Friday, November 9, 2012

Humor Me One More Day

 Okay folks....something new for me. Today I have a guest blogger whom I am highlighting. This gentleman is Manny Laureano. He is the principal trumpet for the Minnesota Orchestra, a very talented and accomplished musician along with being a long time conservative friend of mine. Manny and I met some years back on a conservative web site. I always liked Manny's style because it was very similar to mine....he only stated the facts and left the bickering about rumor's and media hype to others. There was no hate, no animosity....just plain and simple facts. That kind of posting often wins you many friends and really tends to tick off those not of the same mind.

Through this whole election process, of all my conservative friends.....Manny has seemed to be the quietest. He occasionally would post an article or info but it was always straight fact from reputable news sources. Other than that....he has sat back and watched. 

Now I know that EVERYONE is getting sick of thinking about, hearing about and dealing with this whole election. Most want to put it behind them (good or bad) and move forward with what we have (good or bad)! Truthfully....I feel the same. Please though....humor me one more day. Give me this last day of election week to give you food for thought one more time. Then I promise blogs will be back to being all about ME and my oh so entertaining life. 

The piece you are about to read is what Manny wrote about his general analysis of the 2012 election. I guarantee you that it is based in facts and even though you might not agree with is definitely worth the read. I am honored that he allowed me to put this in my blog and I think you will all understand why. So ladies and gentlemen.....conservatives, liberals and middle of the is some post election food for thought!

A post-election analysis for grieving conservatives:

In reading and listening to the post postmortems from various sources the new mantra is, “Well, looks like we’ll have to do some soul searching….” Rubbish. We lost this election for all the wrong reasons, the primary one being that despite the best efforts of talk radio we lost the

battle of the media. The left believes that FOX, with the high ratings for cable news, is able to compete with CBS, ABC, and NBC which are available free of charge.

Consider: the Benghazi scandal alone should have been enough all by itself to scuttle a re-election bid by a sitting president regardless of party. The major free media outlets sat on the story until Hurricane Sandy did its damage. It was at that point that the majority of the free outlets began to report. But who cared by that point? We, as a nation, rallied around the suffering because we’re Americans and that’s what we do. We’re the most generous people in the world (true, not hyperbole). The details of the incompetence of an administration’s handling of that situation were far from anyone who isn’t a current events wonk.

Consider: No president has ever been re-elected with a high unemployment rate that was unchanged from the start of his first term with the exception, possibly, of FDR but that depends on how you look at it. The unemployment rate among black Americans has been moving steadily in double digits yet they voted spiritedly for the incumbent. Under the previous Bush administration, the rate hovered between the middle 5% and low 6% but it was rare that it was looked at (by itself) as praiseworthy. People were focused on the Middle East. To the media the low unemployment rate was hardly ever a topic of discussion. I was rather amazed, back then, how little it was discussed. Last month, the rate ticked downward (before it ticked back up) to 7.8% and the tumult in the free media and press seemed a cause for worldwide celebration.

Consider: National debt magically became something that no one worried about somewhere in 2010. We became $16,000,000,000,000 in debt and that number became so abstract that no one seemed to understand the implications of being that far in debt and the potential consequences of continuing to spend with no end in sight. The media, with glee, continued a narrative that included a variety of “facts” and figures that somehow indicated that the president was less of a spender. Again, the wonks fought back citing numerous numbers to indicate that just wasn’t so. But, as Paul Ryan learned, people don’t care about the process of math nearly as much as they care about the total. The media love final numbers but they are woefully short on analysis.

Media come in all forms and the right had better swallow the following hard: the left is better organized at getting its message out because it has the media on its side. When it came to social issues like same-sex marriage or simply voting for a president of mixed race the message was clear and incessant: if you are not in favor of these issues you don’t just disagree. You are a hater, homophobe, bigot, and racist. The left won that narrative by creating an issue called “The War on Women”. Once again, it took the ill-advised, offhanded remarks of a popular radio host and turned it into a defining issue. If you are on the right, it doesn’t matter the number of female appointments and strong, opinionated politicians you may have. If you’re on the right, you want women pregnant and chained to a stove. The left was magnificent at burning that image indelibly on the foreheads of the middle and it worked. You can’t deny them doing a good job at putting up signs and using social media to get their message out. Had it been the other way around with our side winning by using the available media, we’d be patting ourselves on the back.

So, the right has a choice and that choice is not to “do some soul searching”, as has been suggested. Rubbish. It’s to get not just good at convincing Middle America about the validity of its message. It’s to be the best at getting its message out.

When you hear that a teacher is teaching bias instead of critical thinking, get in his face and complain. When you’re unjustly accused of racism, sexism, or the “ism” of the day, fight back and rally others to have your back. Others: have your fellow righty’s back. Learn to distill whatever message you have to a simple statement. Layers of argument, while valid, don’t win elections. The left is excellent at this. Learn from them. Stop whispering your opinion because you’re afraid of being sued or labeled. God knows the left is unafraid of offending you. Just make sure you always speak the truth. Don’t spread garbage. Spread truth and do it succinctly. Do not allow fear to override the freedoms afforded to you by living in the greatest, most generous, most free society on this planet. If you are on the right it’s because you have a set of principles that guide you and your thinking. Have confidence in those principles. Do not speak in low tones out of fear. Speak the truth and speak your mind. Act and act with conviction. You have every bit as much right to speak your opinion as anyone else.
Manny Laureano 2012


Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog. Mr. Laureano says it all. If people follow his lead in act in this manner, it almost gives me hope for the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the views of your guest blogger, Mr. Laureano today.

Yesterday your blog was attacked by a race baiter. And it was race baiter that keep pointing their finger because others dared to have a differing view from theirs. It was good to see several of your reader's responses who took a stand.

I do believe that now that the left won the election they have no idea on how to handle their success. For them there is no one left to demonize. Now their get to face their greatest challenge which is how to handle the staggering unemployment, crippling deficit, failed stimulus spending, fast and furious coverup, hurricane Sandy and the disaster in Benghazi. What will they do? Protest themselves?

And given the lack of any kind of success of this administrations 1st term I anticipate they do not have the capacity to correct any crisis that comes their way. Do I want them to fail? No. Not at all. We are all Americans and we succeed together and fail together as a nation.

I just fail to understand an ideology that believes you can continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect to get different results.

God help us. We're going to need it.

MarniJ said...

What a great blog. I can see why you wanted to share it. Mr Laureano has a great way of putting it and hopefully many will follow suit. If so then there is much hope for our future!!!

Anonymous said...

This was a great blog and I love the above comment. No we do not want this administration to fail. Most of the left do not realize that gone are the days of people being glued to a two party system. It is about the person in office and how they do the job not the party. It has nothing to do with color of skin or even religion. It has to do with love of this country and it's people and doing what is best for all and not just the few. I don't care what party you belong to, if you can do all of that and continue to make this country great and prosperous I will vote for you. I would love to see Mr. Obama learn from the mistakes of his first term, quit blaming Bush and move forward to rebuild this country both economically and physically fixing the divide that he himself deepened. Sadly, nothing in his attitude or manner makes me believe that he feels like he made mistakes his first term and nothing makes me feel like he is going to move in a positive direction for this country. I sincerely hope that I am wrong. Mr. Laureano got it all right in his blog. We have to take a stand and speak out. Why is it that the right are the ones afraid to step on toes or offend when the left do it nationally on a daily basis? Today's blog and comments are just what I needed to see. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It sounds pretty hear but you don't want Obama to succeed. You would love nothing more than to see him fail. Face it you lost and none of you can stand it. You can't stand that a black man is still your president and you can't stand it that our government won't cater to the big business any more. Obama speaks for the poor and the little man. No one else has done that. You just want the little man to go away. Don't blame Obama's winning on the news media blame it where it belongs blamed. Blame it on the fact that the poor and the little man have now spoken and now it is our turn!

J'nelle said...

I am tired of this election stuff because it feels like what is done is done and nothing can be done. Manny's blog actually made me feel better. It made me feel like I can still do something. I know there is much bias taught in the schools and this is where all of this starts. We need to confront teachers and administrators and tell them that this is not okay and we need to keep our local media in check. There are things that can be done and hiding in a corner and licking our wounds helps nothing.

J'nelle said...

Oh and anonymous this is not about race. It never has been. Saying it is still doesn't make it so. Race baiting is unnecessary at this point especially when your eradicate won. Are you so angry with anyone who voted against Obama that now that he has won you can't just enjoy the victory. I guess you are no better at winning than you are at losing.

J'nelle said...


Anonymous said...

****Racist Alert***** ****Racist Alert*****

He/she is back and flashing the race card once again. Just remember that the man you call black is actually of mixed ancestry. Yep. He's half white.

Actually, I could careless if was blue/pink/red/green or had polka dots that flashed when he makes a presidential proclamation that side steps our checks and balances system of government.

And as far as him not liking big business much please explain why Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE served as his Jobs Czar. GE made $16 billion in 2011 and paid $0 in taxes. Yep. He's all about the little guy. Like all the little people in NY, NJ after Sandy. He made a one day stop and then was off to campaign again. Hasn't come back since.

Government has never succeeded in the compassion business. However they are masters in the power business. Anom, enjoy your spin, your insults and race baiting. Your anger is obvious.

Cmom said... are irritating me. I almost never comment on my own blog but you seem to give me no choice. You said..."It sounds pretty hear but you don't want Obama to succeed. You would love nothing more than to see him fail. Face it you lost and none of you can stand it." This is exactly the kind of thing that is deepening the divide in this country. People are saying that yes we want him to succeed. Yes we want this country sound and united and these are heartfelt thoughts...but people like you twist and manipulate until you turn this into a race issue. You disregard the facts presented and make it appear as if it is all about race. The only ones who have ever thought it was about race were the black community. To the rest of was about who was best for the job regardless of anything else. You forget...many whites, Hispanics, Asians etc. also voted for him. If this was a race issue...that would not have happened. Stop deliberately trying to divide this country further. YOU are the one with the race issue. Not me, not these other commenters and not the majority of this country. Just you and those like you who wish to see a divided country...thus a weak country with no direction. But perhaps that is the ultimate goal.

Anonymous said...

WTF! Are you saying Obama wasn't there after Sandy? Are you saying he didn't care? Are you crazy? It was on the news!

Of course Obama is going to have to deal with big business but that doesn't mean he will support them. You are twisting the facts to serve your right wing fanatic agenda.

Obama was given a big debt when he started out and he had to spend money during his presidency. All presidents do. Blaming him for spending his share is a joke. He spent his money on the people. Bush spent his money on military and war. There is a big difference. Obama is a man of the people.

I think if anyone wants this country divided it is people like you crazy republicans.

Cmom said... you ever actually read an entire post or do you just pick and choose words and then decide you know what you are talking about? I will comment no further because I trust that I am not the only one with eyes who reads an "entire" post and who also is intelligent enough to see what you are trying to do here. Right or left I think we all can agree that there has to be a middle ground found at some point and people like you just perpetuate the divide. Please consider yourself both busted and hopefully ignored. Your power here to insite is gone.

Ada, OK said...

Great post above cmom and now back to the blog. I really liked the blog. It said what we all should already know that the media ran this election. FOX while good can't compete with all the left media and mud slinging journalism. I heard someone say that Romney was a really nice guy and it was one of his flaw. He just couldn't compete with the nastiness that was thrown at him. As good as facts are, lies are usually much more sensational and much easier to believe and it was that kind of journalism and Romeny's nice guy temperament that lost the election. Yes it is time to bring truth back into the media, our schools and our government. Damn we have a long road ahead of us.