Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

The birds are singing and the morning is calm and relatively cool. This is the first morning in days that the world has not felt unsettled to me. Perhaps last nights storms took much of the instability out of the air. While we got nothing more than a moderate storm with a little hail...folks south of us in OK took a real beating with a major outbreak of tornadoes. Last night was the first time I was ever able to see a tornado form, grow larger and then strike a path of complete and utter destruction before finally losing it's intensity and then dissolving back up into the sky.....all courtesy of live streaming video. I sat both mesmerized and terrified knowing that this insurmountable beast was growing ever closer to people I loved and could at any time be upon them. Technology can be both amazing and gut wrenching in cases like this. It was definitely heart pounding....but I believe everyone I know and love are okay! Thank you God!

Remember me talking about the eleventh hour???? Well, I think it is nearly upon me. I planned on getting a lot done last night, but between American Idol, Glee and fighting with my children......not a lot was achieved. In other words.....there was absolutely no productivity going on in my house last night and a major war ended up breaking out. Just what we needed before our trip! I say the least.....not happy! Now I am left with tonight and tomorrow morning. Again I must ask......why oh why do I procrastinate so??????? The answer? Obviously.....because I can!

My twenty-five year old is once again wanting to move back home. I was considering letting him until last night. Now....I just don't see it happening. The truth is.....I dearly love all my children....just not all at the same time. Last night was not his time! He bounced on my last nerve and proved what I think I already fact it should be chiseled on my brain by now.....he should live elsewhere. No more boomeranging. He needs to get life figured out on his own. So that in itself will be a battle when I return from my trip.....but hopefully by then I will be mentally recuperated enough to deal with it.

I was just thinking.....where we are going has internet....but not wireless. Not sure I will be able to hook up while there. Whatever will I do about my blogs?????? Nah...nah....nah!!!! You all don't get off that easy! There will still be blogs written daily....whether I can post them or not. You just may get a whole bunch in one day when I get back. I know you will all want to spend you Memorial Day curled up in a chair, or by the pool, or wherever it is you read my blog.....reading my blogs. So fear not.....I will not disappoint! Heck....if I can get my stupid camera to work (okay stupid worker of the camera to work) then there might even be pictures. Bottom line though....if I can't blog....then you're gonna miss me when I'm gone!

Well we shall see how today pans out. Will I get all my stuff done.....or won't I? Only my travel agent knows for sure!!!!! (You have to be old and have seen classic Clairol commercials to get it!)  As I said....last night I was distracted with tv.....American Idol and Glee. Regardless of what America says.....there is only one clear winner on American Idol to me. So today I leave you with "my" pick for the 2011 American Idol. Here is Scotty McCreery and Gone! Hope you have a great and productive Wednesday!

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