Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unprepared and "Twitting"

And the countdown begins.....and still I sit unprepared! I think there must be some part of me that is rebelling. Against what? I am not sure. Probably just life in general! Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week and Thursday we leave as soon as the kids half day of school is out. In between I have work and cheesecakes to make, laundry to do and a house that looks like it could be condemned. I also have to clean out my frig, buy stuff for the trip....oh AND PACK! Now if I were Berty or Marni or even Thiry (and I am quite sure Jody and  possibly any of my other friends) I would at least be partially prepared if not completely ready to walk out the door except for a couple of last minute details. But no......not me! This means that come Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.....I am going to be a crazy woman with attitude and personality to match. I have every confidence that my children will want to do me in before we even get into the car. Ahhhhh......life in Lisaland......manic AND depressive all at once!

Well.....I did it! I am now twittering.....or is it tweeting? Yesterday I told someone I was twitting.....they almost died laughing, afterwards correcting me and telling me that I might in fact be a twit but that twitting was not a verb, nor did it have anything to do with my ability to twitter. Whew! So glad we got that cleared up. So I guess I don't twit....however there is a possibility that I am one. If there was any doubt.....this whole paragraph should clear that up! At any rate.....my blog views went up by several hundred yesterday after I started tweeting. Now was it coincidence and I just now have a bunch of search bots viewing the blog or was it legit views from all my new twitter fans? More than likely bots.....but a girl can dream can't she? Besides in Lisaland.....views is views!

We escaped the storms yesterday although Joplin got hit pretty good yet again. They didn't have tornadoes but they had storms which hindered all of their search and rescue missions. Last total I heard was that they had around 160 fatalities and hundreds of injuries. Some of their injured were even brought to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. My heart truly breaks for these people and the complete and total devastation they must feel right now. You know.....tornadoes are magnificent beasts with an amazing natural beauty which is only matched by their ferocious and deadly capabilities. To let your guard down during tornado season could have very dangerous and even fatal results and sometimes.....even being prepared for these beasts is simply not enough! Today once again they predict that we could be the storm target. Emergency Services as well as our local news channels and the national Weather Channel have all issued warnings about what today could hold in the form of storm threats.....and it could turn out to be kind of ugly! Hopefully today the weatherman keeps up his streak of being wrong.......and the storms just dissipate! I have my fingers crossed!

So it is time for me to get the kids out the door and for me to get my workout on. I hope you all have a spectacular Tuesday and that everyone stays safe no matter what the weather outcome. Today feels a bit like a Goo Goo Dolls day. So today I leave you with one of my favorites....Iris!

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