Monday, August 25, 2014

Don't Judge Me! I'm a Blogger!

So I think I will start Monday out by patting myself on the back. I'll have you know that I have not missed a day of blogging in a week! Yay me! Okay, so back patting over and we are moving on...........

I am in a really positive mood today (hope I didn't just jinx myself) so I thought I would talk about something that I truly love. Blogging! Of course I was a blogger before blogging was cool. I would write down my thoughts, stories and ideas (I believe it was called a journal) and make anyone in close proximity to me read it. Apparently I was not the only one or else blogs would never have been a thing. Blogging is self-indulgence for the writer set.

Writing has always been my one true non-human passion. Knowing that I have the power to make someone feel happy, sad, nostalgic or even down right angry through my words, is amazing. Also having the ability to sway a persons opinions or feelings on subjects or just to make them think, is an empowerment all its own. It means that my words, thoughts and opinions mean something to someone.....other than just myself. How cool is that?

I have always had the desire to tell stories or maybe just to be heard. Then two very influential teachers in my high school years Mr. Mason, my creative writing teacher who challenged me on every level with my story creations and Mrs. Jaax my senior English teacher who challenged me on every level with words, ignited a fire in me that still burns brightly some 30 years later. They lit the match and although at times there have only been embers, now there is a full fledged fire again, with thoughts and words dying to get out daily. don't have to thank me! You're welcome!

When I learned about blogging, it seemed like such a natural progression from my story writing and my opinionated forum writing. At the time, Facebook was so limited on what you could post that it didn't come close to scratching my writing itch. However, after learning about blogs and starting my own, it took a while to completely understand the whole blog thing. Once I did though, and more importantly, once I learned that I had a real audience outside the family and friends I had to bribe into reading my stuff, it was as if I had found my destiny. Of course I always pretend I have a much larger following than I actually do and that EVERYONE is just dying to know what I have to say on any given subject......on any given day. It is part of the magic that is my mind. Honestly though, I do get my fair share of "fan" mail, both good and not so good at times, and I have had the occasional person stop me at the store telling me that they read my blogs, so it is a definite win for my ego and it keeps the narcissistic part of my brain happy.

The new thing (or new to me anyway), is making money with blogs. Now I know very little to almost nothing about this sort of thing. The fact that you could write a blog and make money on it, well it is just too fantastic to even comprehend. I guess though, that is the way the world is going and I honestly think I should educate myself and try to jump on that band wagon. I mean doing what you love and getting paid for it......HOW SWEET IS THAT?

Okay, so money or not, I love to blog! I will continue to write and in the fantasy world that is in the darkest most recessed part of my mind (fondly known as Lisaland) my readership will grow exponentially and you, my devoted fans......will all continue to hang on my every word. What???? Don't judge me! I'm a blogger!

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