Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To

Apparently there is a book out that is called something like "Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To!"  Father spoke of it at church this morning and said that one prayer God always says yes to is: Please me get through this. Father said that this is an unfailing prayer in which God never leaves unanswered. I myself have prayed this prayer a thousand times in many variations and have never yet been left hanging.

You know....prayer is a funny thing....and people are even funnier. Often people pray with a certain outcome in mind and if their prayer is not answered in the time they think it should be answered in and in the way they think it should be answered.....then they automatically assume that God is neither listening nor answering. Both assumptions could not be farther from the truth. People seem to forget that Gods view of life is much broader than our own and like a parent with a child.....just because we want something with all our heart and just because we believe that it is what is best for us........does not mean that God see's it that way. If we are truly many times have we prayed for/wanted something that we did not end up getting.....and in the end it turns out had we gotten would have been all wrong for us? Thank God literally that He did not allow me to have a lasting relationship with every guy I prayed about. Ultimately He gave me a guy I didn't even know I wanted and who turned out to be the best one for me. God knew what I didn't and when I finally put things in His hands and quit trying to handle it all on my own.....things worked out  the way they were suppose to. God is just good like that.

So for anyone who is reading  this and has written God off as not listening or not answering....I challenge you to try praying again. This time pray with an open heart and an open mind trusting God to do what is best for you.....not just what you think you want at the moment. You might end up very surprised at the outcome.

It is Sunday.....and I feel better....sort of. The allergies are playing games with me, but the headache seems to be gone. David is 100% better and today we are all going to trek up to see my dad. should be a good time had by all. Fear not though.....I have donned my mental armor and I am practicing what I am preaching and putting this day into God's hands. If I don't like the outcome.....maybe I can at least learn from it.  Maybe it is a test. If I can make it through today without a mental breakdown, a tantrum brought on by complete frustration or a brain hemorrhage....then the rest of the week should be a piece of cake. Sigh! Perhaps I should just ask you all to pray for me!

And today I leave you with a little Blood Sweat and Tears.....And When I Die! An old time favorite!

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Thiry said...

good luck at your dads...