Sunday, July 3, 2011

Headaches, Worry and Drama.... Just Another Sunday in Paradise

And the headache rages on. I have no idea what is going on, but I know I hurt. As I was just now struggling through making garlic salad and stopping every two seconds to rub my throbbing temples....Z pointed out something very interesting. He said...." you realize that every year around the fourth you get these really bad headaches?" Actually....I did not realize this. I don't really remember a headache last year....but it wouldn't have mattered anyway because David was in the hospital so that took center stage to everything. However....I do remember a lot of years where my fourth consisted of migraine meds, a cold compress and my bed. Perhaps this is why the fourth is not my favorite holiday. Obviously I associate it with pain. It got me to thinking though....I wonder why the headaches always come on this time of year. I wonder if it is something environmental/seasonal? It could be the abundance of fruits and veggies I seem to inhale or maybe something in the air. Whatever it is sure makes me feel like crap! Guess it is just another Sunday in Paradise!

The good news is that Father is back from his back surgery and he said Mass this morning. The bad news is that my head hurt almost too bad to listen to his sermon. I said almost. His first week back and already he is directing his sermons directly at me again. It was all about worry. I once read a famous (at least I think it was famous) quote that said: If you worry why pray and if you pray why worry?To me that was very profound and really says it all in a nutshell. Then I had someone...tell me that it was a sin to worry. I cannot for the life of me remember who said this, but I know at the time it was someone I looked up to as the words made a huge impact on me. They said that worry showed a lack of faith in God and God's plan. I remember it making me feel horrible as all I did was worry...which by this individuals standards....made me the worlds worst sinner. Today though....Father kind of cleared the muddy waters of worry up for me. He simply said.....we are human and human's worry. faith and prayer.....we can lessen our worry's and thus become more compliant and less fearful of God's will. What beauty in simplicity. I loved it and immediately felt like much less of a horrible sinner and much more of a moderate one. Perhaps there is still hope for me yet.

So yesterday passed....I still marvel that is has been a decade and life with all of its ups and downs and in my house....DRAMA continued on. Relationship issues are running amuck in my household...but thankfully none of them are mine. (And you wonder why I don't date?) I have one learning about relationships and the other just trying to find a stable one. I have tried to teach these guys that the rules to dealing with the opposite sex go as follows: THERE ARE NO RULES! You are dealing with human beings not robots and each one has their own ideas, thoughts and emotions. One size does not fit all and just because you date one girl and she likes something does not mean the next girl you date will like the same thing. And honestly....girls are different now than they were when I was young. We  were still coming out of the June Cleaver era where most girls prided themselves on a bit of modesty and some self respect. "No!" was a respectable word that most guys expected to hear and our parents made sure ALL our body parts were at least somewhat respectably covered before allowing us out the door. Now though....the same rules obviously don't apply or maybe they just apply to a very small sector. Today modesty is a word they might as well take out of the dictionary because no one uses it anymore and even fewer put it into practice. Self respect is also apparently lacking in this generation as lap dances, sex parties and hoochie mama attitudes seem to be the norm amongst young women....and in some cases....I mean very young women. All of these attitudes are pouring over into their relationships and literally causing them to hate themselves, hate whoever is in the relationship with them and hate anyone who possibly looks at them cross eyed.  We have a bunch of self deprecating little girls running around who do nothing but cause drama for everyone in their path and ultimately make their own lives miserable. Unfortunately for 25 year old has made it his mission in life not only to seek out but to date every young woman in the tri-state area who fits this description. Needless to keeps life drama filled....and to date.....none of these relationships have ended well for anyone involved. Sigh! Come to think of it....this might explain some of the headaches! today is Day 3. And what is in store for day 3? Day 03 – A song that makes you happy. Well through the years there have been many songs that made me smile, laugh and just plain old made me feel good. Usually....I listened to those particular songs until I absolutely couldn't stand them anymore. However.....over the years, a few of those "happy" songs have managed to maintain a place near and dear to my heart. Today's song is a newer song. Whenever I hear just makes me really happy. Maybe because at some point I want to feel like that again and I know how wonderful it is to think that this might be your last first kiss! So today I give you Darius Rucker and History in the making.

Hope this leaves you having a wonderful pre-4th of July Sunday!

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