Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grrrrrr.....Welcome to Sunday

So begins today's blog....and I warn you right now....I am in a horrible mood, so no promises or even vague ideas of where this blog is headed or where it will end up. At this point....your guess is as good as mine.

Remind me again why children are a "gift"? Cause this morning I am about ready to exchange one of my gifts! First I over slept, then trying to be supportive....I misspoke. I didn't! I was misunderstood....and low and behold.....we are at war. I went to church really angry and could barely concentrate. I am thinking that going to church that angry kind of cancels church out. Perhaps though....God will give me an A for effort....cause goodness knows I will be getting an F for attitude.

Why....why....why does everything have to be so dramatic during the teen years? Why can't you just have a conversation about something....rather than a full blown tantrum? And the sarcasm that flies can get so ugly. Oh and Z can be pretty unpleasant too! After having my eyes open a mere 15 minutes.....I was ready for a do-over. These are the times when I could use a little parenting help.

Now I am by no means perfect in the parenting department. In fact.....if nothing else, my past blogs should have by now made that abundantly clear. However, in my advanced years.....I do have experience and the teensiest bit of wisdom on my side. I also can be extremely blunt. In my life, the art of subtlety was just a phase I went through and I quickly moved on to telling it like it is (or perhaps telling it like I think it is). I do tend to believe that less is more (although my children accuse me of beating the proverbial dead horse into glue) but apparently I just don't get it right! Then finally I have to pull parenting rank and use terms like my way or the highway or shut up I am right....and then they get the impression that I always think I am right! To be perfectly honest....most of the time I am....which has been proven time and time again, but usually those phrases are used as a last resort when nothing else seems to be working. Sometimes "reasoning" with a teen is simply unreasonable as they just don't want to hear it and don't feel that the parent is smart enough to be explaining it! It just all makes me so tired.....and on a Sunday no less.

Now we are in our neutral corners and his happens to be stretched out on the couch where he is no doubt dozing on this wonderfully cool and rainy morning. I on the other hand am still ticked, fuming and now blogging out my frustrations. I too could be enjoying this wonderfully rainy morning if I wasn't still so mad I could spit nails. Yeah....I have trouble letting go of things....especially when I was bombarded this morning before I was even fully conscious. That was just not fair! moving on. Father gave no sermon this morning as there was a mission speaker who was going to speak after mass. Probably just as well.....because I wasn't really in the focusing mind I have no Sunday words from the pulpit to pass on. However, words like "forgive and forget," "handle it with grace," "this too shall pass" and "don't kill the teenager," all keep going through my head. A less wise woman might not have taken the time to go church or to blog and process the early morning festivities, but even though my anger is beginning to succumb to rationality....I am not quite ready to give up the mad! I am sure this is not yet over.....but maybe by the time the battle resumes, it will be nothing more than a skirmish and only a small grounding will be in order instead of the you are grounded until you are 40 which was my original plan!

The rain continues to fall and so I just may take advantage of it and snuggle with David and watch Spongebob. That definitely could put me in the direction of a turn around for this day. Okay....the rain just turned to hail! Perhaps God is trying to tell me something. Nice!

Well I guess this is where I will wish you a Happy Sunday and hope that your day is headed in a better direction than mine! 

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