Thursday, April 11, 2013

This That and The Other has been kind of crazy and kind of busy, but I have a short window of time to I took it. My mind is in a frenzy of thoughts (maybe because the sun is actually shining and I don't have to wear a parka in April), so who knows what I might have to say? I am just letting my mind lead and my fingers follow. I know! I know! It scares me too!

You all should be very proud of me. I have side stepped politics since I have been back on facebook. I have posted NOTHING political on my wall and have only commented on a couple of others who have posted something political. I actually enjoyed my political hiatus during Lent and am trying very hard not to get sucked back into it. Yes...I will still hold my ground when push comes to shove and I still scratch my head and wonder how otherwise intelligent people can have such "interesting" political views, but unless provoked....I am trying hard to concentrate on the big picture of life which actually has very little to do with politics. Prayer actually helps.

Spring (or the thoughts of spring) are starting to bring on that familiar old restlessness. I feel it myself and I am starting to see it in my kids. Even with David....I can tell he would much rather be anywhere or doing anything rather than going to school. We are fast approaching the end of the school year and the kids can all feel it. Z is on edge with all the end of year stuff and worrying himself into a nervous fit over the ACT's. Little I say helps because...well...I was NEVER a teenager, I NEVER took the ACT's and besides the fact that I have managed to live half a century, raise kids and go to college.....I know NOTHING!'s spring!

I still find myself amazed at Pinterest. Don't tell my kids but Pinterest really has taught me that I don't know much. The things I learn on that site are so interesting and for the most part simple. I keep asking myself....."Why have I spent so much time spending money on stuff that I could make for pennies?" Now if I could just learn to be an extreme couponer....I would have it made.

My new favorite Pinterest find is cooking with Greek Yogurt. I have always loved yogurt but when Greek yogurt came out....I wasn't sure I liked it. After trying it several times though(the fruit kind), I was hooked. I prefer it to just about any other kind. Then on Pinterest I kept seeing "healthy" recipes that substituted plain Greek yogurt for sour cream. I was really skeptical as I am a sour cream lover. Finally though....I broke down and tried it. I have to say that I am sold. It gives the same rich flavor but it is much healthier. I really really like it. What is finicky children who would not touch something if they knew I had substituted Greek yogurt....can't tell the difference. SCORE!!!! Pinterest what took you so long to come into my life.

I have continued fighting with the IRS on my tax return. So much for filing early. I keep hoping that my twice a week calls to their multiple numbers will wear them down to the point that they will send my refund for no other reason than to shut me up. You can imagine how unpleased I was yesterday when I was told that some people may not get their refund for up to 12 months. The IRS rep was really sorry she had said that after she said it. I unleashed!!!! Maybe next week instead of calling, I will just poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick. The results will be the same as the phone calls....painful!

Finally my final thoughts on some things you probably don't give a darn about....but will read anyway out of curiosity!

Jay-Z and Beyonce in Cuba......... I wasn't a fan before and I am really not a fan now.
Andy Dick on Dancing with the Stars.............. I never used to like Andy Dick but I have to say....the sober AD might just be winning me over.
American Idol.............. How do you ruin a long running talent competition? Make Nikki Minaj a judge.
Neck tattoo's..........I like them and may just be getting one.
George Straight on the Country Music Awards Sunday Night........I was really disappointed and thought he had lost his beautiful music voice. Z said he thought not. He thought what George was hearing in his earpiece was not what we were hearing therefore throwing him off. His second song with Garth was much better so I was relieved. Long live the King!
Garth Brooks on the Country Music Awards Sunday Night........I was so happy to see him back and yes...I cried at The Dance!

Well there you have it. A little of this, some of that and a whole lot of the other....and in just a few minutes to boot. Darn I'm good!

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