Saturday, May 7, 2011

My 100th Post! Dedicated To All The Men I've Loved Before.........

Drum roll please......this is my 100th blog of 2011! According to some (one) this does not make me a real blogger yet......BUT I am pretty proud of the accomplishment. Just think....100 blogs about absolutely nothing! I guess that makes me the Seinfeld of blogs!

My baby boy....who just happens to be 15 went on his first date last night! They went to her house and then went to karaoke. And when I asked him how the date went, he said AWESOME! When I asked what they did.....he! I remember those dates where you were just so into the person you were with that all you wanted to do was talk. Luckily they didn't get so lost in conversation that they missed curfew (Z knows that is a deal breaker in any further talks, dates, or being let out of the house at all after 4:30 in the afternoon!) one down, and my hair is still in tact and I didn't even need to drink heavily to get through it.

Speaking of dates.....sort of.....I had an interesting conversation yesterday with someone about past men in our lives and if we could, if we would lose some of them. It really got me to thinking. If you ask me off the top of my head how many guys I dated/dated, I would say just a few. On closer inspection though.....there were actually a few more than a few. Most of them....I still know where they are. Some I am actually friends with on fb, a couple have left this world and a couple I have absolutely no idea where they are.

Honestly.....most of the guys I have dated in the past, I have fairly fond memories of. Obviously at some point there were issues or we wouldn't have broken up/grown apart. A couple of my past relationships became pretty intense and complicated and for those very reasons the relationship just imploded. There was also the fact that in my younger years I was very insecure, I didn't trust people very easily and I oozed immaturity. That was not the makings for a great relationship. Add to that most of the guys I went out with had their own baggage and you can kinda sorta see a pattern growing here. Still though....I had a lot of fun over the years. There were lake trips, late night donut runs, late night bowling, family trips, trip trips, parties, movie marathons, soccer games. a couple of marriage proposals,  and yes.....ever-lasting conversations. Out of all of that.....I must admit that I was left with at least one broken heart....several broken ego's, and only one that actually broke me. But even the one that broke me.....I can't say I regret. Because of that relationship.....I have a son, I learned to stand on my own two feet and I learned to never ever let another man lay a hand on me. I came out of that relationship much stronger than I went in. So no....there is not a past relationship I would lose. Each one in their own way....helped to make me the woman I am today....and I am good with that!

These gentlemen also helped to prepare me for the man that I eventually fell in love with and married. By the time I met Tim.....all the others had softened my rough edges, taught me what most guys like, what most guys hate and how to hit a happy medium. I am sure Tim appreciated the help guys! Thanks! Hope I was able to do the same for some of you all! LOL

Honestly as I said before....taking a quick walk down memory lane last night, the past was kind of fun. There are times I will never forget; times I think I would like to forget; and most likely times that it is just as well I have forgotten. Still though....there are none that in hindsight I would just kick to the curb. As dating goes.....I actually think I did pretty okay for myself. I just hope that Z does too. With any luck....maybe he will end up with a nice girl.....just like his mother. Did I just feel a cosmic cringe?

And so.....I must now kick start my day. I think I will end my 100th blog with a song dedicated to all the men I've loved before! Here is Photographs and Memories by one of my favorite singers....Jim Croce! Have a happy Saturday!

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