Saturday, April 30, 2011

Speed of Life

Oh why did I choose sleep over blogging this morning???? Drat! I have so much to do, but none of it can happen before the blog is done. Yes! has come to that in my life. Blogging comes first! Without my daily purge(nice word.....right?) just nothing else seems to go right.

So on inspections of my back yard fence in these gale force winds, I see that there are several boards which have completely split. I am worried that if these winds keep up at the rate they neighbors are going to have my fence in their yard. Kelly (Thiry)....if either of you read this, consider this a heads up. I might need a fence dr. here soon....hopefully before I need a fence EMT! It is simply not looking good.

In just a few minutes I will be taking Z to the high school so that the MHS mixed chorus can go perform at state. From that moment on....this day is literally going to take wings and fly. I am hoping that this old body can keep up. It is creaking today. I think the fact that the gym and I are taking a break from each other this weekend is a good thing. Especially for my poor knees. I so hate having old knees. Of course it's a matched set....old knees, old butt, old body. It ain't pretty.

Well my commentary on life today is....we can't control the speed of life. The best we can do is grab a moment while it is speeding by and give someone a hug or tell someone we love them. We can make at least one moment count in the course of our busy day. So go forth my friends and make your moments count. Hope you have a great Saturday.

I will end this with Cold Play Viva La Vida.....just because I like it!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday, Loans, Vacations and Loverboy

Thank you God for making it Friday. I sincerely do not believe I could have survived even one more day this week. Not exactly sure what was so difficult about this week, but whatever it has made me feel like a true survivor. I am also not sure why I am thinking it is so great for it to be Friday as from this moment on.....this weekend will move at break neck speeds. It will  all start by getting the kids ready for school, working out, cheesecake deliveries, work, and then starting this evening Z has Esprit try-outs (yay Z) and then play practice and then tomorrow Z has to be up at the school bright and early for state music competition and then tomorrow evening he has a religious retreat he has to go to. Usually Sunday would be our rest day, but something tells me another trip to my dads will be required. By the time I manage to take a full will be Monday again. Oy!

So this morning in my email was finally confirmation that my student loan is FINALLY paid in full. It is about time. It has only taken me 3 years, numerous phone calls and all of my income tax money to do it, but as of today, my Americorps (VISTA) education award went through and the loan is paid. Sadly, if they had paid it two years ago when they were suppose to, I would not have lost my whole return this year and I wouldn't have had my monthly income garnished, all of these months. I guess though, I should just be grateful that it is paid. I still have an ed award balance also which is good until 2016, so if I want to go back to school at any time, this will help cover expenses. There is a real possibility that I might just do that come fall. After all....I really don't have enough going on in my life....why not throw some classes and homework into the mix?

I have been trying to line my summer out. It has been 5 years since the boys and I have been any farther than Wichita. Z is getting older and I don't want to turn around and have him graduating and us not have taken any trips or done anything together as a family. I am thinking that as soon as school is out, we are going to go see my mother in law (I will now know if any of my family reads my blogs.....cause if they do.....I know this will get their attention). I am taking my car in next week to get it serviced and then I am thinking when school is out.....we are gone. We also have yearly family reunion in OK that we have not attended in years. It falls in July and I am thinking that we are going this year. Because of where it is located....we have the versatility of making it either a simple day trip or a weekend get away. I won't know until closer to time.....which will fit our schedule or finances better. boss and his girl friend are going to Vegas in July. It is looking as if we are going to close while they are I am hoping to take the boys to Branson that week. Z has never been and I haven't been since Tim and I went in 1998, so I think it would be great fun. Now I just have to start the "Send the Elams on Vacation" charity.  In the midst of all of this, I hope to throw in some fun stuff like drive-in movies, bbq's and pool parties. I know summer is going to literally race by, but I am hoping that during the race.....we can accomplish some pretty decent memories. And I pray with everything in me that we have a healthy summer this year.......which would be nothing like last summers!

It is still cool enough that in the mornings as I blog, Lil' Green and I are bundled in the red recliner. As I hear the birds outside my window though, I know soon these early mornings will be nice and warm and soon Lil' Green and I will be able to blog on the patio. I can't wait for that! Both LG and I need a change of scenery! is time to actually get this Friday started. I think I will leave you with this video. Berty, Thiry and I got to go see Loverboy in the 80's (no Mike Reno did not sweat on me), but Working For the Weekend was a huge teenage anthem. I must have listened to this song a million times. It didn't hurt that we were in the new age of video's and Mike Reno looked pretty darn good in those tight red pants. So to get your weekend started.....her is Loverboy.....Working for the Weekend!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

If Mama Ain't Happy........

It is not even 6 a.m. and I am already contemplating running away! How is that for a great start to a Thursday? The only saving grace here IS Thursday. If this were say Monday or Tuesday, I think I might just get to running.

I think by now, for those of you who take the time to read my know that I love my kids. Sometimes I actually adore them. This morning not one of those days. Oh I still love them, but what is the opposite of adore?

Why do kids (meaning teenagers) have such issues with listening and actually doing? My fifteen year old can remember cheats to a video game, lyrics to a song he hears once and a conversation we had six months ago about something he wanted to do.........but he can't remember something I asked him to do five minutes ago. If I hear the words...."I forgot" just one more time, I am pretty sure I am going to lose what is left of my already fragile mind. I am also not particularly fond of asking him to fold and put away laundry, only to find the laundry not touched.....but by gosh he switched out his room (furniture and all) for a bigger room downstairs. And he then looks at me like "why are you mad? After all....I may not have done what you asked, but I did something." I want to scream, except for the fact that if I screamed every time he did this cr@p, I would be perpetually hoarse.

I am also one of those mothers who if you make me mad, you will suffer and you will suffer A LOT. Take for instance this morning. I am mad because things weren't done before bed time last night that were suppose to be done. Mmmmm...k! So when mama ain't happy.....Z gets to get up when mama gets up (5ish) and finish his work. This makes Z a very unhappy young man....but at some point in time, I am hoping that he learns the lesson (do what your told when you are told to do it) and then you won't lose an hour of sleep. So far, the lesson has not sunk in.....but in my mother's heart, hope always springs eternal. And I know what you are thinking...sucker!

I refuse to be one of those parents who unleashes on the unsuspecting world, a child who can't carry through on a job, show responsibility, take initiative and most importantly ......pick up after himself. In my opinion....there are entirely too many of those types running around out there as it is. I will not add to the already growing numbers. I have also tried to tell him that this isn't the 1950's. There are not young girls out there just dreaming of the day when they can pick up after him. In fact, in this day and age, being a pig can be a real deal breaker in a relationship. Besides....I will not have some girl spend her adult years hating me because I didn't teach my son to put down a toilet seat or put his dirty underwear in the laundry. While I do love Z to death....he is definitely a work in progress!

Well today is weigh in....which means work out. I hope to get a good one in before I have to face the scales. Hopefully I am a teensy bit closer to my goal. Today is also going to be filled with work, meetings and cheesecake.....and with any luck, hopefully I won't feel the need to kill anyone before the day is out. Again...hope springs eternal.

And speaking of hope, that is what today's video is about. While the video itself is a bit strange, I love the song. So I leave you with Sing from My Chemical Romance.
Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hate, Bullying and Threats

It must just be a Z week. Yesterday was an interesting one....bordering on scary. Z has gym his last hour and coming out of the bathroom, he was shocked to find a great big piece of scary looking graffiti on the wall saying that the high school would be blown up on April 29, 2011 (Friday). (Picture to the left is not actual written threat!) He said the whole thing kind of shook him. Since no one else had said anything about it, he assumed it was pretty new and he wondered if anyone else had seen it. He decided he better report it, because you just never know if someone is actually capable of such an act or not.

The kind of shocking thing (at least to me anyway) is the fact that when he went to the office and told them, their reaction was........AGAIN????  My reaction to their reaction is.....REALLY???? If there have been threats against the high school, even if they turn out to be bogus....shouldn't parents be told? Were parents told and I simply missed the call or email? I thought as unlikely as that scenario was, that I would check with a few parents. I found out that no one apparently had been told about any possible threats. What is going on here?

There was a time when if kids were at school, you were about 99.9% sure that they were safe. However.....after Columbine (picture to the right), Jonesboro, VA Tech, etc......big questions are brought to mind about just how safe our schools are. We send our most precious assets (our children) every single day with the expectation that they will return to us in the same condition we sent them. And I applaud the precautions most schools now take: you must ring and be let into the school during school hours, resource officers, vigilant teachers and staff and hopefully students who are not afraid to speak up and speak out when they feel something isn't quite right, but much still lacks.

What has proven to be the real danger to our kids is not what comes from outside the school....but what comes from within. Kids are teased, tormented and bullied to the point where they seek retaliation.  You take a kid with low self-esteem and a border line mental issue and add to that mix constant and continuous teasing and bullying and you have all the ingredients for a Columbine. I find that truly frightening because I know without a doubt that right here at our own school.....bullying goes on a pretty regular basis. I am sure teachers and staff will be quick to say that they stop it when they see/hear it, but come on aren't stupid. They are not (in most cases) going to do the act within earshot of anyone in authority. They are going to be sneaky and threatening and some kids who get bullied, just don't have the fortitude to stand up to their aggressors not even to simply report them  to staff or parents......until they reach their breaking point. By is often too late and everyone pays....not just the tormentor.

I am extremely curious why if there have been other threats made against the school....that parents have not at least been made aware of the incidents. I know of at least two recent lock downs at the the kids had no idea what was going on and the other was a drug bust. On only one occasion were the parents notified. I personally think that if anything happens that affects my child to the point of having a lock down, threat or danger of any kind....that I as a parent should know about it.

Honestly....I know it is spring. It has been a long 8 months. High school hormones are peaking and kids have ambivalent feelings about graduation, finals, school ending and summer. It is a boiling pot about to spill over of  kids acting out or saying and doing things that might just be attention seeking. this day and age, after what we have seen... the terror and heart ache that other schools have had to go through, every threat should be taken seriously and parents should be made aware.

Yes....I know I am on my soap box yet again, but when it comes to my kid, I think that is where I need to be. I only have one 15 year old Z and I would very much like to see him grow to be a very old man. I do believe I will be calling the school today....for my own peace of mind. is time to do something other than blog. MAN!!!! If I could just sit and blog all an awesome job that would be. Back to the real world. I must go workout!

I will now leave you with this video. This to me, is extremely powerful and very much in keeping with my blog today. While the name of the video maybe off putting to some...I encourage you to watch the video. I love Pink because she says what she says.....and makes no apologies! I think this video sends a really strong message to all but especially to parents. Here is Perfect by Pink.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prayer amazing thing happened! You may remember that last week Z was suppose to have show choir try-outs, but he was in so much pain that I made him stay home from school. I was clueless to the fact that if he did not go to school that day that he then became ineligible to try out for choir that evening. When he explained to the director.....she told him that he absolutely could NOT try out, that rules were rules and he should have been at school. Z was crushed and I was crushed for him. He asked me what he should do and I opened my mouth and my mothers words came out. I said...."Say some prayers about it. Talk to God....He will listen." Z said that he would indeed pray, but he knew that he had simply missed his chance at show choir this year. This then gave us an opportunity to talk about praying....but also putting things in Gods hands. We also talked about there being a lesson somewhere in all of this and how it was the hard things in life, the disappointments and loss that were what make us stronger and build the character of who we are. By the next day......Z was actually already looking towards next years tryouts and willing to support all those who made it this year. I saw a lot of prayer working there. (His and mine both!) Z was accepting....and he was moving on.

Move ahead to yesterday. Z had not been back to school since the tryouts and honestly....he had moved beyond dwelling on Esprit. Then it happened.....about 10 a.m. I got a call from the school. Calls from the school never mean anything good for me and since all the schools in town call from a generic number, when I see it come up on my phone, I have to take a deep breath and brace myself before I answer. I never know if David has had a seizure or whether Z has forgotten something and I have to drop everything to go take it to him. Yesterday was no different. As I answered I heard Z's voice and the first words out of his mouth were......"Guess what?" Coming down off my anxiety trip over getting a call form the school, I tentatively said "what?" Then he told me.....that for some strange reason....they still had one opening in Esprit and so they are going to hold tryouts again on Friday after school. Z was told he could try out again! Hmmm! Coincidence? No! Nothing happens without purpose and now....if Z makes Esprit, he is going to appreciate it twice as much and not take one second of the experience for granted.

I have no question in my mind that prayers were answered over this (I don't think Z questions that either.) More over....I believe that this all happened  with purpose and maybe that purpose was to remind us that prayers are both heard and answered. Maybe it was also to teach Z that life is full of disappointments, but life goes on.....and surviving the disappointments just makes you stronger. And I said above, the purpose was to also make Z appreciate the opportunities and gifts that he is given. Whatever the case....Z knows that in this instance, prayer did move mountains and penetrated an impenetrable wall. He is truly grateful as am I.....for many reasons.

So Mondays go, was just a pretty okay day. It gives me hope for the rest of the week. It even looks right there might be a bit of sun today. That right there makes doing everything just a whole lot easier.

And so in keeping with today's blog, I think I will leave you with this video.....for obvious reasons. One of the most beautiful songs ever.....The Prayer!
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Monday and I am California Dreaming

There is a slow and steady rain coming down with rolling rumbles of thunder in the distance. I don't believe that this is what I ordered for my Monday morning. Don't get me wrong....if this were Monday night or any morning in which I could sleep in...I would be in heaven, but when we are dealing with a morning I have to get up and get moving.....and a Monday morning at that,'s just not right. All I want to do is crawl back in bed and sleep, until the sun shines. Not gonna happen....I know!

Yesterdays family event was okay. A certain member did not disappoint. I decided to count to myself all acts of negativity, rudeness and total disregard for others feelings that he chose to spew. I think records were broken as  we hadn't been there five minutes and at least five times his cup raneth (it's Monday....leave me alone) over with all the above. That is pretty much an insult a minute. You gotta admit.....he is good! I think I lost count after about 30 plus incidents, especially when it was within our first hour there. He was in rare form.....even for him. We survived though. The rest of the time wasn't too bad. We were able to pull a little levity into the situation and as we all know.....if you can find humor in a situation, then the situation is not a total loss.

One of yesterdays high points was watching David interact with his little 2 year old cousin. It was so fun. With Ayden there is always a little awkwardness at first when people invade his space. Especially if the invader wants attention from the people that normally dote soley on him. Add the fact that someone also wants to play with his toys and there can be a little territorial behavior put into play. Gradually though....the awkwardness turns to interest when he realizes that this invader actually wants to play with him. Once the two got acclimated to each other, they started having fun. A is at a mimicking stage, so everything David did....A copied. When David realized what was going on, he loved it and went out of his way to clap, spin in circles and yell out....just so A would do the same. The two chased each other on their knees....crawling at break neck speeds through out the house and cackling as they went. It was fun watching the two of them relate  and even more fun for me watching David and knowing that he realized "he" was the leader in this situation. Both played so hard that they ended up just collapsing before all was said and done. I couldn't help but think to myself that for kids, this is the way holidays should be. Families getting together regardless of how dysfunctional they might be and cousins playing together and laughing until they wore themselves out. I got that as a kid, and I love the fact that David got a taste of that yesterday. I would have to say that the positive far out weighed the negative yesterday, regardless of someones efforts....and it turned out to be a pretty good Easter!

Well the rain is no longer just rain with low rumbles of thunder. It is now rain with LOUD crashes of thunder and ominous streaks of lightening. Again....sleeping would fit so much better with this weather than actually getting up and having to be productive. Apparently though no one felt the need to consult me on today's weather, so I will just have to go with it. I guess I need to finish getting ready and then go workout. After all....I do have new music to workout by and I do need to get my work out on.

Here's hoping that today is not too much of a Monday, that you stay dry, safe and that you can share at least one hug.....with someone you love. Have a great day!

And so we end today's blog with a favorite Beach Boys video of mine. This was originally done by the Mama's and the Papa's and when the Beach Boys decided to remake it, they invited the surviving members of the Mama's and the Papa's to make guest appearances throughout the video. It is a rather stark looking production, much like today....but I so love the song and I love the fact that Brian Wilson is a part of all of this. So on this wet, rainy Monday, I give you......California Dreaming!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter is here! Lent is officially over and I can have diet pop any time I want. I have been sitting looking at one off and on since midnight....and yet there it still sits. Am I over my love affair with diet pop? Well....maybe not completely over, but apparently we aren't rushing into anything again. Perhaps later today. I am still going for the water, so maybe Lent not only brought on sacrifice, but also some rehabilitation. Who knows?

Went to mass early this morning and got to sit by one of my favorite aunts. Every time I am around her, my mother I know is never far away. Despite the fact that there were 7 years between them....they were extremely close. This is not to say they didn't have their moments where they fought like cats and dogs (they were Dougherty girls after all) but they were also fiercely protective of each other and they shared a lifetime of memories that were cherished by my mother and which still hold a special place in my aunts heart. Sitting next to my aunt....I see so much of my mother in her and apparently......sitting next to me, she does the same. It was a lovely way to start Easter Sunday and I am so glad God planned it that way.

Yesterday was a pretty good day as Saturdays go. My kitchen got cleaned, I got all the cheesecakes delivered and I got to visit with some old friends that I don't normally get to see. Z helped me to change out the music on my phone (which was not easy task) and now tomorrow.....I am ready to get down with my bad self when I work out. I simply cannot work out without music (especially on the elliptical) but I needed some fresh stuff. Not necessarily new....just new to me. I am now equipped with everything from Frank Sinatra and Patsy Cline to Styx and Panic at the Disco. I think I have pretty much covered every era, every genres, and every mood I could possibly want to choose from in my work outs. Now I have no excuses not to be motivated. Thanks Z for all your musical, not to mention technical knowledge.

Well.....we are off to spend Easter with my family. Not sure how it is going to go since I was first of all told to bring dessert, but told NOT to bring cheesecake. Grrrr So they are getting store bought from me. I could have made something....but I think I felt a little rebellious after the no cheesecake remark. And second I was commanded to bring Z's car and let Z drive to Wichita. Ummm....NO! Z is not ready to drive to Wichita AND (and this is a big one) if Z were to get stopped, I would get a ticket for allowing him to drive and it could endanger his ability to get his license. I have tried to explain this to said family members.....but they just don't get it. I refuse to argue about it or break the law, so I guess they are just going to have to deal with it. Again....look at me being all rebellious and stuff. Bet your jealous that you don't get to spend Easter with my family! I'll trade ya! No REALLY!!! I will trade you! No takers? Figures!

I guess it is time to go do the family thing. I hope you all have a very wonderful and blessed Easter full of family and of course....CANDY! I will now leave you with this video. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Sometimes I wonder about people. Do certain people say things to others....having no idea just how they sound? Are they deliberately negative and condescending to everyone.....or just certain ones? Yesterday was kind of interesting when it came to my interactions with other people. And let us keep in mind....that it might not have been might actually have been me and my take on what was said to me. I am not sure.

My first encounter was with a blogger acquaintance of mine. I am sure she will not read this, because apparently in her eyes, my blog is not really blog reading worthy! If she does....well then maybe she will have an idea of how I really felt during our conversation yesterday. When discussing blogs she let me know in no uncertain terms that she has read my blog once but finds it really pretty unreadable. She only likes to read blogs by REAL bloggers and real bloggers are individuals whose blogs have 1000+ posts and 10,000+ reads. Mine was far from that and from her viewpoint.....not very interesting at all! Hmmmm! As I kindly (I am actually pretty sure there was no kindness involved and she was fairly aware how much she irritated me) pointed out to her.....every blog starts somewhere.  You have to build a fan base and you have to plug away at it daily to get 1000+ posts. I'll eventually get there.....or I won't, but every time I sit down to blog...I am a real blogger. Now a real writer? That could be a different story. The bottom line is though.....why be so snarky to me? I am thinking....if you don't like my work.....don't read it! It is just that simple.....and I really don't remember asking her for a critique of my work, but I guess the old saying...Everyone is a true. Ahhhh well. Moving on.....

My next experience was with a family member who shall remain nameless, but if you know me at all or have followed my blogs (which according to Miss Snarky Pants up above....few do) you may have some inkling who I am referring to. Here is the conversation I had with this family member:
Family member: How are you doing on your diet?
Me:  It's not a diet. Its a lifestyle change and I am doing fine.
FM: Well....have you lost any weight?
Me: Yes! I lost 3 pounds last week and 4.2 pounds this week.
FM: Hmph! Well how did you do that?
Me: I am on Weight Watchers and I follow their plan and then I work out.
FM: Isn't that WW a gimmick ? Don't you have to spend a fortune on their food? You don't have money to be wasting on that kind of $^&#.
Me: No. You are thinking of Nutri-System or Jenny Craig. With WW you just buy normal food like fruits and veggies at the grocery store and you eat within a points system.
FM: Don't you have to go to meetings?
Me: You don't have to do anything, but they do offer weekly meetings which I do attend. They help to keep me accountable and on track.
FM: Doesn't that cost money?
Me: Yes....there is a weekly fee.
FM: That is ridiculous. You should just get some will power and cut back on what you eat. You don't need to be spending all that money to lose weight. If you had just had some will power in the first place you would never have gotten so big.
Me: Ummm.....okay.
FM: Well you said you are doing exercise. What kind of exercise?
Me: I work out at the gym and do various things but I do a lot on the elliptical. I try to work out an hour a day at least 4 x per week.
FM: So how long do you work out on the elliptical for?
Me: It varies. Some days 30 min. and some days an hour. It just depends on what else I am doing during the work out.
FM: An hour on the elliptical? That is ridiculous! No one works out an hour on a machine. You need to be doing squats and sit-ups and walking. You need to do something that will get rid of you @$$. Have you seen your @$$?
Me: No! Thankfully it is behind me and that is a view I seldom get. As for the seems to be working, so as ridiculous as it may seem....I think I will stick with it.
FM: Hmph! Well...I gotta go. You better get off you @$$ and go do something. Your not losing any weight sitting here talking to me.
Me: Ummmm....yeah. Good-bye!

And as I hung up the phone.......I screamed! Because of who this individual is....I feel I must show a modicum of respect, but I wanted to go thru the phone and smack him. Why so negative? I knew about 3 sentences in, nothing I could do or say was going to make this a positive I just had to go with it. Oy!

And finally....while on fb last night....discussing people going after Sarah Palin's little boy Trig on a fb friends wall, one of his fb friends messaged me. He is apparently a staunch liberal whom I guess felt he was doing me a favor by letting me know the error of my ways as a conservative. He told me that he accepted conservatives and their faulty thinking simply because they don't  realize what followers they (apparently meaning me) are. We have blindly followed everyone from Jesus Christ to Ronald Reagan and we mistakenly believe that we can do things on our own without the help of the government. He then went on to let me know that the problem with conservatives is they want to base everything on morality....and morality is subjective. There is no true good or no true bad. It is only when we try to categorize and label things that morality comes into play and everyone's view of right and wrong is different. REALLY? I was so stunned at his condescending belief that I was just a little lamb blindly following and that my morality was getting in the way of common sense. And really....there is no true right or wrong? Honestly.....I had no words. I as yet have not replied to this load of thick headed condescension....but I am sure before the day is out.....I will find words....plenty of words, and he will be getting a nice little message back.

I just don't get people sometimes. Again I they not realize how they come off to others? Do they not care? Or do they simply use words as weapons? I am thinking the latter. Oh and remember when I said above that maybe it wasn't really them but simply how I perceived what they were saying. Well NO! After going back and reading all of this. It was THEM! Totally them and my perceptions were pretty much dead on!

Well....since Your Photo Here is over I wondered what I would do to take it's place and I have decided....for at least a while, I will end my blog with a video. Just another way to learn all about Lisa.

In light of my interactions yesterday with just about everyone. I dedicate this video to all of them. From Glee:  Loser Like Me

Hope you have a fantastic Saturday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lenten Meme....Why I Love Jesus!

Well here I sit waiting on David and I start reading blogs I follow. Low and behold I find that I am tagged in a "Lenten meme" What I love about Jesus.  I had never heard of a "meme" before but apparently it is a newer word for the social passing of a message. At least this is my understanding. Knowing me....I could be wrong. I was tagged in this by St. Blogustine (a blogger I follow) and he was tagged by someone who was tagged by any rate...I think you get the gist of this.

Here are the rules to this Lenten meme:

Those tagged will share 5 things they “love” about Jesus/ Or why they love Jesus Those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers. Those tagged will provide a link in the comments section here with their name so that others can read them. are the 5 things I love about Jesus:

1) I love the fact that He was willing to die so that we may live forever in eternal life.

2) I love the fact that even when we fall down and even when some quit believing in Him.....He never quits believing in us.

3) I love that He always answers my prayers.....even in times when His answers are not what I want to hear.

4) I love that through the miracle of the Holy Eucharist.....He is with me each time I receive Holy Communion.

5) Finally....I love His devotion to His Blessed Mother and that He expects nothing less from us.

I am tagging the following people. I follow many blogs of people from many different faiths. By tagging you.......I am asking you to share your love of Christ regardless of your religious faith.






Guess this will let me know just who is reading my blog. LOL

A Full on RANT!

It is Good Friday...a special day for me....and a special day for the Christian world. And on this Good Friday....I am mad! Normally....I like to keep things light on this blog, but I am angry and fair's posting is probably going to be anything but light. This is a full on RANT!

You know, I am ashamed of people in this day and age. I am ashamed of what we as a country tolerate and find acceptable. We sit around and wonder why we have kids that bully, kids that try to hurt themselves....even kill themselves because they are bullied, and kids who ultimately try to kill other kids in the act of bullying or because they have been bullied to the point of wanting to do their tormentors in. We wring our hands and say..."I just don't understand," or we turn a blind eye because we are so desensitized to the negativity that we just accept it is part of our culture. Do we ever stop and wonder how it has come to this?  I can tell you how. I got angry beyond words last night when I saw a recent article and I can tell you...sleep has in no way ebbed the anger.

On fb last night....I saw this post. After reading it and listening to the piece by Louis CK, I was literally as angry as I have been in a long time. What is wrong with people today? When did we lose such respect for both ourselves and others that we decided picking on someone weak and defenseless was okay?

Now I know that this is a political thing and apparently we now live in a political world with an "anything goes" mentality. My question though....when did liberals stop seeing conservatives as human beings....and vice versa....and mores the question, when did children (especially special needs kids) suddenly become fair game?

What really upset me most on fb when this article was posted, immediately several liberals jumped on the band wagon and started comparing the remarks in the article to people being "mean" to Obama and demanding he show his birth certificate. REALLY???? You find someone making fun of a special needs child comparable to demanding a grown man (a public figure no less) who is more than capable of taking care of himself show his birth certificate? I was floored. What they were saying is....if  conservatives want to demand that Obama prove his American Citizen ship....then it is perfectly okay for liberals to go after Sarah Palin's little boy! Again...the two are not even remotely comparable and one certainly does not justify the other.

Recently....I have tried to stay politically neutral in what I write about. My conservative views are pretty well known among those who know and love me and I have friends on both sides of the political arena. For the most part...we all see each others as individuals and as more than just our political beliefs and I guarantee you that there isn't a liberal friend that I have that would ever think to say anything negative about or make fun of my son David who is very much special needs. It just never would cross any of their minds. What upsets me though.....was the knee jerk reaction of some liberals to immediately justify such an act to Palin's young son by saying that someone said something mean about if that were some kind of a justification. And let me say right here.....Obama's girls are not special needs...but I guarantee you, if I ever heard anyone...liberal or conservative say anything remotely cruel or unkind about his girls, I would back them off in a heartbeat. Kids are not political puppets who should have to take the brunt of their parents political choices. Kids deserve to be kids and not to have to deal with hateful adults who take potshots at them in order to stick it to their parents. In my opinion....anyone who uses a child in this manner is the lowest form of scum on the planet and should be treated as such.

All this being said....when you have adults who know better than to treat other human beings with such blatant disrespect and are such bully's themselves that they would go after a child and a special needs child at that....what the heck kind of a message do we think we are sending our kids? We are telling them that disrespecting each other is okay. Making fun is acceptable and if it makes you feel good.....pick on and bully the weakest ones you can find. Why as a society are we then shocked when we have Columbines and Jonesboro's? We have taught our kids well and being the sponges that they are.....they have taken the lessons and run with them.

Until we as human beings (not conservatives or liberals) but human beings take a stand and say we will no longer tolerate this behavior, until we turn off the comedians who use others as comic fodder in the most negative and disrespectful ways, and until we turn our backs on those who use children as political pawns and have a no holes barred mentality on bullying and mental cruelty...then we cannot honestly expect our children to follow suit. And maybe we shouldn't forget that.....where our children does our nation.

Okay....I have ranted. Do I feel better? Not really....because this is who we have become....a nation full of bully's who honestly believe that the ends justify the means. And I am sad. I am sad for the world that Z has already had to contend with and for what the future may hold for David. I guess it is just a good thing that I don't plan on running for public office!

Your Photo Here.............(Day 30)

Under the Influence!

Okay....we all know that I am NOT mother of the year. I think this picture of Z confirms that. It is okay though....he would do the same for me if positions were reversed. I felt that since this was the last day of Your Photo Here....that the photo ought to be a good one....and boy is this ever!

This picture is of Z yesterday after they gave him pain meds in the ER. This was the first time since Sunday night that he had been pain free. As you can see...he was truly feeling no pain and the expression on his face is one of pure......... I got nothin'! I have no idea what to compare that expression to. All I know is that it is definitely one for the family album.....not to mention....the blog!

And on that note....I wish you a blessed Good Friday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

God's Plan

Oh what a difference a day makes! I am so hoping that is the case today....cause yesterday was not a pleasant one. I kept Z home yesterday because the night before he was up all night in pain with his "man issues". What started out as pain in one has now moved to both. At any rate, yesterday morning, he could barely walk. He also had try-outs for a talent show and Esprit de Corps which is the show choir for his school. Z has wanted to be in Esprit since he first saw them preform when he was in first grade. He has lived to be in show choir and he has practiced all year for try-outs. Since the try-outs weren't suppose to be until after school.....I told Z he had to stay home but that I would get him a ride up there for try-outs and then I would pick him up when I got off work. This man issue that Z has gotten to the point where it is causing fever and he was so miserable, I just wanted him rested and feeling good for the most important musical moment of his young life.

He was still in pretty bad pain when try out time approached but he made it up to the school. About 20 min. after I knew he was suppose to be there....I got a text from him saying that because he had not been at school yesterday.....he was now ineligible for Esprit. I knew he was upset and I was more than upset. I couldn't believe that the thing he had most wanted had just slipped away this year.....over something he had no control over. Because after thinking about the whole situation, if i had it to do over again....I would still have kept him home. I would have had no choice, it would have been what was best for him and as a parent.....I had to go with that.

After his initial disappointment, he took it all in stride and just said..."it wasn't my time." He like myself (I guess) realizes that this whole thing was taken out of our hands from start to finish. Obviously God has other plans than for Z to be in Esprit this year. Who are we to try and override God? It is what it is and we move on. For Z.....he should be very used to that by now.

Z just got up after being up and down all night. He is no better, still has a fever and can barely walk and he is swollen.
I called the drs. after hours line and his dr. said to take him back into the ER. So I guess after I get David to school, Z and I will be on our way to the ER. I guess this is how my day is going to be. Sounds fun....right? Jealous yet?

The light at the end of the tunnel here? Sunday is Easter....Lent will be over.....and I can have a Diet Mt. Dew. If ever I needed would be this week!

Your Photo Here.............(Day 29)

Friendly Photo

I really like this photo (although it was hard taking a picture of a picture today) for a couple of reasons. One it was taken and made for me by a friend whom I only know through fb, but who knew a while back I was going through a hard time. She is a photographer and does beautiful work work. Here is her blog. I thought this was such a kind gesture to think of me in such away and the words she put on the photo...."Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.(Psalm 37:4) make me smile each time I read them.

The gift was terribly fitting for that time in my life and continues to be one I look at on down days (like today) and pull strength from. As I photo of hers....does not do it justice. Thank you Andrea for thinking of me and giving me such as wonderful gift!

Okay's Thursday....just one more day to go. Here's hoping you have a wonderful and blessed Holy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interesting and Chenille

What an interesting week it has been so far....and today is only Wednesday. Actually....most of the interesting has come from Z's part of the world. So far he has been to the ER (I tagged along cause....well....I had to drive), a teacher at his school had what was first thought to be a stroke, then reported as a heart attack, but then turned out to actually be a staggering jump in blood pressure. It happened during school and freaked a lot of kids out. Luckily he got his bp regulated and seems to be fine now. Then yesterday.....there was  a drug bust at the HS where all the students were put on lock down and all lockers and cars were searched. This then resulted in several arrests. Today Z has try outs for a talent competition and the show choir (Esprit). Needless to boy is a bundle of nerves. Luckily for him.....this is only a 4 day week, so hopefully any shattered nerves will have three days to repair.

Here we are over half way through April. Time is just whizzing by. I know there are kids out there thinking time is moving excruciatingly slow and that summer vacation is never going to get here. But I know that if I blink my eyes too will be time for school to start again.....and I will have accomplished nothing. Life just seems to be moving at such break neck speeds and I can barely catch my breath. A wise man once told me (at least he said he was wise), that if we slowed down in our daily lives and didn't try to be it all and do it all.....time wouldn't seem to speed by so quickly. But when you constantly try to fill every minute of every day with something.....soon it appears there simply isn't enough time to do it all and therefore time seems to speed out of control. We are all given the same 24 hours a day.....but how we choose to spend those hours will ultimately decide how fast or slow life seems. Maybe this is true. Maybe with all we expect from ourselves, our families, co-workers, those around us and life in general.....maybe we do cause time to seem to spin out of control. Maybe a step back and a little breathing room would help us all out. And as soon as I get an extra moment.....I might just try that!

Yesterday was the 16 year anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. I feel horrible for not mentioning it yesterday....but my 5 a.m. blogging sometimes causes a bit of a murky mind set not always allowing me to think as clearly as I might....say around 10 a.m. At any rate.....I did think about this tragedy throughout the day and remembered the horror of that day all those years ago. It was a day I will never forget even being a state away and it was a day that changed lives, families, a city and a country forever. It made us blatantly aware that in a country as great as the USA...there are still those who would like to see us destroyed from the inside out. In a way.....16 years ago today.....America lost its innocence and had it's eyes opened to pure evil.....and hate. To all the survivors, victims and family members of heart still breaks for you and you will forever remain in my thoughts and prayers. April 16, 1995!

Well....just two more days and we will have completed yet another week. Perhaps we should each try and take my wise friends advice and take a few minutes to slow down and recharge. Unless of course you are trying to get through this week at break neck speeds.....and if this is the case, then I say to you were!

Your Photo Here.............(Day 28)

The Robe!

I am about to shatter all images one might have of me blogging away looking fetching in some cute pj's or some slightly sexy gown. Nope folks....that swatch of orange chenille is actually my leg wrapped in my robe. ugly orange robe is what I wear when all these literary works of art are created.

I know! I know! You all are desperately wondering where you too can find such an awesome piece to add to your wardrobe. Well....the fact is....this is garage sale fodder. One early Sat. morning in the fall several years ago I was headed to a little league football game. It was chilly and of course....I hadn't dressed appropriately. As I was on my way to the game, I saw a garage sale sign and my car being trained as it is.....immediately stopped. I walked in and the first thing I saw was this beauty. It looked so warm....and I was so cold and for $.25 it was mine. I proudly draped myself in it and was warm throughout the game.....yes Z was embarrassed down to his very toes to see me covered in an orange robe watching his game. But that robe was all that kept me in the stands and not trying to watch the game from half a mile away in my car.

Since......this is my go to piece of attire when it is chilly in the house and I need warmth. Every morning, me, my recliner, Lil' Green and my orange chenille robe gather together to blog. So now you know....again....much more than you ever wanted to know about me. My work here is finished. Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!