Friday, February 8, 2013

My Lessons of the Year

I think when we are young....we get the misguided idea that at some point we are going to know it all and the act of learning will eventually cease. Contrare! The act of learning never ceases. Every day I learn new things and my mind is opened to thoughts and ideas that in some cases....I never even knew existed. In fact....I am of the mind, that the older you get....the more you learn. Perhaps that is why they say....with age comes wisdom!

This morning this was a recurring theme in my thoughts. Even in the last year...I have learned more than I ever dreamed was possible. Maybe it was just that my mind was more receptive or possibly it was the many new ideas, issues and adventures thrown my way this year. Whatever the education has been vast and you know me....I just have to share my wisdom in my blog. So here goes....My Lessons of the Year:

I have learned that true friends will travel many miles just to hold your hand through a crisis.
Kind people who have never before laid eyes on you and who have their own personal issues going on, will drop everything for a stranger in need.
Time does not stop for anyone. Not even parents whose children are growing up too fast.
Friends can come from the most unlikely of places.
Charisma can trump facts.
Generation gaps can be bridged at a STYX concert.
My dog Spud is a very resourceful dog.
A pitbulls attitude is not about the breed but about the owner.
We all eventually grow up.
Sometimes I don't actually know it all!
Some people are simply takers.
There are some who will always hold onto the past and refuse to see the present.
You cannot change a closed mind. 
Forgiveness is a gift that not everyone has to give.
Sometimes our friends can be more family to us than our own family....and that is okay.
Not all kids know love.
Some people give for others....and some give for themselves.
No number on the scale is permanent.
Age truly is just a number.
Free isn't free!
Politics is a blood sport.
There are people who will dislike you for having a different opinion than them and there is simply nothing you can do about it.
People don't passionately fight about something if they don't care.
Speaking of God can be grounds for a lawsuit while speaking of Allah is not.
There is no truth, morality or ethical conduct in the media.
The older you are....the sicker the flu can make you.
A clean an organized house is possible....if you Pinterest.
And finally...the most import thing that I learned:
Cheesecake can pretty much cure all things that ail if you bake it....they will buy it!

So you has been a very educational year!


Anonymous said...

I liked this blog a lot. I learned a few of those things myself this year.

J'nelle said...

I liked
A closed mind cannot be changed.
I know a lot of people who this might refer to.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I learned that much in the last year. :)

Anonymous said...

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