Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shout Outs

For those of you perched on the edge of your seat waiting anxiously to know "did she or didn't she?" The answer is......she didn't!!! She did not pack last night. She has not packed today as of yet BUT as soon as David is at school.....she plans on getting it all done with time to spare!!! If you are gonna gotta dream big!!!!!

Needless to's blog may be rather brief. Well brief by my standards anyway. Who knows...we will just have to wait and see where my manic procrastinating mind takes us. As I said yesterday.....I may or may not have wifi where we are going, but you WILL have blogs (more like....I WILL take my mental health break and blog) no matter what. If I have to find a library or perhaps a McDonald's....I will get my daily blog out along with my daily opinions, whinings, complainings, dissings and soapbox features. In other will be like I never left. I am sure you are now breathing a sigh of......okay......we'll call it relief and be good with that!

So since I am crunched for time.....I want to end this with a few brief shout here goes:
First....I really would like to thank God for sparing us the storms and making today a gorgeous one.
Thanks to Davids teachers, therapists, para's and all at MGS who have been a part of David's life this year. You all have been amazing and taken such great care of my little guy. He has thrived with all of you and grown so much. Thank you seems not nearly enough!
I thank all at MHS who have helped Z, been there for Z, and at times who have had to endure the craziness that is zland and our crazy family.
Thanks to Lindsay for taking such good care of David and being such a good friend to both David and Z.
Thanks to Emily for seeing the awesomeness that is Z and for letting him know it.
Thanks to my mother in law for allowing all our craziness to visit her over the next few days.
I want to thank Thiry and Berty for......well just being Thiry and Berty!
Thanks to my boss Andy for without him I would not have a job. He has put up with my crazy and unpredictable life for over a year and never once made me feel as if my job was on the line. HUGE thank you there.
I want to thank my co-worker Becca who picks up my slack when I am not there and always makes me laugh when I am! I couldn't ask for a  better work environment or a better office mate and friend!
I also want to thank my neighbors who always keep an eye on house sitter who will keep things under control....and the vet who is making sure my puppies are well taken care of.
I thank America for having the good sense to vote Scotty as the next American Idol and Fox for being smart enough to make a GLEE 3-D movie this summer!
Most of all.....I want to thank you guys. I have no idea whether there are 2 of you or 200 of you, but I do know that my blog gets read often and consistently on a daily basis and for that I am very grateful. would just be me talking to myself.....which truth be pretty much power for the course for me!

Okay.....hour 10.5 is upon me so I REALLY must get busy. I leave you with what for me made American Idol last night. Here is Steven Tyler and Dream On! Have a wonderful Thursday!


Thiry said...

Get your ass in gear...chica...and you are welcome for whatever I may or may not have done...have a good trip naked...

Becca Rowden said...

Aww I knew you loved me!! :) Have an awesome trip!!