Monday, March 24, 2014

Mila and Ashton, Julia Roberts, March Madness and Just a Bling Thing

And we are back! Spring break is behind us and I could have cried as the weather stated last night that we "might still have snow in our forecast!" Ugh! Oh well, in the big scheme of things.....snow is no more than a tiny speed bump. It's not like I packed our winter clothes away yet. (If you could only see how hard I am laughing right now!)

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are going to have a baby together. Random? Yes but I thought it very interesting as back when I watched That 70's Show, I used to think they were the perfect couple. Well, perfect for each other. She was self absorbed and narcissistic and he was an idiot. Yeah, I know it was just characters they played but when Kutcher took up with Demi Moore, that was just too weird for me. I am sure she had socks older than he was. I could never date/marry someone young enough to be my child. I think Kunis and Kutcher are a better least age wise and I like the fact that other than what they specifically tell the media, that they keep their personal lives personal. Perhaps the Lindsay Lohans, Miley Cyrus's and Justin Beibers of our time should pull a page from the book of Kunis and Kutcher. Oh well, I wish them well on the expansion of their family and this new journey in their lives.

August: Osage County. Has anyone seen this? It is funny, but if someone asks me who my favorite actress is, I would never immediately say Julia Roberts. In fact I would likely say Sandra Bullock, however after watching AOC, I am brought back to the same thought I always have after watching a Roberts movie......what an amazing actress. She blew me away in this movie and quite honestly......Meryl Streep was no slouch either. It is a gritty movie about family and the fact that no family is without their own brand of dysfunction. It was raw and at times almost painful to watch as a family's past is showed to weigh heavily on their present. There is a lot of colorful language but I felt that it was used accordingly with the amount of pain these characters endured. I walked away remembering that maybe Roberts is my favorite actress after all.

Any sports fans out there? Yeah, me neither until...... it comes to the playoffs of any sport and then I am all in. I guess I don't have the patience to watch them get there, but I will cheer the heck out of them once they are there. This weekend I watched as not one or even two but THREE Kansas teams got into March Madness (college basketball for those of you who do not speak sports). First we lost K-State my alma mater, then KU was out and then there was ONE! I watched on the edge of my seat as WSU and Kentucky fought it out yesterday afternoon. It was a nail biter that I was almost afraid was going to give me a panic attack. At one point I yelled so loud over a bad call that I scared the beans out of David. Sadly, in the end Kentucky won out. I was proud though of WSU and how well they played. They have an amazing team of players and an amazing coach behind them (Gregg Marshall) and I have no doubt that at this time next year......they will be back and just maybe this time......victorious! What a great season guys (35-1)! you like cute clothes and lots of bling????? Well then you might be interested in Just A Bling Thing. Carrie McDowell, the owner has graciously offered to do a fund raiser for my family (yes we are still struggling) and starting in June, things will be a lot tougher if I don't find a job. At any rate, Carrie doesn't really know me, she is just a resident of my home town who has a big heart and a generous spirit. Yes, people like Carrie are why I love my home town. Carrie is doing this fund raiser to help my family and it will end March 30, 2014. She has so many cute things from leggings and dresses to jewelry. If you are local you can come by and see her stuff in person at the Derby Antique Market LLC, 317 N. Rock Road in Derby or if you aren't local, check here out on line at Just a Bling Thing.  Remember....if you are ordering to help us, the orders need to be in by Sunday March 30th. I know once you see her stuff you will be hooked and you will also be helping my family out a lot.

So there you have it. A little about a lot and a lot about........... well you fill in the blank. Happy Monday folks!


Anonymous said...

I checked out the Bling Thing website. Very cute and very affordable. I will pass this along. Hope things start looking up. Interesting blog today.

J'nelle said...

LEGGINGS! I love leggings. Those are so cute. I will let people know about this. The jewelry is super cute too. You are blessed to have such great people in your home town.