Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bad Day!

Well, it is 2:45 a.m. and I bet you are wondering why I am up and blogging. This is early even for me. The fact is I have been up since around 2. I woke up sick as a dog and running for the bathroom. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate to throw up? I could never ever possibly be bulimic because I hate to throw up so badly. Few things will make me cry, but throwing up will do it every time. Afterwards I felt some better and laid back down hoping that I could just fall back to sleep and by morning this would all be nothing more than an unpleasant memory. Ummmm….not gonna happen. Within about 10 minutes of getting all comfy (or as comfy as I could be with my stomach flipping) David started squirming around. I tried to ignore it and pretend that what I had a feeling was coming….wasn’t. And then he began throwing up. I hate it when he throws up. He just looks so miserable and I KNOW how horrid he feels. So….after cleaning him up and trying to make him as comfortable as possible…..here I sit. 

I am definitely tired enough to drift off, but I refuse to shut an eye until I am sure David is not going to throw up anymore. So this is the reason for my really early morning blogging. Oops….will be back!

I’m back. David was obviously not done, nor apparently was I. We are just laying here in misery. Please let this thing be short lived. Perhaps blogging will be a distraction ‘cause I could surely use one right now!

Tonight…or rather last night I went to Z’s spring vocal music concert. In hindsight that might not have been one of my better choices, but the only thing that could have kept me away was death. It was an awesome concert and as I was walking out I heard people saying that this was the BEST one they had ever attended. The director….Mrs. Jansen seems to bring the best out of the kids. Performing were the Mixed Chorus, the Women’s Choir and Esprit de Corps (the show choir). Mixed in where “Special Acts” which were solos, duets and group performances by various kids who had tried out and had been selected. There were medleys of the Beach Boys, Queen and an awesome production of songs from Hairspray. There were also some technical difficulties where the kids very professionally kept the show going (with a little help from the audience). There was an original song and an homage to Justin Bieber which had the crowd rolling with laughter. There were two high points of the evening. One was the God Bless America medley that the Mixed Chorus did. Kids dressed in red, white and blue and various military dress from the different branches performed patriotic songs while a slide show of relatives who had served or were serving played in the back ground. In light of current events it was especially touching causing many an audience member to tear up. The finale though for me was the most amazing. The entire vocal dept preformed Keep Holding On. The soon to be graduating seniors were on stage while the rest of the kids spread out around the auditorium. If people had held it together during God Bless America….they lost it watching the seniors in their last MHS performance. I couldn’t help but think that in just three short years…..my Z would be up there singing his last MHS song and truly…..it got to me. (It probably didn’t help that I felt so crappy either.)

Okay….I’m back! You didn’t know I left…did you? The rest of the night was a series of ups and downs and both David and I absolutely have to have thrown up everything we have eaten for the last month. David is just exhausted, laying there watching Spongebob and not moving a muscle. He is however keeping down fluids now, which is definitely a plus. Me? Well I am in pain. My shoulders and back, not to mention my stomach muscles are killing me. I must put an awful lot of effort into being sick. I feel like I have just completed a 3 hour workout. I managed to finally sleep about an hour, but now I have a headache (probably a little dehydration) and further sleep does not appear to be in the cards. At least not for now, but I have faith that in a little while both David and I will be sleeping like babies. Please let this be so!

So I left you with a description of last night’s festivities. I forgot to tell you how Z did. Z did fantastic…and so did his accompanists Brandon Curtiss on guitar and Jon Ben on violin. Of course I recorded it….and of course technology hating me as it does, the video camera stopped before Z’s song did. I am hoping someone else was able to record the whole thing and won’t mind sharing. It always gives you a good feeling when after your child sings you hear murmurs behind you of people whispering how good he did. He really did.

Now for the sad news. Z did not make Esprit. While I know it was a little sad for him….he was okay with it, mainly I think….because he was given the opportunity to try out. He simply said….”I am only a freshman….I will try out again next year.” And he was actually good with that. I once again was pretty proud of the maturity that he seems to be able to pull out from time to time. I have no idea where he gets that from!

It is afternoon now and I have slept my life away today. I still don't feel fantastic (I have a pretty severe headache) but my stomach I think is better. David seems to be better too. Hopefully tomorrow we will be back to normal. Whatever that is....

Well, I know this is late….really late, but you know the saying….better late than never. With that I will leave you with Bad Day by Daniel Powter.....cause I have truly had a bad day!

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