Friday, February 10, 2012

So Long Employment...Ye Will Be Missed

I am re-learning a couple of things that I am pretty sure I already knew. One....EVERYONE on the planet knows my David. Me...not so much. I have been reconciled to the corner where I have become known as simply....David's Mom! And two.....there are truly wonderful people in my world and beyond..... and whether they know David and I or not, they have a beautifully generous spirit. So what am I referring to? Let us take a step back.

Of course you all know about David's upcoming surgery and that today is my last day at my beloved job. This means there is going to be a long dry spell with little income and a budget so tight that none of us will be exhaling until I am free to work again in the fall. That is when David should be uncasted and well on his way to a full recovery. Then...when life gets back to our version of normal....that is when full time employment will again become a priority. Until then...there will be a great deal of robbing Peter to pay Paul! Not to worry....I am an expert at creative finance!

Most of you know I have also done a little side business of cheesecake baking under the name The Cheesecake Chick for several years. It has always been small but something I could work around kids, job and life in general. Unfortunately....along with my "real" job....The Cheesecake Chick will also be on hiatus during the time of David's surgery and until he is out of his casts and no longer needs my constant attention. Until surgery though....I decided to do something special for David and also maybe to help out with any unexpected (and there always are) finances that incur during his recuperation. Thus came Cheesecakes for David. I just decided to mark certain varieties of my medium cheesecakes that usually sell for $19 down to $14 from Feb. 13th until April 6th. I put it on facebook and told people to tell their family and friends. The only drawback is that the orders have to be local (i.e. withing about a 25 mi. radius). I invited my facebook friend list which is about 450 and invited them to share it with their friends. Within an hour well over 1,000 people had been invited and the cheesecake orders were coming in. It was wonderful and these orders will help tremendously. The money will be banked and used for things that David needs and that will make his recovery more comfortable (like water and electricity). What really amazed me though are the many people (some I don't even know and are not in my friend list) who live out of state and want to help. I have had several tell me they will send me money for a cheesecake if I make it and give it to David. Some are having their own financial struggles so they have offered to pass the info along to others. A few locals have passed an email around their office and have had people sign up for cheesecakes and everyone has offered the greatest gift of all....their prayers. Regardless what the news media tries to tell us....the generosity of spirit is alive and well. I am simply overwhelmed and more grateful than anyone will ever know. I will be spending the rest of my life....paying it forward!

This all has somehow made leaving my current employment feel a little better. I realized this morning as I got out of bed that today was my last day. My job has become so much a part of me and it has been my happy place when the real world wasn't always. I have found that over the years there are certain things I am good at and some that I suck at. I didn't suck here. Turns out....I am actually pretty good at customer service. It amazes me that I can talk a complete stranger off a ledge about his computer.....and yet at home....I can't make my own flesh and blood put on clean underwear. There must be quite a disconnect in my people skills between home and work....or maybe it is simply that I have never yet had a customer look at me with attitude and say...."oh Mom....I'm busy. I'll do it later!" That could definitely be the difference!

So today I say so long to a boss I adored, a job I loved and a place to be that didn't require me to do laundry or dishes. I am truly going to miss it all. So long employment. Ye will be missed!

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Anonymous said...


Yes you have been blessed with a good employer. But I hoping in the past few days you have found a better boss. YOU!

Not only do you make a great product, but you have learned marketing. Create the need and people will come. How many cheesecake orders did you get in a day? Sounds like a lot. You even threw in a SALE. Brilliant. You added urgency to your message.

And with some internet you managed a little Tom Sawyer marketing by getting others to paint the fence for you. You connected with 100s of potential customers with one message. Now all you have to do is make the cakes and deliver.

If you're not careful, you're going to go from unemployment to entrepreneur quickly. And what could be better than doing what you love while you care for the ones you love?

I think God is answering your prayers. Are you listening to Him?

You're awesome,