Sunday, September 23, 2012

MHS Class of 1982

I can't believe that September is in its last full week. It seems like just yesterday the kids were getting out of school for the summer and here we are.....well over half way through the first nine weeks of a new school year. As of has started to really feel like fall too. We have gone from 90+ degrees during the day and only getting down into the 70's at night to 70+ degrees during the day and getting down into the 40's at night. Of course with weather change comes sneezing, sniffling and coughing. It has hit Z the worst...but still we muddle through.

For those of you that read all my blogs, a couple of you seem worried since I have been posting more in Do I Look Like a Celery Kind of Girl? Apparently to some From Beginning to your favorite and there was fear that this one would be abandoned for the other. Not to worry. Trust me...I have enough verbiage and wisdom for all my blogs. None will be left in the dust.

As I woke up this morning, it dawned on me that I am just days away from my 30th class reunion and I couldn't help but wonder how time had gone so fast. It really doesn't seem that long ago, because I can still close my eyes and find myself right back in the halls of the old MHS. I can smell the lunch room and Mike Coffey's Bruit. I can hear Bio Joe saying "Jacques this is my class not yours so quit talking to Poteete!" I can hear the bustle of the commons and the stillness of the library. I see Mrs. Jaax, Mr. Mason and Mr. Gifford....all who impacted my life in such a major way. I can hear the pep rally cheers, the class yells and see the athletes dressed in their game day best. So how is it possible that 30 years has passed since I walked those halls and left it all behind only to fade to memory?

I feel very blessed to have been a part of the Mulvane High School Class of 1982. Although I am sure we had some rocky times....for the most part all I remember are the good. It is for this reason that I look forward to seeing familiar faces and catching up on three decades worth of careers, marriages, kids and grand kids. As it goes in a lot of small towns....many of us who couldn't wait to flee this place 30 years ago, have gradually migrated back to raise our families here. Some I see often and others just as rarely as if they lived a thousand miles away. Others did move away to make lives in other places only to return on rare occasions. Sadly too, we have lost members of our class over the years and I am sure when conversations of the old days come up....their presence will be greatly missed. is hard to think of 30 years passing so quickly when it feels like little if any time has passed at all. Then I look in the mirror and I wonder if the face staring back even resembles the girl I was all those decades ago? There are more lines on the face, more pounds on the body and more experience in life....but the wonderful thing is.....the heart and the mind still find themselves on occasions in Mr. Mason's creative writing class, running to the office for a hall pass during Mrs. Jaax yearbook or having lunch in the commons with my friends. So here's to the MHS class of 1982 whom in our hearts will remain....forever young.


J'nelle said...

I hope your reunion is great. From the way you write I would never have guessed you had been out of school 30 years. I guess that shows that like your class you are very young at heart.

Anonymous said...

Very nice memories. Very nice blog.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Nice blog. I sure wish I felt that way about my graduating class. Maybe when I hit 30 years I will. :)