Sunday, May 11, 2014

If Momma Ain't Happy....A Mother's Day Blog

Today is the day when many will be given flowers, jewelry or breakfast in bed by their loyal subjects who know all too well....When Momma ain't happy.....Ain't nobody happy! The reason for all of the gifting? Why Mothers Day of course! Truthfully though, I do believe that moms deserve a day where someone remembers and appreciates what they do the other 364 days of the year.

There is a video going around on the internet about a job interview for the toughest job in the world. People think they are applying for some job or another and the interviewer goes down the checklist of job expectations such as being on call 24/7 and no pay. The interviewees are just speechless and outraged that someone would expect so much out of them for so little in return. In the end, the bomb is dropped, the job they are interviewing for is Mom.... and yes, it hits home quite effectively. I am sure many have watched this video and  immediately turned around to call their mothers just to say thank you! The rest of us just wish we could call our moms.

If you ask a mother if they are excited to have a day such as Mothers Day, I think most would feel the same way. While the sentiment is wonderful and who doesn't love a nice Sunday brunch with the family, some lovely roses or a new vacuum cleaner, we would much rather that one day be sprinkled out over say......52 weeks instead of just 24 hours. Ungrateful? Why would someone take these loving gestures and ask for more? Well lets break it down.

First and foremost, there isn't a one of you reading this that would be here if it wasn't for your mother. I don't care what her faults are.....she chose to quit drinking wine, chain smoking or riding roller coasters for nine months out of her life to ensure a healthy you and as if that weren't enough, she then went through one of the most painful experiences known to anyone (childbirth) just to see that you made it into this world. For anyone else, this very act would have won them accolades and rewards for the rest of their lives. Not for moms though. For is just the beginning and within 24 to 48 hours of this momentous act...they are checked out, hurried home and handed a helpless little person and asked when will dinner be ready? Then, for at least the next 18 years this person will be permanently attached to them both physically and emotionally and will require their constant and undivided attention not to mention enough money to rival the national debt. All this must be done while moms carry on with their jobs, homes, spouses and the rest of their normal family life. They learn to survive on no sleep and little food. From this day forward, they will never take another bite of anything without someones eyes being on their food or someones hands being in their plate. Bathing and brushing their teeth will became a luxury. They learn to become proficient at cooking, cleaning and doing laundry all the while having a toddler holding onto their pant leg screaming......"Tookie! I wants tookie!" They get peed on pooped on and puked on....sometimes all in the same day and must carrying on as if they had not just had to clean up such vile smelly stuff....and still they are expected to make supper. They learn to survive childish meltdowns and judgmental stares at the store, the doctors office, at church or any other place that is both inopportune and will draw a crowd. They take in stride the teen years, full of deceit, anger and more meltdowns....and the kids can be pretty rotten too. They learn to protect their hearts through the "I hate you moments," and the "Johnny's mom is better," declarations and they eventually have to come to terms with the fact that all they do as mother's is not always as appreciated as they would like it to be at times.

Today I want to honor the mothers who really do give it their all. To the women who feed you, clothe you and never let you forget to brush your teeth. To the ladies who nag, gripe and drive you crazy so that you won't miss the bus, be late for school, work or forget your geometry assignment. To the moms who work inside the home or outside the home....and still make sure you make it to every practice, every game and every recital. To the mothers who sit in the stands every Friday night, Saturday mornings and any other time their baby is playing quarterback or just sitting on the bench all the while, loudly cheering their kids on. To the women who love you enough to argue with you, tell you that your clothes don't match or are willing to lick their thumb and wipe food off your face in public so that you will not have to face food face embarrassment in front of your friends.

To the women who have to teach you literally every skill you have from wiping your tush to putting on eyeliner, from hygiene to the birds and the bees and most of all.....the important stuff like how to get out of a ticket (only works if you are a girl) or how to mend a broken heart. To those moms who smile through tears when you learn to walk, talk, attend your first day of school, go on your first date and finally graduate. To the moms who are there for your joys and for your sorrows and are willing to hug you through both. Yes, this is for the women who sacrifice everything, nag mercilessly and love unconditionally every day of your life.

So yeah, a card is nice. Flowers are great. Brunch is amazing and I am sure that even that vacuum will come in handy, however......if you really want your mom to know she is special and loved.....try telling her so every once in awhile. Remember that although she is MOM and she does do it all and usually makes it look pretty easy, she is still human. She gets tired and even a little cranky at times. Can you blame her? I guarantee that she would love to find your socks and underwear in the laundry basket instead of the floor, your dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink.....and remember.....that load of laundry isn't going to fold itself. A nicely folded shirt says I love you like you wouldn't believe. Like I said earlier....If Momma ain't happy..... and you would be surprised just how happy clean folded laundry makes a momma!

Okay, so for all the moms, single moms, step moms, foster moms and yes....even you dads who are both mom and dad, I wish you all a blessed and Happy Mothers Day....and I say thank you for all that you do.

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