Friday, May 20, 2011

The Rapture, Tweeting and Drink, Swear, Steal and Lie

Ah it is Friday.....complete with early morning thunderstorms. I would so love to jump back into bed and fall back to sleep listening to the thunder and rain. Now THAT is the perfect morning! Sadly...there will be no snoozing to storms for me. I must get this day and my children going.

Today ends the last full week of school for the kids. This time next week we will be waking up in MO, school will be out and summer will be officially upon us. I really think we all need summer. Hopefully it will give us all a new perspective and maybe even open us up to some new adventures. I could really use some new adventures.

So I was really upset yesterday! Why did no one tell me that the rapture was happening this weekend? I think had I known.....I would have planned my time a little better. honestly we might all have known that the rapture/apocalypse/end times were coming. After all....from the moment of our existence....if we believe in the Bible at all (most any bible and most any version) it tells us to prepare for the end. We all know that life here is not eternity and at some point life on this earth will cease to be so that we can all start our eternity with God or in some cases......a few floors below! However.....God has only mapped out our journey by giving us the rules to live by while we are here(the Ten Commandments). He has not given us an estimated time of departure and the only guarantee of where our eternity will be spent is how closely we follow said rules. So really.....I am thinking that no human has an inside track to God's thoughts nor is God going to reveal His plan for eternity to only one. When the time comes I am fairly confident it will come when we least expect it and we ALL will then get a birds eye view of His plans at the same time. Of course that is merely my take on it.....and come Saturday.....I might just be surprised, but I doubt it. Just in case.....I have moved all of this weekends plans back to next weekend....after all....that makes as much sense as the world ending tomorrow on cue!

And now.....I am thinking about tweeting. I have no idea how to tweet. Not even sure I know what it is exactly, but I was told I should tweet my blogs. Again....I have no idea how to do this but the proverbial child when asked if he/she would jump off a ten story building if someone told them to...... am seriously thinking maybe I should try this new (new to me....yesterday's news to everyone else) form of socializing and expressing ones self.  The person who said I should,  told me that it could double my blogger readership. Oh lawdy.....whatever would I do with four readers? It almost boggles the mind! Seriously though.....if I want to be a "real" blogger.....I have to get my readership up to 10,000 perhaps I will tweet.....twit....whatever!

Well...I am back. I once again got up too late to finish my here I sit hours later (at work) finishing it. Since last I typed....I have gotten kids to school, worked out and gotten all my early morning work at work finished. Oh and did I mention I got drenched....not once but twice this morning? This rain is much needed so I will not whine too much about it. But I don't like getting soaked trying to get David into school or trying to walk out to my car after working out. Actually the after working out drenching was quite nice....but the first one....not so much.

Since it is Friday....everyone's mood should be a little lighter. I know mine is. So go forth and make this day count. Live, laugh and love and enjoy the rain God is blessing us with. While I was working out this morning this song came on my play list and it both made me smile and made my workout go just a little bit easier. Here is Michael Peterson and Drink, Swear, Steal and Lie!

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