Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Procrastination Blues

Oh so much to say today. I probably feel this way because I am procrastinating on every other aspect of my life. Yeah...I am just good like that. I guess I seem to have the procrastination blues! Sigh! I actually feel a lot better today than I have in literally I now know I have no excuses for not getting organized and getting my stuff done. So naturally....I blog!

Last night was kind of awesome. I got to spend some quality time with my little nephew Ayden. It doesn't happen often and usually there are others around (i.e. David, Z, Ayden's mom and dad), but last was just us. I may have mentioned before that Ayden doesn't always warm up to new situations very quickly. His parents had to leave suddenly so there was no letting go and moving on time for him and I. We just had to jump into it and make the best of the situation. Thank goodness that my training with boys has been long and fairly successful. We talked, watched Nick jr., raced through the house and then when Aunt Lisa was getting tired....finally got Mr. Man corralled into his jammies. Bed really wasn't in his plans, so we went back out to watch Blue's Clues. I LOVE Blue's Clues!!!! Do not judge me.....Steve doing the Mail Song still makes me laugh! At any rate....then Mr. Man tells me he wants to go to bed and runs ahead of me to his room. As I walk in he slams me (literally) with a pillow and then jumps on his bed and slams me again. This kid is not even three.....and he played me! According to his mommy and daddy...he never does this! Eh thinks they lie! That's okay the time they got home (around 9 p.m.) he was going full tilt and bedtime was definitely not happening anytime soon. See what happens when you teach your kid to ambush his aunt?!

I was exhausted when I got home last night. Not because of Ayden (although being slammed with a pillow over and over again....does take a toll), but because I still didn't feel 100%. This morning for some odd reason I ended up sleeping straight through the night (never usually happens) and my alarm didn't go off. Thankfully....I woke up at 7 a.m. and it was late start, so we were all good. Had it been any other morning....this blog would be all about me cussing and complaining that my day started late. Today however....the only thing that suffered was my early morning blogging and that I am making up for now (instead of the other stuff I should be doing!)

Just throwing this out there....does anyone else have the love/hate relationship with Craigslist that I do? I love the idea of buying, selling, trading and even giving away stuff....but it's the whole dealing with complete strangers and scammers that I am not in love with. My boss was selling an item and an out of state scammer tried to scam him. Luckily my boss caught it immediately and avoided the scam AND turned him in. However many get scammed and even hurt everyday because Craigslist is just too loosely woven to have any safety. Still though....there are hundreds of people everyday that have a need (new rugs, pool liner, size 8 shoes) who if they got to broadcast that need out there.....someone in their own inner circle might just be looking to get rid of those things. Perhaps someone wants $1 for a pair of shoes they can't wear anymore which cost them $60 when they bought them, or maybe someone just got rid of their pool and wants to just give the liner away, or maybe......someone has a rug they would like to trade for size 8 shoes and a pool liner?! You see where I am going with this? I actually am going somewhere!!!! I am thinking of starting a fb group for just such a thing. Granted even this would not be perfect (there could still be scammers) but the safety of transactions might increase if it is someone you know. I am not sure about all the logistics.....but then frankly....when has an issue like that ever stopped me before. Perhaps I will just start the group and see if anyone is interested. Hmmmm.....the hi-jinks I will try to put into motion to avoid what I really need to be doing. Sweet isn't it!!!!

Well...I can avoid the unavoidable no longer. I must get busy and get my stuff done. Of course...the office toilet could probably use a good cleaning and I really haven't touched my other two blogs in awhile! BAD LISA!!!!! I must procrastinate no more! On that note I wish you a very Happy and Productive Wednesday and leave you with a lost love of mine. Here is Triumph and Magic Power. Youtube just has everything!!!!

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