Sunday, June 23, 2013


It has been a weekend of some relaxation and a great deal of reflection. Actually probably more reflection than I have allowed myself in a long while. As I sit here writing this....I still feel moments of anxiousness over finances, Davids health (he is fine....I just never stop worrying about him) and a few other things that keep me awake at night from time to time. I can't help is who I am. On the other hand.....there is also a little peace.

Mass has been attended, breakfast has been served and the dishes are done. I can smell the roast from the crock pot cooking and I hear David in his room laughing out loud as he plays with his toys. Z is in last minute construction mode as he makes sure he has absolutely everything he needs to start his room tomorrow. Silly boy....little does he know that rarely do we ever have everything we need when we start a project. I am sure he will be visiting Lowes several more times before his room is completed. At any rate house is clean, the yard is mowed and despite my penchant for worry.....things are peaceful and a Sunday morning should be.

I didn't get my planning and list making for the week done yesterday as I had hoped. It seemed that once I unburdened my brain of all my thoughts.....I was just too mentally tired to even think past the next hour, let alone make a list. I left that for today. Will it happen? Eh....

In the midst of my is not lost on me.....just how blessed I am. My life is filled with much love and happiness and my family is my world. There is a great deal to be said for being able to love with your whole heart and having that love reciprocated. It is a great joy for me to see my boys growing and turning into the men they were meant to be. I am also excited to be able to watch the next generation as they come into our lives one by one.

I must not forget blessed I am with friends. I somehow have managed to maintain some really great friendships for literally decades and I have to say.....that truly does amaze me because I am just not always that friendly. Guess it goes to show that they love me for who I am and not how I always act.....which is a really good thing. I also have managed to make some amazing new friends too. Wonder if they will still hang on after they get to know me? I hope so. is all about reflection today. Family, friends and the smell of a delicious pot roast cooking to perfection. Does it get any better? Right now I'd have to!

Happy Sunday y'all!

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Lovely. Have a Happy Sunday.