Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Fever and Friends

While I like to think that I have out grown my immature ways and my childish behavior....today though, I am wondering. It seems that I may have a touch of the spring fever or perhaps a mild case of.....it is the end of the school year and I am done's! No longer am I springing from my bed at 5ish and I wake up feeling like someone has dropped a boulder on my head. There could be several reasons for this.....allergies, windows open at night.....oh and uh....errrrrrrr....diet soda. Nothing has been confirmed or denied yet....so I will go with allergies. Whatever the culprit though....it is making mornings anything but fun and me....anything but fun to be around.

Speaking of mornings though.....the last two have been spectacular. Although maybe a touch cool...they have been early spring at its finest. (Forget that we are  mid to late spring right now.) Yesterday was gorgeous and if you can believe a word out of the weatherman's mouth (I seldom do) today is suppose to be a repeat and then the rest of the week is rain and storms. We shall see.

Yesterday ended quite nicely. I got to have dinner and spend time with four ladies that I dearly love. I have always known a lot of people, but only been friends with a select few. Until 2008....I could have counted my close friendships on one had with a finger or two left over. Then I went to work for a little non-profit and all of that changed. Had it not been for administrative corruptness (no other way to describe it) I think I would have stayed in that job forever. I loved it.....but because I wouldn't play the game....I was forced out until I finally quit. Suffice it to say though....that I did not go quietly. Apparently that job was just not meant to be in the long term. What was meant to be was the four friends I made there. We were all different ages, different backgrounds and different skill sets and yet together......we just meshed. We were a team at work and out of work and our cohesiveness and ability to get jobs done was both distressing and unsettling to those around us. We all became targets for both our teamwork and our friendship. It was like high school all over again complete with mean girls, gossip and lies. The only difference???? I was no longer in high school and I wasn't going to rollover for anyone. Needless to say.....a couple of us quit.....one of us was laid off and a couple have stayed around to ride the storm until their time was right to leave. That is why we all got together last night....because for one, the time was right.

It was so much fun just hanging out, catching up and laughing. No matter how bad things ever were....we could always laugh and that has not changed. Two of us have gone on to better jobs where our job skills are actually respected, one had a baby and is enjoying a whole new kind of life, one is getting ready to move on to a job where she can actually use her skills and make a difference and one is still biding her time. When she leaves....I have no doubt the whole organization is going to implode upon itself and I can't say that I am going to be sorry to see it happen. Sour grapes? Maybe.....and maybe not! At any rate....for a couple of hours last night....we laughed, we talked and we just had a good time. It has been almost a year since last we were altogether and I am sincerely hoping that we don't wait that long to get together again. To Jody, Cate, Angie and Jen....thanks for a great evening.

So it is only Tuesday and I am so wishing that it was Friday. I can almost hear my mother saying "LisaMarie! (she always called me LisaMarie when she was irritated!) Don't wish your life away!" This holds especially true when I have a great deal to cram into this week. We are getting down to the wire of graduations, cheesecakes (lots of cheesecakes), school being out and then our trip! I am trying to sit back, relax and just go with it....but the older I get....the less able I am to just "go with" anything. Lord help me...I am so turning into my mother!

Well in keeping with the tone of today's blog (friends) and yes....I have exponentially increased my close ones in recent years, I thought I would end this with a little diddy about friends. So go and enjoy this beautiful spring Tuesday (at least here in KS) as I leave you with Tracy Lawrence and Find Out Who Your Friends Are!


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