Saturday, May 14, 2011

Migraines, Endings and Beauty Sleep

Well the soap box is safely put away today and I can't blame blogger for the late posting. I can however blame a migraine that has kept me down today and in non-blogging mode. Tonight I feel some better. In fact I feel good enough to color my platinum gray highlights....which are not attractive at all. Of course now the smell of the color is aggravating the headache again...but I will trudge forward. The price we pay for beauty....sheesh!

Tonight is the last night of Z's play. This will bring to a close MHS theater season and mean that there will be no more plays or play practices until the fall. I can't speak for him....but I am a little melancholy over the whole thing. While I will admit that play practice can be a bit intrusive on family life......the shows have ended up being well worth every second of the practice. I will miss seeing Z perform.....although I am sure he will find something to keep his musical and theatrical talents in practice this summer. And if you have read my blogs in the may remember that Z gave up going to his first concert (Avenge Sevenfold which is playing tonight) to be in this play. I have not heard a word of regret....even though he knows that the house maybe a little less packed tonight because of all the concert goers. Sometimes he just makes me pretty darn proud.

David and mom have spent a lot of quality time together these last couple of days. Yesterday he was having issues at school (new med related) which the teacher felt warranted a call to me. Feeling like the bottom of someones shoe myself....I gladly went and picked him up and got him into the dr. Low and behold it was discovered he had a infection which antibiotics were immediately prescribed for. David and I then proceeded home and spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing.....oh and sleeping. Today.....David has acted like he felt fine, but still staying close to bed watching every episode of Spongebob known to man. I too have moved very little nursing my headache which I think is a hold over from feeling bad for the last few days. I am hoping that this weekend will get everyone recovered and ready for next week. It would also be really nice if the weather started behaving and quit giving us extremes of 100 degrees and then dropping to 40. That is not healthy for anyone!

Well....I have whined and I guess that just about covers everything. The sun is shining and although the wind is still least you can stand up in it. Soon it will be time for me to go wash the hair color out of  my hair.....and then lay down again. The headache is starting to get more obnoxious again. Perhaps David and I will simply call it an early night and get a little more beauty rest (he's already fabulous....but I can use all I can get!)

I guess now I will leave you with one of my favorite Foo Fighters videos of all time. Everyone needs to laugh a little and even in my headache state....Learn to Fly makes me laugh!. Hope you have a great Saturday evening!

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