Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Last Day

Today is our last day here. It is also the day when all the family is suppose to be here and when temps are suppose to hit the high 80's and possibly even the 90's. I guess our mild temps are thing of the past. The humidity here has been unbelievable so the hair has been worn up and still I frizz. Not a good look for me....but oh well! Temps and temperments are both going to be running high today. Should make for an interesting time!

Last night Z and I had a great time. It is funny how sometimes you have to travel 8 hours from home to appreciate something you can do right on your own front porch. Yesterday evening was a picture perfect evening here. Although the humidity was high.....there was just a touch of a breeze and Z and I sat on the porch for hours just listening to music and talking! We laughed and of course he sang and it was really a nice time. It made me realize that we don't do near enough of that sort of thing. He is growing up and it won't be anytime before he is off to college and our chances to just tak will be a thing of the past. Last night was defiitely a good one.

I feel very bad today as we did not make it to mass. I don't like missing mass.....but we did. Extra prayers are definitely in order for today! A few for the journey home tomorrow might be helpful today. I hope to avoid East Hell on the way back home. We hope to leave about 4 or 5 a.m. so that we beat a good deal of the Memorial Day traffic. I for one like having the road pretty much to myself and if that means driving before anyone else is out of bed......well then.....I am good with that!

Okay.....some news totally unrelated to my trip.......I am now OFFICIALLY a blogger. Take that Nina! As of yesterday morning.....I had 10,004 reads!!!!! I would like to thank all of you who read my blog and most especially I would like to thank all the search bots who I am sure hit my blog on a daily basis making it look as if I have a much larger reader base! Another blogger friend told me that blogger doesn't record bots....but I have my doubts about that. Regardless of bots or not though.....I am now OFFICIAL! Now I just need to do my blogs x 10 and I will REALLY be a blogger. Funny thing is.....I don't feel one bit different and I doubt my blogging street cred has changed, but there is a certain satisfaction in throwing it into someones face that I have 10,000 + reads.....of course the impact would be much greater if she actually read my blog....but oh well.

Well....the stress seems to be running high here this morning at Elam East. The thought of a houseful of people I think puts some into over load and small issues seem to become huge and over blown. So we could be in for a bumpy ride today. Oh well....I am pretty sure I can weather the storm, but again....prayers are welcome. We all know that Lisa can go from angel to b!tch in two point two seconds and without the calming feel of church behind me today......the b!tch maybe fighting to get out!

So today I leave you......hoping that your Sunday is a good one. And I think Meredith Brooks kind of sums up who I am today with the appropriately titled B****h!

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