Saturday, May 21, 2011

Congratulations Lindsay

While I have a rant of a blog in my is not the day. Have I not warned you all that you better read my blog cause you never know when it is going to be about you?! Well today a new player takes center stage in Lisaland.

If you have been reading....and if you know me and don't live under a know that Berty is one of my closest friends. We bonded over her brother (okay I bonded and she just rolled her eyes) years ago and we have bonded many times since over many things (remember Rick Springfield?) At any rate, a little over 18 years ago....Berty brought into this world, the cutest little sweetheart the world has ever seen.....Lindsay. 

Through the years I have watched Lindsay grow and even had the honor of being daycare for her from time to time. I have watched her go from a shy little girl into a beautiful and confident young woman. Lindsay got her mothers best qualities added to them her own uniqueness such as never being seen in matching socks. She is smart and beautiful with a kind and gentle heart.

This year Lindsay became a God send to my family. After going through a horrific summer of David having seizures and trying to get daycare into my home in which the person actually spoke English and more importantly cared about David....Lindsay stepped up. Since her first day when David immediately broke her in with a seizure and EMS having to be called.....Lindsay has been daycare heaven. David loves her and knows exactly when she is suppose to be here and if for some reason she doesn't pretty darn upset.

Lindsay is incredibly kind to David but doesn't treat him like a child with special needs. She merely treats him like a special child. Often I will come home from work to find them cuddled on the couch watching Spongebob or sitting in the floor playing. Lindsay knows all his tricks and teases and he gets by with none of it on her watch. And there is not a day that I don't feel reassured and comforted knowing that my little guy is in Lindsay's hands.

Aside from being the best daycare provider there is......she has also been great company for Z after school.....helping him with homework and putting up with his endless singing and often times having to try and ignore a house full of teenage boys after school. And she has been good for me too. She has put my mind at ease knowing that David is in excellent hands and when I am at work....I can actually think about work.

Today....Lindsay graduates.  She ends thirteen years in the Mulvane school district and says goodbye to being a young girl. In August she will start her life as a young woman going away to one of our state schools. Being the purple wildcat lover that I am....I refuse to acknowledge the red and blue chicken hawk that she is soon to become.....but I will love her anyway! And between now and August....she is still ours (okay.....Davids!)

I have no idea what we are going to do without Miss Lindsay next year. I know that she truly is irreplacable and she knows that regardless of what we figure out during the school long as she wants the job.....the summers are hers.

Lindsay......I have known you all your life and I am so proud and happy to see the woman you are becoming. I have no doubt that you are going to take this world on and change it for the better. So I will end this by wishing you many smiles, much laughter, great love and abundant joy as you step away from high school and move out into the world.

Congratulations Lindsay. We truly love you with all our hearts!
Love.....Lisa, Z and David

Lindsay....this songs for you!

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Becca Rowden said...

I am sure Lindsay will cry when she reads this! I did! I don't know Lindsay but I have heard a lot about her! Good Luck, Lindsay!