Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Will Not Be One of Them

My mother used to tell me that knowing something isn't right and not doing something about it....makes you just as guilty as if you did the act itself. That has been going through my head alot recently. The other thing that has gone through my head is the quote "evil takes hold when good men do nothing." I feel as if I have been doing nothing.

For much of this election year I have remained quiet with only the rogue post or blog here and there. Much of the reason has been because I have been very frustrated seeing the negativity and down right hatefulness that has come out of the election. Normally nice people are attacking others...... and friendships and relationships have died over this election. Some people I know have steered clear away from politics while others who have never used their political voice...have suddenly gotten quite vocal. Someone said all of this was because people care so much. I have a different idea....I think it is because people are scared. Fear can make people react in ways they wouldn't normally act. It can help them find their voice. Then I realized....I am scared too. I am scared for this country and as an American is my job to speak up and speak out....while I still can.

I have taken to speaking out more of late and I know that my stance...though always respectful has ruffled more than a few feathers. Yesterday I posted a rather conservative opinion on facebook about the upcoming election and one of my dear liberal friends respectfully disagreed...which I totally expected. I answered back....and then magically my post was gone. This was not my first post to disappear and funny enough all disappearing posts have been political. Not hateful, not rude....but conservatively political. Perhaps I have a right to be afraid. A social website that millions of people use and I am being censored. Yes I find this very disconcerting. It was this latest incident that is the catalyst for this blog in fact. I decided then and there...under the United States Constitution...I still have the right to free speech and here and now I will use it. Even if no one least I know I used my voice! And some of what I am about to say I have said before....but I think it merits being said a 2nd, 3rd and even 23rd time if eventually it gets people to really pay attention and think about what is actually happening in our country right before our very eyes.

Of late...the general consensus seems to be that if you do not vote for Obama in this election you are either racist, a right wing fringe fanatic or anti-woman. To that I say....I will not vote for Barrack Obama. I am not racist. Race plays no part in how someone does a job. I am not a right wing fanatic. I am a middle class single mom who believes in the Constitution and does not want my children and the generations to follow being stuck with the astronomical debt which this president continues to add to. And I am not anti-woman. I feel that abortion should be decided by the states...not the federal government. And abortions should not be forced upon Catholic or other hospitals or clinics who find it religiously unacceptable nor should the cost of said abortions be forced upon taxpayers. You don't want me messing with your reproductive rights...then don't be sticking your hand in my pocket to pay for them.  No...I am not voting for Obama because I find him to be dangerous to this country and to all of our freedoms.

In 2009, Obama promised that his presidency would be one of transparency. His exact words: "I will also hold myself as president to a new standard of openness .... Let me say it as simply as I can: Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency." This means he will be open about everything and hold fast to the law. He has failed at both. He has kept secrets from sealing his personal records to what exactly was in the Obama Healthcare package. Remember Nancy Pelosi telling the country that we would know what was in the healthcare plan AFTER it was voted in? That's NOT transparency! And holding fast to the law? No...he has tried to circumvent congress, the law and the Constitution time and again when things were not going his way. What is worse....United States citizens have not only accepted this...but continue to support him after the fact.

When congress couldn't get together and decide on a budget because spending was out of hand and there just wasn't enough money to go around, Obama didn't suggest a cut in congressional he threatened the salaries of our military. He threatened the livelihood of the people who were putting their lives on the line to protect this country. I was outraged at such a threat....and yet many didn't even flinch. Still they support him.

Since taking office, unemployment has been astronomical, along with gas prices and federal spending. He has spent in one term twice what Bush spent in two terms, got our credit rating lowered.....and all the while blamed the Bush administration for our debt...never once taking responsibility for his part in any of it. In fact the only thing he has taken responsibility for during his presidency was the killing of Bin Laden. THAT he took responsibility for! Forget that the search for Bin Laden started under the Bush administration and that the Navy Seals actually did the work. And still...people support him.

And what about Benghazi? A terrorist attack on American citizens and rather than call it what it act of terrorism.....Obama blamed a youtube video. In a cover up to rival Watergate....Obama blamed those who made the video for the terrorist attack and seemed to side more with the sensibilities of the terrorists than with those who were killed. It was American lives lost on his watch and instead of immediate action to get to the bottom of things....there was just more deception and more blaming....and rather than be outraged....people still support him.

Then there was the whole gay marriage thing. First he came out saying that he believed marriage to be defined as between a man and a woman. The gay community was not pleased. an election year....he comes out for gay marriage. No one found this the least bit suspicious? No one thought that maybe he was going after the gay vote any way he could get it? And still....people support him.

I have watched. I have listened. I have kept my eyes open and what I see is a man who has
lied to this country. He has disrespected our country, our Constitution, our soldiers and our citizens. He has taken responsibility for something he had little to do with....and pushed all responsibility for the things he has actually done off on the previous administration and even the American citizens. He has flip flopped on issues in order to serve his own re-election and the worst thing of all....he has perpetuated a divide amongst the people he is suppose to be trying to bring together. He has never once tried to unite this country but instead has actively worked toward giving us "an us against them" mentality. He has mocked Christians, tea partiers and anyone who challenges him. He has refused to call terrorists what they are....terrorists and he has bashed capitalism and pushed for socialism since the moment he set foot in office.  And still.....people support him.

While I am not a genius...I am not stupid either. I have done my homework and as I said before...I have watched. Obama is trying to insinuate government into all facets of our lives all the while trying to "rule" outside the confines of the Constitution. He wants the people to be controlled by the government instead of the government being controlled by the people.... as it was originally intended. He continues to refuse full disclosure of his past and people are not alarmed by this? Common sense should tell us that anyone (especially someone high profile or the elected leader of a country) who refuses full disclosure is likely hiding something that could be very important or even dangerous....... and yet people still support him. I am simply baffled.

We are just days away from this election and I still see people rabidly supporting this man. They deny his wrong doings and claim he has done a fine job. him have begun blaming rather than admitting where the fault truly lies. It is as if he says it....and they believe it....regardless of the facts that are presented to them. And these are not stupid people. Again...I am baffled. Especially since we all know that if a conservative/Republican candidate had this track record....the opposition would have him tarred and feathered in the street awaiting impeachment. So I ask....what is going on????

In a day and age where information is readily available....everyone should be doing their research before this election, but many aren't. So here it is. I am spelling it out for all who care to read and addressing grave concerns we should all be having right now about the current administration. I know there will be many who will not like what I am saying. Even faced with the facts....many will go into those voting booths with a huge case of denial. Why? I have no idea. All of this being is my prediction if Obama is re-elected....our country will slip away from us in the next four years. He will find a way to totally disregard the Constitution which will mean many if not all of our rights will become nonexistent and he will by pass congress making into law things that are both unconstitutional and in the best interest of government and not the people being governed. He will do his best to make it so that POTUS term limits will be a thing of the him free reign for years to come. Government will play a roll in everything we do and we will be left open for terrorist attacks far beyond anything we have seen up til now. We will be a joke to other countries and we will lose the allies we do currently have. And sadly, there will be those....that still support him. BUT, I guarantee you...I will not be one of them!


Christopher Robbins said...

This could possibly be one of your best blogs to date. I have been on the fence about who to vote for because I have had reservations about both. Here you have put it in black and white and some things I have had concerns about you have highlighted.

Benghazi really set off red flags and the fact that the media has shut down where this incident is concerned has really alarmed me.

I also heard recently that Obama is trying to have his presidential records sealed. Like you I feel the need to ask why? Why would a president want his presidential records sealed unless he had taken actions he shouldn't have?

I find this election very disturbing and although I am not sure that I want Romney as our next president, I am very sure, especially after reading this that I DO NOT want Obama to be our president again.

Thanks for the excellent blog!

Anonymous said...

Do you really think you have the power to change minds with this blog? The fact is most people already know who they are voting for or have already voted. You blogging this stuff is just going to piss a lot of people off. My thoughts are that if the American people want Obama then let them have him and the consequences that come with it. This country has been falling into the sewer for decades and Obama is the culmination of years of bad spending, bad decisions and bad men wanting to rule the world not govern a country. Obama is just the right socialist mentality to take us into our new phase as a country without a constitution and without freedom. We are the next Cuba and we deserve it. And by the way, if you think Obama is pulling the strings you are delusional. Obama was carefully trained and his presidency was orchestrated by people far more devious than even he can be. He is a puppet whose strings have been pulled for years. A little research would have told this country who this man was before his presidency and still he was voted in and likely will be again. I say this country will just have to deal with their stupidity. Me, I will find another place to reside.

J'nelle said...

I will be glad when all this political stuff is over. Good blog and good info but I am tired of being caught between the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant blog today. And it's not because I agree with you on every point. It's because of the truth and the passion in how you write. Our country is at a dangerous crossroad. I pray that Americans vote based what our country should be and not for what they will be given if they vote for a particular candidate.

Obama 2012 said...

More fiction and fairy tales from the far right Christian crazies. You weave a good tale my dear but that is all that it is. Just paranoid delusions of someone who wants big money and big business running this country leaving the middle class nonexistent and the low class numbers piling up daily. Obviously your research was done on Fox and other right wing outlets. If you want the REAL facts try looking up Obama's site. Go straight to the source and stop drinking the conservative koolaid!

Nobama said...

Obama 2012 if anyone is delusional it is you. You talk about her sources coming from right wing outlets, well my sources are the department of labor which tells us that unemployment has increased since Obama took office which is why we are losing our middle class. No one can afford to live anymore because they are out of work. Unemployment has a trickle down effect which effects everything. I also get my facts from the us treasury dept which says that we have the highest national debt ever and Obama in one term has out spent any other president in decades. Now either you are saying that these government depts. are putting out right wing info or you are going to have to step out of your delusion and admit that there is a problem. As far as Benghazi goes, unless you lived under a rock, we all saw this happen right before our eyes. We saw the president blame a youtube video and we know that this was an act of terrorism. Also, it has been all over on ALL news channels that Obama has sealed personal records that he refuses to unseal. This blogger is correct, no elected official should ever be elected without full disclosure and anyone with an ounce of sense knows that if someone refuses full disclosure then they are hiding something. We currently have a sitting president who we don't know pertinent facts about which potentially puts this country at risk and yet people like you call that a fairy tale. What will it take for you to wake up and realize that we are being led by a man who is nothing but lies and smoke and mirrors? God help us all!

Anonymous said...

So... Romney IS hiding something about his taxes! I knew it... Thanks for confirming Nobama!

Disgusted said...

I saw that two reactions on your blog were "It made me laugh." It is nice to see that Joe Bidens idiocy is alive and well in his and BO's constituents. I just want to see if they are still laughing in another four years.

Nobama said...

Yes anonymous Romney is not disclosing his taxes and I think the country should make him disclose them the minute Obama discloses his sealed info. After all, Obama is a sitting president and Romney is merely running for the office. Who do you think should disclose first?

Anonymous said...

Okay if all of this is a fairy tale, then someone step up and educate us poor delusional people. Tell us that unemployment isn't high. Tell us that Obama hasn't spent upwards of 6 trillion dollars in just four years. Tell us that Obama has lived up to his promise of transparency and that he didn't threaten the military's pay when a budget was not met. Tell us how statistics from government offices are not correct and how Obama is responsible for finding Bin Laden. Tell us also how Benghazi has not been a huge cover up. Wait, maybe no one really died in Benghazi and this blogger just made up that fairy tale too. Finally, tell us that after four years when people are STILL out of work,gas prices are still rising and our national debt continues to climb how this is still Bush's fault. My question: If elected again, is Obama still going to blame the guy who held office the term before? If so, for once he will be correct. Now go ahead guys and teach us poor delusional souls what the real truth is on Obama.

I Think therefor I Vote said...

I like Obama. I like his way with words and his ability to speak to a crowd. I also like the way he appears to be with Michelle and the kids. Liking someone though doesn't necessarily mean they are good in a certain job.

I voted for Obama because he was young, energetic and the political world had not seemed to have jaded him. He was not super wealthy and he had a "man of the people" air about him. I was sick of the direction the world was going and I wanted the change he promised. Four years later, I will not vote for him again.

I still like Obama very much as a person but I don't think he has been a good president. I think he was ill prepared for the job and I think that he was ill prepared to be a leader. A true leader doesn't throw blame, he takes responsibility for his own actions and moves ahead. In fact he is usually so busy trying to be a leader that he doesn't have the time to waste on blaming others. He just steps in and fixes things. Obama has not done that.

Sadly Obama has proven that he doesn't work well with congress and his ability to curtail spending and cut the deficit is very poor. Little if anything has changed for the better since he took office and now we are a country truly divided because he has also failed to unite people despite their differences. He is not a man of compromise and as much as I don't want to say it, I don't find him to be a man of integrity or great ethics either. Honestly I think he was in over his head from the beginning.

I know there are questions about Romney, his tax returns and his wealth but truthfully Romney's unshown tax returns do not worry me near as much as what Mr. Obama finds so necessary to keep secret.

I also feel that maybe we need a business man running this country and not someone who just wants to spend us into oblivion. Romney's wealth does not bother me. In fact it puts me at ease to some degree. He has offered to donate his salary if elected, he is obviously good with money and he is not wanting the job for the money. He too is promising change and now I think we need that change worse than we even did four years ago. I think Romney deserves the same chance I gave Mr. Obama and this election I am jumping parties and voting for Romney.

Cmom, you are right. There is just too much that simply can't be ignored no matter how comfortable the state of denial might be. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

I live in a predominantly blue state and I have been told by several people that we shouldn't even bother to vote because our votes won't count. There have also been many rumors about possible voter fraud. This all worries me. I think this is a ploy to keep voters away from the polls. I am not sure why my vote would not count but I plan on casting it anyway. Before I do though, I think I will take your advice and do a little research. What I thought I knew and what I have learned here today are two different things.

Anonymous said...

Some common reactions are laughing uncontrollably, name calling, insulting and the ever so dramatic slap. What are these all common reactions to? Being faced with facts and not having anything intelligent to say! Joe Biden illustrated this beautifully during the VP debates.