Sunday, August 21, 2011

I am Blessed.

This weekend was one of the best weekends I have spent in a very long time. I laughed, I caught up and I realized how blessed I am to know the people I know and have the friends I have. Sunday's are about the spiritual side of me. Spiritual does not always equal just religion. It is also the recognition of what and who God has blessed you with. It is funny that my job this week and a home town celebration are what it takes to bring me to the reality of what I have.

Work was a bit stressful as those I care about were rocked this week. My co-workers and I come from different back grounds and different age groups. We have our different beliefs, ideas and ways of thinking about things but at the end of the day.....I like to think we have each others backs. This was tested this week as one of us went through a major struggle which affected us all. Luckily.....the worst did not happen, but damage was done and I am not sure it can ever be the way it was again. Still we faced the storm and survived and I do have a greater appreciation for those I work with and the job that I am blessed to have. This job and the people who I work with were strictly a God thing. He knew what He was doing when He put us all together and gave me what I needed to fill a void in my life both financially and emotionally.

Then there are those friends of mine. It is really funny over the years the people that I have acquired as friends. It is never more evident than at Old Settlers. We laugh and we talk and even though we all had a similar back ground at Mulvane High School....we each have different stories. Each year I learn so many new facts about people I "thought" I knew....and this year I even learned about a few things that happened at my house growing up that I never knew. I am thinking though....the statute of limitations has run out after 30 some years. It was so much fun though and it gives you a feeling of closeness knowing that no matter how far people go, they can still come home and Mulvane will always have a little piece of their heart.

Yes...God is good for even though He has given me trials in life, He has balanced it with a wonderful family, a good job and good co-workers and the best friends a person could ever have. And I would like to give a special shout out to Chris and Allen Landis who graciously extend their home and hospitality every year so that we all can get together and reminisce and have a wonderful time. I truly hope they know how much this means to all of us....and how much they mean to all of us for doing it. They are wonderful friends and I am lucky to know them. Thank you so much guys!

Here's hoping that your weekend was as wonderful as mine and that your Sunday is relaxing....restful and helps you get ready for the coming week.

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