Thursday, May 19, 2011

I "AM" the Universe, TechniDream, Storms and Firework

I was informed yesterday that "I" (me) was not the center of the universe and just because my child was special needs did not make me or him for that matter....special in her eyes at all. This was all over rescheduling something so that the time made more sense for David....because he indeed is special needs......and like it or not....does need some special circumstances written into his life from time to time. Besides.....we all know what a load of malarkey it is saying that I am not the center of the universe Just what the heck was she thinking? In Lisaland.....I "am" the universe. any land, I am pretty sure a child in a wheelchair with a seizure disorder will trump a cheerleader who  doesn't want to miss her nail appointment every time. It is just a crazy world and in some circles yesterday.....I am pretty sure my new nickname is b!*ch! Ahhhh well.....I have been called worse by better!

Exciting things are happening in my place of work. This little computer business that my boss has been working at for over 14 years is starting to take wings and  fly. In my life I have had jobs that I literally hated, jobs I was completely indifferent about, jobs I liked, jobs I owned, and jobs I dearly loved. Looking back....I think the reason I hated some of my past jobs was because they were in! I think I would have been much happier if my last name had been Hilton or Trump and I didn't have to work (although I am pretty sure The Donald makes EVERYONE work....or they are FIRED!) The jobs I was indifferent about...I was indifferent because I had resigned myself to working but merely had a job but not a career. The business I owned while being one of the best times in my life was also one of the worst. Being a business owner ain't all its cracked up to be and certainly wasn't worth my health. The last two jobs I have had though both ended up being flukes and jobs I truly loved. Both jobs have allowed me to find out who I am both as an employee and a person. My current boss has been so kind to me with my situation with David (see....even he knows that I am the center of the universe) that I do my best to give him a 150% at all times. Since I started there a little over a year ago, the business has grown and amazingly we have moved in directions we never saw coming. It is very exciting and honestly....I can't wait to see where we are a year from now. Who would have thought that technology would be my career path? Especially since technology and I have never gotten on well together and we seem to have a love/hate relationship. (Technology loves to hate me!)

The storms they are a brewin'. You can feel it in the air. Even in the house it is so sticky and I feel really unsettled today. David must feel that way too as I notice he is really fidgety.....even watching Spongebob. They say we could have severe storms and even possible tornadoes. Wow! Tornadoes in Kansas.....who would have thunk it? Usually by this time of the year.....we have already been inundated with them, but this year I don't believe we have had any. Years without tornadoes are not good for us. Especially when we have a couple of years strung together. People start getting complacent and forget the destructive power of the twirling beast. Then when we do get hit, people have let their guard down leaving themselves open for disaster. A tornado warning or two is always good to keep us reminded of the potential for deadly damage that can come from these storms and especially this time of year to stay vigilant because the weather can be so amazingly unpredictable. I say....let it storm....but please be gentle.

So go forth today and make Thursday the best day you can make it. Remember....a smile can make a bigger difference than you think, a kind word can turn a day around and the words "I love you," can remind someone that they are not alone in the world. And I think I will end today with a song that makes me think of both my boys and also some amazing people in my life. Here is Katy Perry and Firework!

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