Thursday, July 7, 2011

Productive, Questions, Voting and Love

Yesterday was actually far more productive than even I intended. At work anyway! Home....not so much. I still have some odds and ends to work on and then hopefully my desk will be cleared before the weekend. It was starting to be sad and even a little frightening that I was already outgrowing my brand new HUGE desk at work. I was literally running out of room, but a little organization and whole lot of paper shuffling and now it looks a lot least until next month.

Today it seems that my mind is swimming with questions, but that has been bothering me was answered. You may remember that a while back I went through genetic testing to see if I have the Lynch Syndrome gene (a gene that increases a persons likelihood of having colon cancer). Since I have had several relatives with colon cancer, my mother actually died of it and my uncle has the gene....I was a little nervous to say the least. Yesterday doctor called and said that I do not have the gene. This means I become part of the "normal" risk group. Not to say I won't get colon cancer.....just saying that my likelihood decreases from 90-95% down to about 25%. So instead of a yearly colonoscopy.....I will now only have to get them every five years and that is just my doctor staying vigilant. Most in my category only get them every ten years. For my kids...this means that their chance of having this gene is almost non-existent....however, my brother still needs to be he has a 50% chance of having the gene. What a weird thing genetics are! I only hope and pray that at some point, cancer can be eradicated and then no one will have to worry about this horrid disease that takes so many lives and leaves so many others lost without the ones they love.

Yes....I said I have questions! I woke up with many questions (some minorly important and others just nonsensical) running through my foggy brain. Why is it that in the summer time people seem to be short on patience and even shorter on good manners? Working in customer service....I  find that this time of year people can be just plain mean. My boss last year decided to fix mean people though. We have a sign up now that states that mean people will be charged $25 for their less than pleasant attitudes. It does seem to have worked!

Why do we often get into the same cycles of making the same mistakes and still scratch our heads and wonder why? Are we crazy or just stupid?

Just why is gas going back up? Are we really that low on gas and oil that the people of this country must sell a kidney or a lung just to be able to fill up their vehicle? It makes summer traveling and sometimes even going to work......just a little pricey. 

And finally....the age old question....why are days so long and nights so short? Is it really just an illusion of perception or is it in fact a cosmic conspiracy to keep us all tired, grouchy and always wishing for the weekend? I think you all know how I vote on this one!

Speaking of voting ( THAT was a smooth transition)....the voting is on for Blogger Idol 2011. This is the second week and the challenge was "trading places with the opposite sex for a day." I read through the eleven submission and let me tell you, most of them were insightful far beyond my creative abilities. Several I laughed at until I almost couldn't breathe. I highly recommend you going to this weeks Blogger Idol challenge page and reading these blogs....and then of for your favorite. (click on the link under the icon)  Most are fairly short....all are well written....and some are just down right hilarious. I will put a disclaimer here.....that a few have language and a couple are ummmm.....errrrr......well you figure it out.....a guy suddenly gets a girls body.....what do you think he is going to be interested in? All in all though, they are great and honestly....the voting was really hard for me. So head on over and check it out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

So today is day 7 of the 30 Day Song Challenge. Today's challenge: A song that reminds you of a certain event. This song was again fairly easy. Next to the birth of my children....there have only been two major gloriously happy events in my life and amazingly....both came with their own soundtrack. The first was the night Tim proposed and the second was the day we were married. I went with the latter as it was a day of unexpected surprises, nerves, excitement....and yes tears. That day....not only did I marry the man that my heart actually beat for, but he also sang to me....and this was that song. Every time I hear it....I am magically transported back to that cooler than normal August day in our front yard, family and friends all around us.....and Tim singing this beautiful Doug Stone song to only me. Here is Doug Stone and I Never Knew Love.

Hope your Thursday is a fantastic one!


DL said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on Blogger Idol. I would not have known about it if you hadn't talked about it in your blog. I love reading the contestants blogs. You are doing a great job promoting it and I hope you are "in it to win it" next year.

Anonymous said...

Love the song and love your blog. This song takes me back too and reminds me of some pretty special times. It was never sang for me though. Wish I could have known both you and Tim. You sound like a great couple. Sorry for your loss, but great blog.