Monday, May 9, 2011

Mildred Pierce and General Hospital

Monday???? So soon???? Normally I would complain and wonder why the weekends speed by and the weeks seem to drag. However....that would not be accurate. Right now.....both weekend and week days seem to be in a mad dash to get to the end of the month. If anyone has any ideas about how to slow them down, please feel free to throw them out there.

The weekend, although short....wasn't too bad. Saturday I got quite a bit accomplished and yesterday I fully planned on accomplishing something, but after church....the day was a complete wash. I was exhausted and decided to take a nap. David and I snuggled down and when I woke up....I had a raging headache (most likely due to the heat). Once the headache subsided, I really did intend to do something....but then I turned the tv to TMC and there was Mildred Pierce. That is my all time favorite movie. Of course I had to watch it......for the 50th time. After that....I really was going to be productive, unfortunately I was too lazy to get up and even too lazy to change the channel, so I ended up watching an adaptation of an Edna Ferber novel called "So Big!" I have read several of her novels but never this one. It was actually a pretty decent movie. Needless to say....I never did get up...nor did I ever change the channel. Looking feels a little pathetic to spend an entire day doing absolutely nothing (including changing a channel), but I must say.....I have no regrets. It was Mother's Day and that is how this mother decided to spend sue me!

In the midst of all of my laziness....I did come to some pretty major life decisions. major as you can get when reaching for a tv remote takes too much energy. At one point I actually thought about blogging on my b!tch blog (TMI), but again....the whole energy thing came into play and so I didn't. I have a lot of pent up life info that is going to have to come out eventually....but I am just not there yet. The processing process is exhausting!

I am apparently to a place in this month where I am going to have to get really serious with myself and start planning right down to the minute what I get accomplished. I find it amusing that I can organize and schedule everyone else in my world, but I simply can't do it for myself. I am not sure if this is a mental condition or simply avoidance. Either way....I don't come out looking so good in the end.

Just throwing a random thought out there.....I am really not pleased with the powers that be in the soap opera world. First I hear that in 2012 they are taking Soap Net off the air. Then....I hear that there will be no need for Soap Net anymore because they are taking off All My Children and One Life to Live. See the scary depths my mind travels to at 5 a.mish! Really though....I hate to get invested in soap stories and then have them yanked out from under me. They have been slowly destroying the soap world for years. Of course there have been the come and go soaps, but when they started taking Guiding Light, Another World and As the World Turns....I admit I got a little misty. My grandmother listened to As the World Turns on radio before it was ever on tv and my mother grew up with Penny, Nancy, Bob and Lisa.

In the next generation of soaps, I remember trying to connive ways to stay home from school and watch All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. I loved the Erica Kanes, Vicky Lords, and Luke Spencers of the daytime world. In later years I also loved (and still love) The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives. I remember the first time I was flipping through the day time channels in the 1980's and caught a glimpse of Bo Brady! I was a devoted fan of Days from then on. With the new changes they are proposing....soon we will be down to Days, Y&R and GH. AND THEN....I hear that they are thinking of taking GH off for a talk show with Katie Couric? REALLY? Katie Couric? What next? Are they going to replace Y&R with Star Jones? I think NOT!!!!!

Oh look....I seemed to have turned this into a b!tch blog too!!! Sorry. It is 5 a.m. so cut me some slack. It is suppose to hit 98 degrees today. I am also suppose to open the pool today. I would say....for once I planned it right. Thank goodness I work in air conditioning and the kids go to school in it.....cause I am just not ready to turn it on at home yet. Sadly....Z is breaking out in heat hives....which is an actual condition which I had never heard of until Mr. Catches Everything got it. I may have to break down and turn on the AC sooner than I expected! Drat!

And I leave you with my all time favorite soap opera.....General Hospital with a look back at GH through the years. Hope you have an awesome May Monday!

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Tamara said...

I'm really bummed about the soaps...I grew up with One Life to Live and General Hospital, watched them with my grandma, still watch them today plus AMC. Sure they are predictable and a bit farfetched at times, but isn't that what we are looking for in daytime tv? A nice hour or so of mindless relaxation? Glad to know I'm not the only one upset by it all.