Saturday, May 28, 2011

Slow Internet, Family and Steak n Shake

I will never complain about my "slow" internet it is lightening fast compared to my mother in laws. I don't acutally think it is her internet and more her computer. She rarely....if ever uses her computer and has not upgraded since long before the last time I was here. I know! I know! I work at a computer store! How could I let such an atrosity occur???? Well....I work at a computer store in KS and she is no where near KS. She and I have talked about a new computer and I can at least voice an opinion about brand, size and internet which I have! Hopefully she will have a laptop and wifi by my next visit! tehehehehe And yes....just as you may have suspected....her new computer choice will be all about my visiting needs....after all....isn't everything about me?????!

Yesterday was a fun time. We went to my favorite food place on the planet Steak n Shake! If you have never been to are missing out. To put it into local is like Freddy's on steroids. Never has my tummy been so happy or my healthy eating been so blown....but it was worth every morsel right down to the key lime shake! Ahhhh.....heaven must be full of Steak n Shakes! Then we went to Walmart. How can the same store in two different states be so vastly different. In MO the prices are better and so is the selection. got some 'splainin' to do! I could have spent a fortune there....had I had a fortune to spend! We also did some thrift store shopping until Davids patience ran out and then it was back to the house. I was exhausted.

Then there was the family. I forget how much I miss my MO family until I am around them. They are so much fun and funny and you know how much I like funny. And yesterday was doubly special because I got to see my beautiful daughter (she is actually my step daughter....but I am not fond of the term "step"). I haven't seen her for many years and she is still just as beautiful as ever. Today or tomorrow I hope to get to see my son and his family. I haven't seen his little ones yet and I am so excited.

So far the weather here has been dreary and cool. As I sit here typing this I hear thunder so I am thinkig today may not be too much fun weatherwise. That's okay though....I will make cheesecakes and see family and prepare for tomorrow when the whole gang is here. So far my trip has been fairly relaxing and very enjoyable....even though the time seems to be flying.

Well....I hope your day is relaxing and enjoyable as Saturdays should always be. And today I end with Brooks and Dunn's Red Dirt Road. It is a favorite memory of mine from years ago with Z and his cousin Taylor sitting in the back seat of my van singing to the top of their lungs as we traveled down the road!

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