on to us kids. She always used to say...."Nothing is ever so bad if you can find humor in it....and honey....there is humor in everything!"

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and still miss you like crazy!

              Mary Jacques
(March 27, 1936 to Dec. 22, 2002)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Zoo and Hair

It was early (maybe 3ish, 4ish or just plain earlyish) it was hailing. That is twice in the course of three days. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. I don't think my roof can take it. Now it is just cold, rainy and dreary. Oh if only I could just stay in bed and call it good for today. My body is screaming for a real day of just pure rest. It was not thrilled when I told it that "It's not gonna happen!"

I have cheesecakes that I have to deliver to Luciano's (our home town Italian Restaurant) and I have a chair to recover and paperwork to go through. It is not like my schedule is horrid, but it is definitely not a stay in bed and just relax kind of day. Even David is none too exited about pulling himself out of bed. He is very content to watch Spongebob, covered up cozily....drifting in and out of sleep.

Yesterday we did finally make it to the zoo. It was a beautiful day with zero wind and with a was quite comfortable. David seemed really interested in the animals....especially in the petting zoos. He had his hands out touching all the touchable animals and even tried for a couple that weren't so touchable. Z and I both tried getting food for the goats in the American Farm, but they had one rather nasty beast with a horn and half....who knew how to use it. I gave Z money to get the food and of course all the goats were hanging around the food dispenser fighting for their share. Z kept saying ouch and jumping. I couldn't figure out what was going on and there was a line forming behind us, so I said...."Let me do it!" As I took over the procuring of the food, I found out what the ouch was all about. As you would stand there trying to get your hands around the dispenser....Mr. Nasty Goat would take his one long horn and try to gore your hand with it to get you to drop the food. After getting gored twice....enough was enough so I just decided to let Mr. Nasty and his posse starve. I have to say....when all was said and done....I felt a little violated.

Most of the animals at the zoo were out and enjoying the spring day just like the humans, and amazingly it was not as crowded as I thought it would be. David's favorite parts seemed to be the penguins (I got a picture of most of him) that would go underwater and come right up to him in the tank and the fish. He loved the fish. Do we have a Marine Biologist in our future????

Z had a ball and kept the conversation constant and lively. So constant and so lively in fact, that from time to time people just stopped and stared.  I don't remember being a teenager...but I have to wonder if I talked as hard and fast as Z does? Okay...maybe I do remember, and there is the slightest possibility that I was every bit as bad (I will hunt down and hurt anyone who passes this information on to Z). Another reason my poor mother should be sainted.

Apparently we are back to winter or winter like weather for the next few days. I am not pleased, but at least now there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I have gotten to hear thunder a few times recently which gives me real hope for spring. I also have to say, that even though we have had some major wind during spring break, the weather has for the most part cooperated and given us a fairly decent time. I am pretty sad that it is almost over....but then again.....we need to get some structure back into our lives. I am thinking that work will be welcome come Monday!

Your Photo Here.....(Day 5)

My blond haired....ummm....I mean black haired boy!

This entry is going to require two photo's....a before and an after. Z was born with almost white blond hair and bright blue eyes. In fact of all my kids (whom none of them look like me) Z looks the least like me. With his blond hair and blue eyes he has almost white blond eye brows and very fair skin. In the summer, tanning is very hard for him.....although he always burns with ease. Despite his propensity to looking like a lobster in the summer time...I have always loved his blond hair and depending on his mood, his eyes go from a steel gray blue to the brightest ocean blue you have ever seen. They are simply beautiful and quite a contrast to the rest of our household who are dark haired and dark eyed.

Now Z is my artistic soul who loves his music and loves to express himself through his clothes and his style. His music tastes go towards the harder, edgier metal and screamo groups and naturally he tends to emulate their style...which verges on if not falls directly into....the darker emo look. While Z and I have butted heads several times on how far I will let him take his look, I do realize that self-expression is part of growing up and learning who you are, so I try to pick my battles wisely. Apparently who Z currently NOT my blond haired boy....especially not after a box of black hair dye.

While his clothes have a tendency to be on the darker side (like his newly dyed hair) he does know that his look has to be much more conservative going to church on Sundays and he has to throw a colored t-shirt into the mix every now and then just to please his mama! He seems to be good with all of this. He too is picking his battles wisely!

Well....he is rockin' his new look and he seems pretty comfortable in his own skin. And I will admit, the new look is growing on me....a little at a time. However sometimes....when I am feeling a bit nostalgic (for a month ago) I must be honest and say.....I miss my blond haired boy!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Girls from LisaMarie's

HEADACHE!!!!! Arrrgggghhhh! Yesterday morning it started about 9 a.m. I think I mentioned that I was feeling bad the night before....then the headache set in. Finally about 3:30 p.m. yesterday, I succumbed to it. David and I took about a 2 hour nap. When I woke up, it was better, but never truly went away. During the night it came back full force. It was so bad I even dreamed I had a headache. It was one of those dreams where you tell yourself that if you wake up....then it will all be over. I finally woke myself up just to find that I indeed had a non-dream headache and it was every bit as bad as the dream version. Believe me, this does not make for restful sleep.

I did manage to sleep in until about 8:30 a.m. this morning, but the headache is still in tact. Maybe not as bad as during the night, but still very noticeable. I refuse however, to let it stop me today. After all I have cheesecakes to make and possibly another try at the zoo today. It is suppose to be the last nice day until Wed. or Thursday of next week, so I would really like to take advantage of it.

Last night, since my head was a bit better.....I enjoyed staying up and just playing with my blogs, reading others blogs and just catching up on all things internet that I haven't really had a chance to do. Then I ran across an really sad obituary followed by another. These two kids will be having a double funeral. For some reason (above and beyond the obvious) these obituaries and this article really got to me. Maybe because it was such a senseless and yet all too common accident. Someone crosses the yellow line late at night either falling asleep because they are too tired to be driving that late....or possibly under the influence and in no condition to be driving. At any rate...these two and the driver of the other vehicle all ended up dead. Pictures of both these kids showed they were young, full of life and apparently very much in love. One was an OU student and one was a KSU student. Today three families are grieving and soon....three young lives will be put to rest. If you have a moment and you pray.....say a prayer for these families who are about to do the toughest thing they will ever do....bury their kids. No parent should ever have to out live their kids!

Sorry for the darkness today. It must be the headache. On the upside.....I did get the nails and toes done yesterday. For whatever reason...having my toes and my nails done....but especially my toes just makes me feel a little prettier and little more feminine. Being in the salon though for two hours probably didn't help my headache and waiting to eat or drink anything until 2 p.m. probably didn't help either. I was going to weigh on my home scales since we didn't have a Weight Watchers meeting yesterday but the battery in my scale was dead. I had to pick one up in my travels yesterday and so I didn't get to weigh until all my running was done. I probably got really dehydrated in all of the running....but it was worth it to see that one pound gone!

Your Photo here.....(day 4)

The Girls from LisaMarie's

This photo makes me smile every time I look at it. It takes me back to a very stressful and yet very fun time in my life. In the early 1990"s, about 1992 to be precise, I took over a little down town Mulvane hair salon. Since I was not a stylist (I did nails), I started out just doing nails and I converted some of the space into a tanning salon. Soon I hired stylists and expanded, then I added on a workout facility and aerobic classes and expanded further. The entire story of LisaMarie's is a blog entry all in itself which one day maybe I will go back and tell, but today's picture focuses on the girls from LisaMarie's.

As I said, I started off alone. Then one day a fellow high school graduate whom I had known but wasn't really close to in high school happened to walk through my door. I remembered her as fairly quiet and rather shy in high school. She shattered that image when after looking around a bit and seeing me run crazy she blurted out...."You need to hire me to take care of your salon!" I had never considered hiring anyone until that moment...but I knew she was right and I hired her on the spot. From that moment on....Marni was a LisaMarie's girl. My next hire was a customer who was a stylist but had been a stay at home mom for quite some time. She began frequenting my salon more and more and finally asked me if I would be interested in hiring her to do hair. I was, she signed on.....and Jeanette became a LM girl. Kris and Kay were also customers. When they came in to get nails or hair done, the place became lively. We laughed, we talked and we laughed some more. Soon they too (although not working for me) became LM girls. Kris later on did become one of my aerobic teachers as did Jeanette, and it seemed like the five of us were always together.

Friday and Saturday nights were our nights to play. Often times we would hit our local bar, sometimes we went out to movies, dinner or other bars and sometimes we just stayed at the salon; cleaning, talking, laughing, and even remodeling. They were times I will always remember and always hold close to my heart.

LisaMarie's closed in 1995 and during the years from 1992 to 1995...many girls (Jennifer, Muffy, Sam, Carrie....and James who was not a girl) came through and spent time at LisaMarie's. But the original five were special. We drifted apart after LM closed but thanks to fb we have all accept for Jeanette, found each other again. Kay and I see each other from time to time. Marni and I see each other at least once a year. I just found Kris again and we are still looking for Jeanette. If you see her....let her know she is missed.

So here's to the girls from LisaMarie's! Who knows....maybe this will spark a reunion. What a great group of girls and what a wonderful time in my life. I miss you all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Gotta Love Spring Break

Well here I am on my spring break....up and at 'em bright and early. You would think that I would use this time to get some extra sleep(especially since I was sick last night), but so far it has not worked out so that I could. I am hoping that tomorrow may afford me a little more luxury time. Today, in all my infinite wisdom, I scheduled a drs. appt. for myself extra early, thinking I would be working today. Sigh! Oh well! After the drs. then I have to return some pants I bought for Z yesterday, head to the gym for a workout (maybe) and then I am going to treat myself.....(again...maybe!) Depending on what the scales say when I weigh and my attitude when the time comes, I just may go get myself a manicure/pedicure! Pictures here showed in no uncertain terms that I am in desperate need! We shall just see how the day goes.

It was good that I made no real plans yesterday, because the wind was awful and even with all the sunshine (don't get me wrong....was wonderful to see) it was still kind of chilly. We started our day at my dad's. Remarkably, it wasn't too bad. I don't think he said one negative thing to anyone. We were hoping that he had a suit jacket that Z could borrow for this weekend. Z is spending the weekend at Catholic Youth conference. It is in Wichita but they have two days meeting other Catholic kids from all over the state, and Sat. night they have a big dance. The only thing is, they have to wear dressier clothes all weekend. Z's wardrobe mostly consists of jeans, so we had a bit of a problem. Unfortunately Z is a bit shorter than my dad, so none of the jackets fit right. This meant money would have to be invested. I would worry about it later.

After Dad's we then had to find and then go to the Social Security office to get a replacement SS card for Z. I have mentioned how much I love all things government....correct? Once we found the place....we had about an hour wait. Normally I would just have said.....forget it, and left, but we had put this off too long and it needed to be done. Besides....who knew if I would ever be able to find the place again? So we waited. Let me just say right here.....David is not a waiter! Especially if he has the independence of his wheelchair. David is also not quiet.....especially when he is in a building that has the acoustics to carry his voice and make it echo. This building did and the minute we stepped foot inside with about 60 other people sitting quietly.....David began to clap and yell to hear his voice echo. The ugly looks others were giving me said I should probably figure out a solution to his loudness. Hush David! was just not cutting it! We decided to take him outside. First Z took him out and he walked him around and around. David enjoyed it for a period of time even in the wind. Z however, was not amused when David started trying to run over him with his chair. I finally relieved Z and I walked David, fed him a lunchable and walked him some more until finally it was our turn. Once in there....they almost turned us away because school id was not enough to prove Z was Z. Finally after a mad search through my purse......they finally decided to accept  his insurance card. From this point they quickly got us through as David was testing out the acoustics yet again.

Once we left there we went out to eat at Old Chicago. There they have the lights hanging fairly low over the table. David was fascinated and we spent the entire time trying to keep David from pulling down the light! I say the entire time, but actually once the food arrived....David was fine. Food is a huge motivator in Davids life.

Since it was still pretty windy and a bit chilly, we decided to hit the mall (the picture to the right is Towne East Square Mall cira 1975. I thought it was cool) instead of the zoo. We went into every store, finally found Z pants and shoes, and we walked and walked and walked. David though was getting tired and annoyed (he is not a shopper) and started showing his annoyance by throwing his hands down and just suddenly stopping his wheelchair wheels. Several times he almost threw me over the bars. He also tried to escape numerous times. After a couple of hours, he had had enough and he refused to shop another second. That was our cue that it was time to go home.

On our way home we stopped at Goodwill. Low and behold, I found the exact pants (khakis and dress pants) for Z,  that I had just paid $30 a pair for at the mall. Goodwill's price......$4 a pair. They were in perfect condition and fit him beautifully. Needless to say.....I will be returning the $30 ones today.

Once home, before I crashed....I did go on my walk. While I was out, David showed his displeasure with being made to spend the afternoon shopping, by locking Z in the bathroom. Z in turn was not pleased....although he did finally get it unlocked before I got back. David though seemed much happier after this bit of defiance and brother torture! Go figure! You gotta love spring break!

Well onto picture time.

Your picture here...........(Day 3)

Flying Pig!

Yes folks....I am humoring my pig whims. I am all about the pig in my house and also outside my house. I found this little gem last year at of all places....Dillons. I just couldn't NOT get him and he has been flying on his little swing in my front yard....ever since.

He is high enough that he can't be reached by passerby's but I notice school kids stopping to watch him swing as they walk home on windy days. Even an adult or two has stopped to point at my little flying pig a time or two.

This little all my pigs brings me great joy and abundant smiles. So my photo today is flying pig!