Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Wednesday, It's Late, I'm Voyueristic and There is a Cautionary Tale Here!

Today is late start! For those of you who don't speak Mulvane School District, or maybe it is KS BOE, or maybe it is just national school speak.....late start means that school starts an hour late. It gives the kids reduced class time as the teachers have the extra hour to meet and prepare their weekly curriculum and catch up on what needs caught up. I guess this is good for the teachers, and the kids love the extra hour of sleep, but for throws out of already whacky schedule.  First of all....I can never decide whether to use that extra hour to sleep or be productive. I usually cut it in half and give myself 1/2 hour of extra sleep and 1/2 hour of productivity. As you can see....I consider blogging productivity! The rest of my morning is still thrown off the bus comes late, meaning I have less time in the gym, which leaves me rushed and makes me feel behind when I get to work and have to get ready...thus I feel behind the rest of the day.

After re-reading the above paragraph.....I have come to the conclusion that I will....and in fact do....whine about everything. This includes...but is not limited to..... something stupid like the opportunity to get extra sleep. That's right guys.....I am available and willing to whine for you on a moments notice. What a catch I am! Don't you all blow up my phone at once!

So I have come to the realization that I may have a TV issue. My issue is more like an addiction. is true....I am finding myself more and more addicted to..........REALITY TV!!!!! I have tried to deny it. Tried to avoid it. And even tried changing the channel. I have not however tried turning the TV off yet....which I am pretty sure would stop the problem dead in it's tracks. Will save that measure as a last resort! The fact is.....I have been sucked into the voyeurism that is reality TV. I will turn on HGTV and watch people struggle over which house to buy and then I will turn to The Food Network and find out where someone is eating. I will watch people sing and lose their dreams of stardom because I called in and voted for someone else (yes folks....I wield that kind of power) and when I get bored with that.....I can change the channel and do the same thing for dancing stars too! I love to watch Donald Trump fire celebrities and even more...I love to watch Gordon Ramsey tell up and coming chefs to "Piss off!" The worst and probably most embarrassing part of this addiction though is.....Teen Mom 2 and wait for it.....Jersey Shore! It is true. I have no excuses....I just do. What is wrong with me? Am I living vicariously through others? Probably! Except for Snookie! No one wants to live vicariously through Snookie. That is just icky! maybe it is time to turn off the TV and pick up a book. Do you think any of the Jersey Shore peeps have a book out yet?

It is Wednesday and by days end.....I will have made it over half way through this week! As this week has been a bit bumpy...I am thinking this will certainly be an accomplishment! Oh and to be just a bit is a cautionary tale for you. I personally don't think food belongs in a bathroom.....nor would I want my bathroom (or anyone elses for that matter) turned into an eatery. Apparently though, people in the Boston, CA area don't have the same squeamishness that I do about mixing the two. The powers that be in this CA town have decided here that tearing down the restroom built in the 1920's is so passe'.....instead....the really cool thing to do would be to turn it into a sandwich shop?! The Florida-based Earl of Sandwich Shop to be precise. Hmmmm! So if vacationing anywhere near Boston, CA  and you happen to see an Earl of Sandwich shop in the Boston Common....just remember that sandwich shop used to be a real toilet! was a toilet! And so ends the public service portion of this blog.

Your Photo Here......(Day 9)

Wishing for Spring

This picture is of a tree that is on my route when I go walk. I have watched it form buds and then gradually turn into this beautiful creation. I believe this tree is called a Tulip Tree because of it's tulip-like flowers. The pinkish-lavendar blooms show brilliantly in the sun....which we haven't seen in a few days.

I finally drove by on Saturday and snapped a picture of this beauty in the pouring rain as I was afraid if I waited for the next sunny day, wind and rain would have all but stripped it's beautiful flowery showing.

This picture fits my current mood perfectly. It stands trying to show it's lovely spring wardrobe....all the while the weather is trying to discourage it back into it's winter nakedness. I too am trying to feel, breathe and live spring....but this weather just won't cooperate.

If the weatherman isn't lying (and I have my doubts about him) the end of the week and weekend are suppose to be maybe....just maybe I can get one more picture of this tulip tree clad in spring beauty all aglow in  sunshine....before mother nature takes her toll.

And after all of this....I will leave you with this most profound thought.......It's Wednesday!

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