Thursday, May 5, 2011

Light and Airy and a Bit Rebelliousish

Light and airy! Light and airy! I have to keep telling myself to keep this blog (with only the occasional soap box standing) light and airy! I will save my deep, interpersonal whining and complaining for my TMI blog which a friend of mine lovingly calls it my b!tch blog! After one wants to hear me b!tch first thing in the morning. At least that is what my children tell me! But keep your eye on TMI....cause believe me....there will be a blog of epic b!tching proportions later!

Today is a much better day. It only took me four days out of a five day week to get there....but we are there. Yesterday, I had to leave work to go pick Z up. He had what David and I had the day before. Poor kid. I think the headache part of it was almost worse than the stomach. Z tended to agree. By yesterday evening seemed to have run its course with Z.

I still felt less than human yesterday,  thus my ability to function showed it. I had zero patience with stupidity and zero energy. I just felt ick! Today though....after missing two days I am headed back to the gym (achy knees and all) and I plan on making a major effort to kick butt. I have lost my groove this week and Lisa done needs to gets it back!

Already I see May just zipping by. What is it with these days that feel they need to speed by forcing us to speed right along with them and causing major issues with being able to get caught up along with not being able to cherish much along the way?  Who ever said that we must take time to live, laugh and love obviously never had a May that was filled day in and day out from dawn to dusk with.......stuff! And I know what you are thinking....dump some of the stuff! I would love to. What should I start with? Work? Laundry? Drs. Appt? Perhaps I should dump Z's spring play....or David's IEP? This just happens to be a month where most every moment is crucial and it certainly didn't help that I was absolutely down for the count one day and nearly down the next. Oy! And I said I wouldn't whine here!

On the upside....this morning is one of my favorite types of spring mornings. It is cloudy with a chance of rain and cool but not too cool. The light breeze coming in my windows is both soothing and invigorating at the same time. It is probably the only thing at this moment....motivating me to get this day going. I would love to just sit out on my back patio and blog all day...but alas I was not born wealthy so off to start my day I must go.

Had to go and get this day started. I am finally back though and pleased to announce that I did in fact kick butt in my workout this morning. I do feel better because of it. Today is my short work day which means meetings tonight (which if you think about it....does not make for a short day at all!) I plan on doing some major cleaning tonight  and making up for the lost time I missed these last couple of days. Wish me luck! I am feeling a little 1960's rebelliousish (again....a word if I say it is!) So I thought I would take you all back to 1967 with a little Buffalo Springfield. Stephen Stills is kinda hot! So here you go....For What It's Worth!

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