Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Somewhere Out There

So Monday....we meet again!!! How clever of you though.....to disguise yourself as Tuesday.....so as to try and throw me off. I will not be fooled though. Weekend over, back to work, everyone grumpy....you are definitely Monday! And yes.....I am so grumpy. I am just ready to rip someones head off. I must control myself or today could turn ugly REALLY fast. Must maintain! Must keep self in check! Must not throw tantrum.....awwww what the heck? Whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen. May I suggest for those who must be around me today....protective gear and shop glasses?! You never know what I may decided to throw.

On talking to a couple of bloggers this weekend, who have been blogging far longer and far more prolifically than I, they suggested that I needed to promote my blog more. I laughed! How is that even possible?  As it is....I think people read my blog now....just to shut me up. But oh no...no! Apparently gratuitous promotion is what the blog world is all about. Well....at least for those bloggers who want their work read. One blogger though.....put a question to me that honestly I had not given much thought to. He asked me: "What do you want to achieve by blogging?" It caught me a little off guard as I am not really good at thinking on my feet. I wanted to say something like: "I want to achieve world peace through the written word," but instead I just had a blank deer in the headlights stare and maybe I drooled just a little. He kindly (verbally) patted my head and then said slowly and precisely: "Why do you blog? Is your purpose just to have a few people read or do you want a large audience? In other words.....do you ultimately want to get yourself published?" Ding Ding Ding Ding! Yeah....that was it! I want my work read and to reach the right set of eyes to possibly get published. Sigh.....I finally found the right answer. I want to get published! Okay....so apparently I am not thinking big enough or promoting my blog hard enough to get the readership I need to find those "right eyes." I did however get kudos for my daily blogging. He said that was a giant step in the right direction and followed it up by saying that I might be truly surprised at the number of people that read me on a daily basis. It seems people like to read at the breakfast table, eating lunch and yes....even in the bathroom....and with the portability of electronic devices.....blogs have become the new newspapers and magazines. Who knew? What's more......who did the research to find all of this out? Anyway....it made sense in a weird sort of voyeuristic (the bathroom thing has me a bit creeped out) way. So I decided to take the professionals advice....and start promoting. So here folks is my blog facebook page. If you are a facebooker.....please go and like it. At this point it is more for my fragile ego than anything else. But who knows.....I could be a contender someday!

I am so not ready to dive back into a work week, but it is only four days long and then off to a family reunion. The holiday weekend did not quite go as planned and to be quite honest I took a few steps back in the grieving process. Who knew after a decade that grieving could still hit you like a brick wall? I felt myself pulling in and isolating this weekend (something I haven't done in years!) I so need a distraction. And this time it may take something more than something shiny. Maybe I will check out that stupid dating site and see how many of those eligible men are clamoring for me! Or maybe....and this is quite possibly more in line with what I need to do......maybe I need to clean my house! Whatever I decide though....it will have to start with work! Again.....sigh!

So today is day 5 of the 30 day song challenge. A song that reminds you of someone. This one was easy. This song takes me back close to 25 years. The person this reminds me of was unexpected in my life at the time. He was very special to me and we shared some wonderful memories of  soccer games and hanging out with his family. It ended but some memories just don't fade and that is this case with this song. Here is Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram with Somewhere Out There! (Loved the movie too!)

So even though it is really Monday disguised as Tuesday.....here's hoping that your Tuesday is a great one. 

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