Sunday, May 22, 2011

Closed Sundays and That's How I Roll

Isn't it funny how Sunday is both an ending and a beginning? It officially ends the weekend and officially begins yet another week. It is the day God chose to rest on after creating the world and the day that He asked us to keep holy. For many years....even up until my teens, it was a day that about the only things opened were a few restaurants. Not until the modern malls came into existence were retail stores open. Imagine a world where most all business, stores, gas stations, etc were closed on Sunday! I actually do remember that world. Hospitals, and again a few restaurants and maybe the theaters were the only things opened on a Sunday. If you drove through town (or even Wichita) the streets were fairly deserted. People celebrated Sundays by going to church and spending time with family and friends. It was a day of worship, good food and family celebration. In the summertime the smell of backyard grills wafted through every neighborhood and front porches were full. Now though....Sundays are pretty much business as usual. In the retail crazy world we live and family seem to come second to making money. Few things close on Sunday and malls, grocery stores,and  gas station/convenience stores remain open 7 days a week. No wonder many of us never feel relaxed or recharged, even after the weekend. Not only do our weeks go full tilt....but so do our weekends. Maybe....just maybe if we took a step back, reevaluated our priorities and remembered that even God took a day to rest, we might reacquaint ourselves with our families, friends and relaxation.....and possibly even start Monday feeling a little more relaxed and regenerated. Of course....this is all just a thought and it is hard to go from 150 mph Monday through Saturday and then suddenly hit the brakes and slow down to 20 mph on a Sunday, however....... I think it would totally be worth a try! Well....maybe I will try it next weekend ....'cause today.....after Mass.....I gotta clean my garage!

We are preparing for our last week of school (only 3 full days left!) The high school drama continues on and I just can't wait for it to end for the summer. I ended up having to leave work early Friday....for yet another chapter in the continuing saga of Z vs. MHS. Now I know Z is no saint and I think I have made that abundantly clear in past blogs. As a parent you don't turn a blind eye to your kids capabilities and you certainly NEVER utter the words "My child would never___________!" because that is when you always find out that not only would your child do that......but your child would also be leading others to do it too. also can't always take the world's word (in this case another kids word) at face value either. Especially after I am called and told my child was responsible for something that everyone else is telling me wasn't true. One kid was mad at Z and deliberately set out to get him in trouble and then went around laughing about his accomplishment. Grrrrr!  Even though I should be used to the school principal calling me......I am not! And when she calls I am still get caught off guard and find myself at a loss for words. After getting ALL the facts though and giving the situation a great deal of thought....I now have found the I guess we will deal with round two tomorrow. I am just not thrilled about my son spending two of the last three days of his freshman year in in school suspension when I am not completely convinced it is deserved. Monday could definitely be an interesting day in Lisaland! is possible for me to rant and keep it brief at the same time. least brief by my standards!

It has been a full weekend full of activity and hopefully after today....some accomplishment. Time for our trip is drawing ever closer and I am still nowhere close to being ready. Of course....knowing me.....I never will be completely ready, but then again....that is just how I roll...always behind and never prepared! I could never have made it as a Boy Scout!

So the day is looking beautiful and my garage awaits me. Here is hoping that your Sunday is a lovely one. Here is an oldie but a goodie. I leave you with The Monkees and Pleasant Valley Sunday!

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