Monday, May 2, 2011

The Perspective of Bin Lauden's Demise

Yep!!!! You are getting two blogs from me in one day....both on the same blog. While I mentioned the death of Bin Lauden on this mornings blog, I think the significance of the issue requires more than just a mere mention. That....and I have been processing both the media reaction and the reactions of those around the country...not to mention my own and I have some thoughts or maybe observations on the subject. If you think about it....this whole situation could have and I believe will have.....far reaching arms.

As I said this morning, I am not crazy about all the back patting that is going on over this whole situation. I have heard many congratulations going to the current administration for the presidents "brave" call to send troops in to capture/kill BL. I have to question the word...brave? I don't find it a particularly brave act to be sitting thousands of miles away in the comfort of the Oval Office ordering soldiers to put their lives on the line in the hopes that this time they actually have BL. And this is not a shot at the current president. I would say the same about any seated president who was having words such a "brave" thrown around about them when the real bravery was shown by the Navy Seals who actually risked their lives so that many others might not have to lose theirs at the hands of this terroristic fiend.

And if we are congratulating administrative seems that many are again slapping our current president on the back giving him the old "atta boy," for going after BL while completely losing site of  the fact that the current administration continued the hunt after the Bush administration left office. This was an ongoing hunt which started right after 9/11. I think both administrations should share in the recognition of a  job well done since both fought equally hard for the same outcome. I noticed (and again....this is not a pot shot, but simply an observation) that last night....the current administration did not thank or include the Bush administration in the talk of the efforts to capture BL...however, GW Bush publicly both thanked and congratulated the current president for his efforts. I didn't end up being a big fan of Bush's but that act my opinion....a classy thing to do in light of the fact that had the Bush administration been the one to capture/kill BL the last elections could have possibly gone very differently.

Also...speaking of elections....could the timing on this have been any better? President Obama has been steadily dropping in popularity. People have grown tired of everything from the cat and mouse game with his birth certificate, to his so-called health care reform. Under his administration the economy has tanked, the jobless rate has risen and the national debt has sky-rocketed. People were screaming for change before the last election and change they got, but it was not the change that was promised. No one wanted a president who vacationed and golfed on the tax payers $$$$ while the economy and the country crumbled around us.  People and even the media are starting to take note that 3 years into his presidency few things are better, most are worse and we are still sending soldiers off to fight in the war. But now....with the bullet from a gun....from a soldier he never met, Obama is suddenly being called a hero and folks....I am sorry, but I just don't buy it. Obama did not find, capture or kill BL. He simply gave the same order that the previous administration did.....Find BL! The difference is....with more time and more intel....his administration lucked out. So why is he a hero?

What is really going to change with the killing of BL? Granted, we saw justice for thousands of victims and family members from 9/11 and I pray that his death in some small way helps give the survivors some closure. And I also think a message was sent....the same message that would have been sent by either administration which was.....You don't come after the USA without consequences. We will not stop until we hunt you down and wipe you out! And this message should be headed I believe. However now, Americans will have to watch their backs both home and abroad as I believe there will be some sort of attempt at vigilance is not merely imperative in the weeks and months leading up to the 9/11 ten year anniversary. But what here on American soil is really going to change? The stock market may rise a few points as it usually does when good news is happening and people are happy, but I foresee that as temporary. Is my health care insurance going to go down (it just went up $100/mo.)? Are gas prices going to go down? Are jobs going to become abundant? Is the economy suddenly going to rise? Is the National debt going to start decreasing? OR are things going to continue on, the only difference is Obama will be riding the coattails of BL death as if the capture was his, therefore the next election should also be his? That unfortunately is the writing that I see on the wall.

Do not get me wrong...I am thrilled that there is one less terrorist on this earth who wants to see me and other Americans dead. I have never wished anyone dead, but I must admit that I feel no sorrow at BL's passing. However, I caution and urge everyone to keep perspective in all of this. Neither Obama nor Bush found or killed BL. They merely gave orders that he was to be found and once THE MILITARY found him, then THE MILITARY also took care of him. All Obama actually did was give the order to take BL....oh and play 9 rounds of golf. These actions were far from heroic and in no way changed his presidency track record up to and including this point. The only true heroes in all of this are the men and women who have tirelessly put their lives on the line so that I can sleep at night, GW can enjoy his ranch and Obama can hit the links....all in peace! I urge you all to keep this in mind as the media and others continue to hype BL's death and Obama's role in it.

So to military men and women everywhere I say.....THANK YOU! And for the Navy Seals who risked their lives to take BL.....thank you is not nearly enough....but in this will simply have to do!


Thiry said...

I don't think its going to get him re-elected. When he was giving his speech last night instead of saying "I"....he should have said " An effort was launched to..."...that says alot about him..I would like an intelligent, honest, brave,humble president you suppose that's possible

Anonymous said...

Did Ronald Reagan have a son? That's the kind of President we need.